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  1. GoT_PcDealer

    PSA - 0.8.11 - Disconnect back to login screen fix

    I played from 15:00-17:30 Amsterdam time. Now I can't login even after the "patch" .bat. Edit: logging in! 8.11.0
  2. GoT_PcDealer

    Looking for Dutch or English Speaking Clan

    Ik heb je een reply gestuurd. Onze Discord: https://discord.gg/qH4Ngf We hebben ook een open kanaal voor iedere Nederlands sprekende ingame.
  3. GoT_PcDealer

    Looking for Dutch or English Speaking Clan

    Ooooh, ik zie nu pas je verzoek @Vazeelthun. Maar goed, veel plezier in [TAW]!
  4. GoT_PcDealer

    [GOT] / [GOT2] zoekt spelers

    We gaan goed in Naval Battles: momenteel Veterans league. Met Clan Battles gaan we op en af in Storm en Gale league in seizoen 5 Zorg dat je d'r bij komt!
  5. GoT_PcDealer

    CV's in clan battles

    Check first
  6. GoT_PcDealer

    General feedback

    @MrConwaythe Help/F1 needs to be updated. Still references to select enemy aircraft for focus. No mentioning of AA zone selection.
  7. GoT_PcDealer

    General feedback

    Autopilot is working, but no visual indication in the game other than in "M" mode.
  8. GoT_PcDealer

    Discounts on tree ships

  9. GoT_PcDealer

    Discounts on tree ships

    It seems there's a 15-50% discount on silver ships. Where is it announced?
  10. GoT_PcDealer

    Clan missions in Personal Assignments

    Can the clan missions go into a seperate grouping, f.e. "Clan missions"? They take up a lot of room and during off clan days they are not very important/usefull.
  11. GoT_PcDealer

    [GOT] / [GOT2] zoekt spelers

    We zitten in Gale League, hoogste group (1). Voldoe je aan de eisen? Meld je nu aan voor GOT. Nog niet voldoende skills of schepen? Ga naar GOT2 :)
  12. GoT_PcDealer

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Further investigation on my part gave me the conclusion I didn't recognize the green XP numbers being used. Normally I always use Ship XP (color = silver). So when I used Free XP (green) I used to get an extra confirmation question. I missed that. My excuses.
  13. GoT_PcDealer

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    @MrConway is there a response to this issue? I researched after the patch:
  14. GoT_PcDealer

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Before this patch there was a warning when Free XP would be used. There was NO warning I was using Free XP which I had other use for. Support won't reimburse me the 72,500 Free XP I used by mistake to research Lyon. I will not use it until resolved.
  15. GoT_PcDealer

    Other Changes

    I like the split with the Personal Missions. I would like it to be expanded so that Clan missions are separated also.