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  1. I regret every minute I wasted writing down battlestats, filling surveys and bugtesting as a ST, the absolute only reason it wasn't worthless are some cool people I met in ST. There's also been some WG guys that I really like to this date... Ultimately looking back though, this game has been a massive waste of time and the CC situation only reflects what's been going on ever since. It's disappointing and it kinda just proves my point of probably never returning to the sinking ship, I could literally play online roulette and have less RNG and ignorant devs than over here.
  2. Bin zwar z.Z nicht mehr aktiv, aber das ist, so leid es mir tut, schlichtweg eine Schnapsidee und kann weder positiv gesehen-, noch irgendwie ins Positive verändert werden. Schlichtweg keine gute Idee. Außerdem wünsche ich, speziell Sehales, viel Ausdauer und Nerven diese Idee zu vertreten. [vergesst nicht dass es nicht seine Idee war ;) ]
  3. Hateshinaku

    New London Port dissapointing

    A few problems on your suggestion: 1. The engine is already at it's limit, it's not suited for such an amount of buildings (see gpu/cpu load in port) 2. The fog actually covers the lack of horizon objects, behind the fog there is just empty space. 3. Fog is also supposed to compensate for the lack of details in distant objects. A compromise would be to let the fog start behind the prominent buildings:
  4. Hateshinaku

    Community TS?

    ts.worldofwarships.eu:9989 ist der offizielle world of warships EU Teamspeak Server.
  5. Hateshinaku

    Saving player settings

    Copy the preferences.xml file from your game folder.
  6. Hateshinaku

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    It indeed seems to be a mistake by the red people, or better; their software. Hamsters are asleep though so there won't be an official statement in the next hours. Cheers and have a good evening :)
  7. Hateshinaku

    Kicked out of battle?

    Hamster is dead, repeat. Hamster is dead. Red persons already are aware of it though.
  8. Hateshinaku

    Supertest FAQ

    Go for it! We have plenty of space in the cozy recruiting chambers. I'm not Tuccy (yet), but I think I can give you some basic idea without breaking the NDA There is no fixed time, rather we have the beautiful and totally true saying: "Supertest will not affect your reallife." Basically the more you attend in testing of the new versions, ships and all of the fancy stuff, the prouder the Devs will be. However you won't be kicked just because you miss some things, nobody would mind an absence because you're on vacation or you have a very bad week -> "reallife first" Of course you should have time and motivation to spare as ST still isn't just fun and games, there is a requirement for commitment even if it isn't life-defining. Hope that helped a bit ^,^
  9. Having a different opinion is not a personal insult, being forward isn't either. Now if you want to do constructive criticism, post your idea as detailed as possible in the ACTUAL suggestions thread, so you have at least a tiny little chance to be heard by someone relevant; That would be really kind of you, because threads like yours are useless, you don't accept other opinions, you provide a super easy target for trolls and you annoy poeple that want to participate in somewhat rare and useful threads of the gameplay thread. It would be the best to wait for the CV Rework anyways, because nobody will just say "hey let's change everything regarding divisions, especially CV divisions right now" just because someone cries out in the gameplay thread. P.S: Putting the word "serious" and "veteran" in the title won't change things either.
  10. I doubt it's abusive if players perform better by playing with poeple that match their playstyle and that can properly communicate with each other via voice chat. Divisions are part of the game and strong divisions can be frustrating, though I doubt there are enough players to reliably "mirror" divisions, besides that; the majority doesn't mind Divisions that much. Nerfing ships just for your subjective wellbeing or excluding CV's is rediciolous. You might as well have put this in Newcomer's Section, I don't think such basic stuff belongs to gameplay.
  11. Hateshinaku

    Colour Removal for Forum Posts

    into a gray and dark world, a cold world without light and individuals! ..just like BigWorld Couldn't you just do a code that overwrites certain colours when using the dark theme? :>
  12. Hateshinaku

    Colour Removal for Forum Posts

    Ouuuh, fixing a small problem with the wreckingball again? ╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚
  13. Hateshinaku


    Schon getan.
  14. Hateshinaku


    Das sind die Modelle von WG. Man beachte, dass der Veröffentlicher Russe ist, die Atago in seinem Shop keine zwillings, bzw drillings 25mm Kanonen hat und alle anderen Schiffe eigentlich exakt den Modellen aus World of Warships entsprechen. Teilweise auch die Texturen etc.
  15. Hateshinaku

    Can you fix, rework, the New York Lights Port again?

    Probably not without the work of the developers, getting the music back shouldn't be impossible if it's in the client. But if there are missing textures, it could only be fixed by the devs.