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  1. T0byJug

    ranked battle ship experience LOST!!!

    All Ship XP will be on. following ships
  2. T0byJug

    [Discussion] How/if there should be lower income.

    I would say defiantly no.. If you play a lot and have Prem time yes you credit surplus can be huge.. But if your a non prem player its already a struggle I know many players that have unlocked ships they cant afford to buy. Me im very much ok.. I run prem consumables on ALL my ships even LOW tier. I have over 60 AA modules in my stores removed from CV rework i cant be bothered to sell and have 452,249,224. credits But its only really players like the old hats that have almost always been Prem time that have that sort of funds.
  3. T0byJug


    Accept there slow so not good at scouting and at periscope depth you would have to limit there spoting range. Somewhat like being in a storm
  4. T0byJug


    Your trolling right? Radar Rocket planes Dive bomber that still take half the health of a DD Hydro to detect Torpedoes Removal of stealth Fire. DD players have had to adjust there game play SOOOO many times when changes were made that effected DD players more than any other class. This is the last 2 months but it has been pretty much the same since Launch. DD's are the hardest Ships to do well in.. There is a reason why at both Low and High tier Number of games played in BB or CA/CL outstrip DDs brought to battle by a large margin. I noticed in a thread from a few weeks ago you stated SO MANY DD's Around.. Sorry but this is just not the case from the numbers above at high tiers BB=41% of ships in battle CA=33% CV=6% A HUGE increase from before rework where it was around 2% DD=19% Out of interest Ships tier VI to X BBs make up 28.5% CA/CL 35% CV 7% DD 29% so if all ships had Equal difficulty we would expect DD/BB to have about the same representation in the game and CA/CL to be a higher. but this is not the case. Im intrigued. Un hide you account lets see how much DD gameplay experience you have.?
  5. T0byJug


    First Welcome to the forum Ok submarines. Most players don't want them.. (ok ok many don't want CV ether). Did submarines alter the war at sea. Yes Did they Alter naval warfare in this time period. I would say no not really. This is a game about Fleet actions Submarines were to slow to take part if fleet action. They were just not used. Submarines did get some notable Warship kills in WW1 and WW2 but they were ships sunk in transit NOT in battle Other reasons not to have them. Destroyers in game already have too many roles they are expected to perform with out adding anti submarine to that as well. submarine warfare is slow and time consuming.. I don't think it would work in a fast paced arcade. Submarines is a lone player game not a team game.. Even the WW2 Wolfpacks Subs still acted alone.. They were just Vectored in to at target area infront of the convoy an dthey attacked when the convoy came past. But they still conducted there fight alone. I can only really think of one role where Subs effectively worked with a fleet.. and that was when US navy sent them off the cost of islands the fleet were going to do an air strike on. The subs were used to recover shot down pilots. Submarines are cool for events and would be interesting in Operations (on the AI side).
  6. It was a good game and we did well.. I took one for the team....
  7. T0byJug

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    I Can confirm this from my testing/playing.. one warning.... 6 barrels of very accurate guns can hurt if you mess up you aiming... there is no dispersion to give you some hits when your aim is off..
  8. T0byJug

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    If you want anything that is there at the moment use the coupon.. you lose it in a week.. Or rather a new one is issued on the 23 of this month.. BUT you can only have one at a time...
  9. T0byJug

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    thats the point steel/Free XP ships tend to ignore class and cost about the same for as the other ships for the tier.. look at Kronstadt/Missouri Mushi all 750k free XP (if i remember correctly)
  10. T0byJug

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    I think the mistake for Neustrashimy is people compared her to Black.... we cant really do this as Black was steel costed in accordance to the steel they give from Ranked battles. Neustrashimy steel cost was more inline with the other tier IX steel ships
  11. T0byJug

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    With the 6 test ships i mentioned Odds should be at least 1 or 2 will be coal.. (and no my supertester and quality poster status douse not give me any inside info on this)
  12. T0byJug

    Georgia/Ohio topkek thread

    She is not a bad ship.. I quit enjoyed testing her.. (in the last iteration) will i get her.. not at the moment. Im a DD man We have Benham/Somers/Friesland and Hayate in the pipe line and 2 Cruisers that play like DD (or have DD guns) Colbert and Smolensk.. untill i know what the payment method for them is my Coal stays where it is
  13. T0byJug

    Hacks destroying the game

    OK just checked OPs forum profile.. comes to forum posts a whine thread. douse not respond to any of the responses... I detect TROLL.. Lets not feed him
  14. T0byJug

    Hacks destroying the game

    No information no back ground no situations..... Meaningless thread.
  15. not meaning a pop up just the little round WG logo over the Naval battles tab like we have on other tabs... just telling us something has changed