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  1. World of Warships 3D Modelle

    Schon getan.
  2. World of Warships 3D Modelle

    Das sind die Modelle von WG. Man beachte, dass der Veröffentlicher Russe ist, die Atago in seinem Shop keine zwillings, bzw drillings 25mm Kanonen hat und alle anderen Schiffe eigentlich exakt den Modellen aus World of Warships entsprechen. Teilweise auch die Texturen etc.
  3. Probably not without the work of the developers, getting the music back shouldn't be impossible if it's in the client. But if there are missing textures, it could only be fixed by the devs.
  4. Zu viele Schlachtschiffe im Spiel

    Dann unternehme doch was gegen die Zumüllung, indem du aufhörst das Forum mit unterschwelligen- und offensichtlich übertriebenen Vergleichen zu belasten.
  5. Maybe, it's still questionable to keep on to such an old and outdated engine. If you consider that World of Tanks will get substantially better looking water than the game where 90% is water... well it's kinda sad. There are a lot of techniques that are completely obsolete in 2017, the skydome where two identical textures get overlaid and stretched over the map for example. Also the water displacement and especially the "foam" is just done by a simple displacement texture on a flat plain. Last but not least the "new" effects are just 2D sprites that turn towards the camera, last time I saw this was in duke nukem 3D from 1996. Banning ReShade was another step backwards considering graphics.
  6. no need to, I actually meant it in a different way. I was wondering if they talked about World of Warships and a possible implementation of the new engine, but seems like they don't have such plans.
  7. No words on the new graphics engine that is going to replace BigWorld in World of Tanks? :'(
  8. Was wirklich keinen interessiert

    Ich hab immer noch Weisheitszähne :3
  9. why is there no kraken achivement in CW

    Like he said above, there are no general achievements in CB. One reason might be Captain yamamoto who would give you unique benefits for getting achievements like "First blood" or Kraken unleashed".
  10. Achso Ashitaka habe ich ja vergessen, sorry.
  11. Musashi, Kii, Massa, ?Richelieu?, Roma, Lyon, Nelson, Duke of York, Okt Rev, Guilio Cesare.. Also das sind schon relativ wenig prem BBs, nur ein ganzer Zweig innerhalb von drei Monaten.. :/
  12. Buff Conqueror

  13. The limitation of modding

    Wargaming doesn't want good graphics to appear in the game q_q
  14. Buff Conqueror

    Hä, willst du mir etwa sagen, dass du ihn nicht ernst nimmst? Frechheit.
  15. Musashi, How much free xp?

    It's a T9, so those rumors are nonsense. I think it'll be 800k