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  1. A quick question can i still sell my ship and get the Moscow back or did i miss the boat on that one. I dont want to sell it and than see that i have to buy it again for coal later on but i could really use the additional 8 mil credits
  2. Just a quick poll to see what other player/payers experienced with getting coupons under the my coupons tab for the online store. Felt like before they were much more frequent and now i hardly get 1 throughout the year, think the last 1 i got was in April if memory servers me right.
  3. H4d3zZz

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery. Cheers
  4. H4d3zZz

    German BBs - pls improve aim

    In all honesty i like how the German BB's look but that pretty much the only thing i like about them. The secondary armament is situational at best and a gimmick at worst. And ofc a good player wont even give you a chance to use them on him, not that it matters much against other BBS since they aim for the hull anyway. Not to mention that i have seen a better spray pattern from a shotgun than what the high tier german bbs display at range. Every time i shoot my guns in my Freddy i automatically start to cry when i see how the shells are going everywhere else but not where i aimed at. The amount of broadsiding Cruisers that escaped a paddling just cause i got crapped on by the dispersion is to damn high. At this point i would much rather be in any other BB by far than in a German one.
  5. H4d3zZz

    An official explanation please...

    Dwayne the rock Johnson in its natural habitat
  6. H4d3zZz


    Was wondering when i will see another fix the matchmaking post on here. In all honesty there is nothing wrong with the distribution of the MM at least from my own personal test that i did. Went old school took pen and pare and for 4 days pretty much gave a +(plus) for every game i was bottom tier and gave a -(minus) for every game i played. Admittedly it wasn't a huge sample size, more of around 60 games i played in the 4 days and it was pretty much 50/50. Now if we are talking about wins and loses that a whole different story. I had a win ration of around 37% if my memory serves me right on that. Where that is well under my average of around 60%. Guess i got unlucky at the teams also probably frustrated and the more pissed off i got the worse i was playing as well. Also WG never said that there is a skill depended MM in the game, that is also the reason why you see pretty frequent steam rolls in the game. Lady luck be a fickle mistress.
  7. H4d3zZz

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got really disappointed with the damn super containers. I mean i got 400 zulu flags right after each other. Almost punched my monitor, also got some meh camo which i already have. No ships no doubloons no steel and no coal
  8. I would like to argue that the high tier french and ruskies will be good sub hunters with their hyper speed engines.
  9. H4d3zZz

    Karma. What's it all about?

    For me it usually hangs around 35-40 when i play "normal" ships and once in every two weeks where i get the Carrier itch it goes down to around 10 again lol
  10. H4d3zZz

    German BBs - pls improve aim

    In all honesty i really liked the bismark and while the inaccurate guns were terrible it was not such a big deal. Sure sometime i would wake up my neighbors screaming at my screen but that pretty normal for me for most games. But the ships had its strong points as it was maneuverable enough and not huge. Well i finally unlock the Freddy, and well just say i had hair before i started playing that thing and now i am baldy mc baldface. Seriously i had numerous instances where i was less than 10km away from a broadsiding enemy BB where a full salvo managed to only score 2 hits out of 8. Not to mention that you yourself have to go almost full broadside in the freddy if you want to fire all your guns. Conclusion in my opinion the ship is crap.
  11. H4d3zZz

    Le Terrible- Terrible as it seems?

    I got the thing yesterday, But sadly since i am always perpetually broke in this game, i couldnt take her out since i didnt have the credit for the modules lol. But after grinding a couple of mil credits i played 3 games right now and all 3 games i was on top of the scoreboard. Than again i really really like the french dds.
  12. Ok seriously i am starting to obsessively check my email every two hours. When are the round two test starting!?!?!?!?! Khajiit has coin if you have subs. Gimme gimme gimme gimme Ok ill go lock myself in the rubber room for two hours now.
  13. Well i did ask them, and i got the usual response where i was told to f off and the second runner up was hurr durr why should i listen to you you died hurrrr
  14. Also bonus points for the kremlin that is in the corner who at the start of the game was trzing to kill me in my dds and when he finally took half my hp and i was out of range shot our GK and just then turned pink.
  15. H4d3zZz

    IFHE rework & thoughts

    Thats true and i mean i really dont mind IFHE as it is now. Specially considering some ships really need it. Like the Japanese gunboats and the British dds.