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  1. To be fair a vast majority of Jingles' subs are there only for the World of Tanks and don't care about the World of Warships or other games at all.
  2. I did the really stupid missions like get 1500000 potential damage in RN DD in coop because I could just sail near the enemy boats like an idiot and just dodge their shells without ruining anyone's game.
  3. Hello, I'm a returning player to WoWs after over 2 year long break. I'm looking for a (semi)casual clan that can offer me a fun and mature group of players to play and learn the game with. Because of my over 2 year long break from the game I can't really offer much in terms of skills or ships atm, but I hope that if I find a clan to call a home I can fix those flaws in the future. About me: - Age: 34 - Languages: Finnish and English. - Available VOIP: Pretty much everything I install for free. - Skills: Not much atm because I'm so rusty. - Ships: Again not much yet. My highest tier ships are New Orleans at tier 7 and Cleveland at tier 8, but currently I'm playing some low tier ships to learn the ropes again. What I can offer to the clan: - Hopefully at least decent skill level once I learn the game again. - High activity, I'm available most of the nights. - Helpful and social guy to play with, I prefer to play games like WoWs in groups and I like helping other people if I can. - Calm and mature personality. I'm well over 30 so I'm past throwing tantrums if something doesn't go like I want to. What I am looking for in the clan: - Activity, this is really the number 1 requirement for me. I don't expect to get a division going at 4am, but it would be nice to have at least some activity on most days. - CET or at least close to CET time zone. - Language: I would prefer Finnish since that's my native language, but English speaking clans are also fine. - (Semi)Casual atmosphere, I'm not looking a clan that will have multiple mandatory training nights a week, but I also prefer that people take the game at least somewhat seriously when playing normally. - Some kind of way to communicate with the people outside of the game. Discord, forums, etc.
  4. Damathacus

    Project R is up on EU

    Prepare for some salty posts from people who just missed 260 pearls.
  5. Damathacus

    Kamikaze spam

    Do you seriously think that WG will give out the ships on the same day the event ends?
  6. Someone with actual experience about the game correctly tells you that it's a common DD tactic and kindly directs you to a resource where you can learn about the game, and you counter with that you have been gaming for 20+ years so it must be cheat because you "can tell what is what"? Grow up and realize that just because you have played Tetris for 20+ years doesn't make you an expert on every game, then again looking at your WoT/WoWs records it looks like you are one of those people that think they know better and never learn.
  7. Damathacus

    Team kill penalties?

    I'm all for punishing intentional team killers, but honestly sometimes it's not your fault that someone sailed into your torpedoes. Remember that IJN destroyers can launch torpedoes from over 20km away and they have really long travel times, your teammates have plenty of time to get into the way even if they are nowhere near when you launch the torpedoes. That's why I really wish that they would make "friendly" torpedoes and their heading always visible in your minimap.
  8. Damathacus

    how to transfer gold from wot to wows

    They won't share gold between Wot and WoWs for awhile because they want people who have gotten "free" gold from WoT CW to buy some gold in WoWs instead of just using their WoT gold.
  9. Another useless WG Q&A, basically every answer is "we have plans, but won't say/do anything at the moment".
  10. Damathacus

    Team killed

    You must be pretty new here if you think WG will care about tickets about team killing/damage, they will just send a generic copy&paste reply about how team damage is handled by the automated system.
  11. Damathacus

    Manuel Topedobomber drop/ minimum Rang Balance

    Only thing needed is to add some kind of cooldown to manual drop when you cancel manual drop, this would stop CVs from canceling their drops at the last second after their target has started to turn into their planes and then immediately ordering a new drop and catching their targets broadside before they have time to turn again because of rudder shift time.
  12. Damathacus

    US Tier III - the first major obstacle

    A small child with a BB gun in a leaking rowboat would appear massively OP when compared to Kawachi .
  13. Damathacus

    DD Detection range issue

    I'm usually pretty critical towards claims like this, but last night I had few cases in Minekaze where enemy kept shooting directly at me after the spotted warning had already disappeared and I had changed directions multiple times, the shots were way too accurate to be just luck. I'm not accusing anyone for hacking because that would be just silly. I think more logical reason is that there might be some kind of bug that makes the spotted indicator disappear too early or something like that.
  14. Damathacus

    "Stop sailing in straight line."

    This is pretty much only problem I have with CVs they can just wait for you to start turning into their planes and then cancel the drop and circle around to do perfect drop. One solution to this would be to add another larger radius that acts as minimum distance around you planes that you can order the manual drop. So basically if your planes are within X km of the target you can still cancel the drop like now, but you can't order a new drop until your planes are further than X km of the point you are trying to order the drop. Edit: or just add smallish cooldown to the manual drop after you cancel the old drop.
  15. Damathacus

    Why CV's can't be balanced.

    CVs are fine on higher tier when CAs actually have enough AA to protect their team from the planes (which is one of the main roles of CAs), only problem with CVs is that since lower tier CAs have so shitty AA CVs can go pretty much unopposed if enemy doesn't have CV.