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  1. Trooper909

    So...when do you compliment or report players?

    I complement team mates if they work with me as a team and communicate etc (duh) and enemy players if they gave me a fun fight even if I lost said fight. I always report the AFK and clear grievers. Its strange this thread came up as I'm on a chat ban recently and have no idea why.
  2. I just alt F4 out of a game in progress for the first time ever.3 CV T5 game (where none has AA) they all went for me at the start.I just used my damage control to put out 3 fires caused by rockets and bombs and I got undodgeable torped and flooded.....Nothing I could do,they wanted me dead so I was dead. Thats the problem.Even one good CV player let alone two or three has a boner for you and wants you dead you're going to die.Nothing should have that amount of power.
  3. Lets not bring real life into a thread about this game. Kremlin would sink faster than the Mary Rose did if it was ever built.Not that it would ever be possible to build a ship with its specs at the time.
  4. Trooper909

    Planes in Ranked are invincible

    Just Dodge bro.
  5. They definitely add nothing to the game in there current state,they make everything else dumbed down if anything.RTS CV's did add a layer of depth to the game.Like AA cruisers actually escorting other ships for example. but not these idiot proof, zero counter, braindead B/S of a class they are now. Taking out my good AA ships makes CV's go for me MORE.How does that even make any sense? You could go for anyone in a CV but they are so idiot proof they can seek out and beat something which is supposed to counter the damn things.Its not like this for any other ships in the game. why are CV's exempt? I don't chase after Destroyers in my Battleships,I don't brawl jean barts in my Atlanta....You get point.
  6. Trooper909

    What do you find anti fun?

    As the title suggests.What do you personally find spoils your fun in world of warships and why?
  7. Trooper909

    6 t8 carriers one match possible, apparently

    Happens in low tier games all the time.I'm more surprised if there isn't 3 CV's a side.
  8. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    Oh wow I have no idea why it triple posted and I can't delete them .
  9. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    Last time I went into coop to practice in my Bismark I lost credits.
  10. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    Last time I went into coop to practice in my Bismark I LOST credits.
  11. Trooper909

    Scharnhorst HE

    man historical accuracy is zero in this game anyway.I tend to think of it as we are controlling RC boats not actual ships.
  12. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    I think because its counterable and plays to the mechanics of BB's where HE bypasses them altogether.Its also bias,when I'm in a cruiser I hate BB's blapping me in one hit etc Yeah I learned not to put out single fires before even setting foot in game,I'm the type that likes to watch alot of guides before stepping into online games.Than I make threads to learn more and ask about my individual problems,I'll never be a unicum but I don't like suck if that makes sense. By this thread I learned my main problem is more than likely positioning and being too aggressive oh and to take premium consumables.The type of stuff which comes with experience which I will have soon enough.I do have problems with not knowing where the f to go most games that's for sure,its not as obvious like in tanks for example.
  13. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    Thanks for the tips man.Well everyone actually. Let me just clarify a few things.I played 7 games in the Gneisenau which would explain the stats.I skipped it since I had the Scharn already and they are pretty similar ships plus I just really wanted the historical Bismark.I still play Bayern now to practice and I like the play style of lower tiers better than the camping of islands in high tier (boring). Low hit rate in BB's could be explained by the fact I have played mostly KM BB's which can't hit a barn door from the inside.I took a secondary build on them since that's what every guide said they was strong at.I later found them to be outated by a long time but got stuck with the build since it costs real cash to respec.My KM cpt is rank 14.The next four points will go into FP but its a long way off.I don't think such a vital skill should be a four pointer no matter what,even 2 is taking the micky imo. I started to play USN BB's with a 10point cpt and went full survival build with it but I still get set on fire by the first shell that hits me even with 15% less chance of catching fire.I don't see any difference and that's what bugs me.You spend all these points and resources and it does nothing and its unfair.I think HE mechanics are silly since it cares not for angle or armour you just spam it and win and the only counter is to not get hit by it.....In a battleship. You may notice I'm not exclusively a BB player.Infact BB's where the only class I never tried the first time I played this game years ago when there was only IJN and USN in game. I do admit I'm more than likely part of the problem since I am new but I still think the HE mechanics are dumb and I don't think that will change.
  14. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    I'm at T8 dude .Have a Bismark legit and the prem massachusetts .
  15. Trooper909

    Fires are insane

    I'm new,Ain't got credits fo dat. I actually did play CV for a spell when they was RTS.Also DD but IJN got nerfed to oblivion and CV has had all the good parts taken away and is brain dead now.I guess if I can't beat meat the HE I could become the HE spammer but CC don't really appeal to me since being AA support for the team has effectively been removed from the class.