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  1. Hasta1969

    Prime Promo - De Ruyter

    What about this new welcome back players they get a mission with the ruyter and the commander the ruyter too where is our commander for the players that had premium and another the ruyter ship more credits ugh
  2. Hasta1969

    please fix your twitch drops

    Got everything except the twitch container here!.
  3. Hasta1969

    please fix your twitch drops

    Ah i thought i was the only one i even relinked my twitch etc relogged into the game. but apparantly more people have this issue.
  4. Hasta1969

    Looking for clan International/Eng/Dutch

    Thank you all for the replies i am trying out in Bad Armada at this time. Greetings Hasta
  5. Hello all, I recently fired up world of warships again and i am am looking for a mature clan mostly to have some fun and improve a bit in this game. I'm a 48 Dutch/Kiwi that takes care of his sick wife and due to that situation i have quite some spare time scattered all over the day and weekends.
  6. Hasta1969

    Ranked Battles - Ship choice

    Fuso and Myoko for me maybe Hatsuharu
  7. Hasta1969

    OK, seriously now WG.

    I think it's all personal if you want to pay 60 euro's and you have alot of fun for it at this time why not, i don't think you can put a tag on fun if it is expensive or not. It's a personal feeling.
  8. Hasta1969

    OK, seriously now WG.

    It's listed as 12500 doubloons on wargaming site same as the Lowe in world of tanks sounds normal to me for a wargaming game.
  9. Yorck is a WW1 cruiser too. Where is the Graf Spee or Prins Eugen? hopefully as premium ships