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  1. Varyagi

    Don't you just hate it when.....

    Dodging friendly torpedoes seconds after the battle has started when no enemies haven been spotted yet, lol. In contrast, one of the most satisfying things in the game for me is killing enemy DD or CL with stray torpedoes without necessarily aiming at that specific ship..
  2. Varyagi

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    I thought it was more like 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure and 50% pain...
  3. Doing option X while (seemingly) not doing option Y doesn't necessarily make implementing option X a bad decision or a pointless move. As I tried to point out in the previous post, it all depends on the impact this preventative measure will have and on the impact any abuse might cause. If there are indeed ways by which 3rd-party programs could affect the outcome of battles without detection then I hope they will take preventative measures as well. I'm not aware of any incidences like that in any of their games nor do I really know what they have in place (if any) to deal with that and prevent large-scale abuse.
  4. I think this is the exact reason why they are implementing it now. If you only take action after a long period of ubiquitous abuse than you're obviously not any taking preventative measures while costumers might be spending their money on your product. I'm interested to see where this strategy leads them. It's seems like a tedious and bureaucratic manner to prevent abuse, but at least they are taking some preventative measures and are monitoring the situation. Considering the attention this decision gets (and will get when implemented) they surely will realise the impact and delicacy of handling this situation, and not censor or limit mods for wrongful reasons, right? I think the best thing now is just to wait and see if they live up to those expectations..
  5. Varyagi

    wheres the retreat option?

    No. By doing this you will also prevent your opponents from getting their hard-fought experience, medals and profit. It would also be unbalanced since CVs captains would then be the ones using the option most often allowing them to prevent credit loss, while CVs are generally considered to be good moneymakers already. And it's part of the experience in my opinion. Losing battles like that will perhaps also help you realise what went wrong during the course of the battle.
  6. Varyagi

    How to stop the border sliding

    No, bordersliding also allows for putting your ship in an angle which are difficult for penetrations. In addition, aiming with torpedoes is also more difficult because the movement is weird and your torpedo leader is therefore often inaccurate. I hope that when they are dealing with this issue, if they will, that they will also take aircrafts into account since it's also possible to cross the border with those. A minefield behind the border would also been a nice concept, but that will probably be misused as well. But putting the ship to a halt in a normal orientation within the map itself would be a good solution.
  7. Varyagi

    Collection of ship statistics and some computations

    Very nice. This will be very helpful. PS: Perhaps others who do have the premium ships you don't have access to can provide you the info you need for those.
  8. Varyagi

    Premium CV

    The game is still in beta right now. So the focus will be on polishing the tested game mechanics, balancing and preparations for launch, I guess.. Also, I think for them it's more feasible and profitable right now with premiums to focus on cruisers and battleships to attract a wider audience and get more people to play the game. But for the most part I think the focus should be on optimizing the things currently in the game and I'm guessing they already have quite some things in the pipeline for a later stage.
  9. Varyagi

    Name The Ship Quiz

    Bravo!!! I guess I made it too obvious or you're just an expert! ​
  10. Varyagi

    Name The Ship Quiz

    I've continued it see edit in my earlier post. I hope fishbob101 doesn't mind (sorry).
  11. Varyagi

    Name The Ship Quiz

  12. Varyagi


    "Q: What classes of ships are planned for the game? A: Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers. - We have no plans for MTB's (Motor Torpedo Boats), Monitors or other small ship classes. There may be variants of Cruisers such as Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser and Battle Cruiser, however each ship will always fall into one of the four main categories." See FAQ..
  13. Nice, I will give it a try. But a lot of these tactics depend on whether your spotted or not and what ship type you're facing and if it's actually going full speed. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Varyagi

    Torps are broken

    Once again, the game is not a simulator. If you want to introduce such game mechanics, then why stop there... Why not also then introduce limited ammo, fuel. Have aircrafts crash occasionally while landing on carriers. Make collisions instant-death. And while we're at it why not introduce the occasional typhoon to wipe out a whole lemming train and if the battle takes too long lets introduce scurvy and what not. That will surely make for a fun and balanced game.. Looking at your 4-10% torp hit rate with DDs I'm sure you're going to enjoy such game mechanics when implemented.
  15. Varyagi

    danish ships or any kind of submarines

    See this thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/22738-frequently-asked-questions-please-read-this-before-making-a-new-topic/ So basically wouldn't count on it for now and no..