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  1. Hello to all from somewhere around the Atlantic sea.... Am fairly new to this game, and so far I do like the game. Have tried some other games, but keep coming back to WoW for the last couple of months. Am just a normal player, nothing special or mad about me, can be a bit sarcastic at times but all with good intentions.... My tier is III and IV.... and do like it, off to go for V now but don't like the stats off my next ship, might skip it. Mainly Asia and French ships (only got four ships) Looking for a reasonable mature clan, who can take a joke, and when it has to be serious, is serious!!! We all like to win, but loosing in a good way is still a win, mistakes are made, as long as we learn from it. Am a team player, off good character..... and old skool. Regards The Judge EDIT: in game is TheJudge2009
  2. Looking for a mature clan, who can look after their members

    and can take a joke....

    Not interested in Ranked Battles...:Smile-_tongue:

    Love a smoke and a Drink, and a laugh....

    Can be serious though.......:Smile_honoring: