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  1. https://gamemodels3d.com T61 is set at 5400 Doubloons + 300 for port so 5700 = 21.29 euro
  2. 46 hits, 3200 damage...

    Stop wait Hold on...... Your in a Cruiser firing on a stationery enemy Cruiser Broadside with 150mm guns at 10km and you Firing HE and NOT AP.... If you were hitting you must have getting the Shatter on impact Ribbon.. Why the hell did you not switch to AP and citadel him to death.......
  3. This..... 1, many of the mission that can be done in Coop are harder. even Examples given XP and Credits missions.. The rewards in Coop are MUCH LOWER. 2, some mission are better done In Coop.. missions from past (ramming kills for example) if the missions turn out much easer in coop just go play them in coop. I did this for CV Torp hits and plane kills. Ment I could concentrate on doing mission and not on what I needed to do as a CV player for the team.
  4. Every body on this thread has realised that.....
  5. There is NO justification for the T61 to have a 22 second faster reload on the same Torpedo Tubes with the same Topredoes as the Regular Tier 6. NON WHAT SO EVER. She would still be a very interesting boat with a 90 second reload. Z39 is a very nice DD I will still get the T61 because well because 74in game DDs played of cause I will get her... But @Tuccy and @MrConway talk to the Dev boys/girls make her torp reload the Same as the Gaede PLEASE...
  6. lets see how she plas out.. they said the Aigle would be bad.. but she is a fun fun boat to play. as for this reload boost im not sure.. the HUGE NErf to tier 8 and 9 seems to big for the short timespan buff to ROF with module
  7. you know me.. I will still get her.. I have just about every DD in game#
  8. Below is the important info/stats from https://gamemodels3d.com/ (See Spoiler) Unless they change it basic package should be.... Cost of 5400 Dubloons +300 for port slot =21€ Im sorry but having to spend 80+ euro to get ship 1 week early for free. Thats just 2 steep... Im gonna wait a week or two Boys and Girls this to me looks like a rather shoddy money grab for a hyped ship.. At least its only getting it 1 week early, so its not a blatant cash grab as the only way to get the boat... @MrConway @Tuccy can you confirm there will be a basic no thrills package of ship + port slot? Also if some of those cheaper Doubloon spends gave you the The Basic or Commander packs this offer would be a lot more reasonable. I'm gonna do something i would never normally do and pin my own comment to the TOP
  9. Darstadly Deads by Dasha

    Dasha Dasha Dasha.. We are stronger than this.. Sharks will not be tempted by a tight T shirt and a promise of rich rewards.... Stay in sharks..... Stay in sharks @T0byJug be Strong, Resist.... STAY IN SHARKS
  10. What about a T9 Ranked below rank 10?

    I'm 100% for ranked at tier 9 as I have about 8 ships at tier 9 4 of which need completing to unlock tier X for Clan battles but with Ranked and Clan battles back to back do not get the time. But yes many of the Supper prems at tier 9 are a match bracker.... I see no Reason why WG could not lock ships like Missouri/Musashi and Black out of ranked battles so they cant be used
  11. cheers for response... lets hope sense prevails..
  12. Me in my big DD........ Could not get the AP to pen anything early on.. Guns started working later though...
  13. Jack Dunkirk - where do you put him?

    better response if you say RN BB, RN CL or RN DD ow and Belfast as she plays different to RN CL..... Me he is in the Battleship line
  14. No Reload starts when the launcher is empty. not before.. and if that button douse exist. the reload is the full launcher reload. as in Haida can drop a Single torp. the reload is 96 seconds if she drops 1 and starts a reload it takes 96seconds(if this is even possible) and if she fires 3 and starts a reload it still takes 96 seconds
  15. and when all the BBs are dead and there is a CA left on enemy team...... you can do NOTHING..