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  1. Bring back arp to wows

    That will never happen.. Not least its to stop people hacking accounts and stealing ships.
  2. Bring back arp to wows

    Whats you issue.. Be like me just turn ARP off, then you don't see it
  3. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    I'll not Vote here... Its well documented i think we should all play Vanila... So my input will not add anything to the conversation about particular Mods.
  4. How To Balance the T61

    This is what the forum is about old chap.. Discussion and Sharing of information and knowledge..
  5. How To Balance the T61

    You are really not getting the concept.. The Magnetic Field is measured in single Didget meters.... When a magnetic Torpedo was fired at a ship the Submarine firing it still had to calculate the Depth a torpedo must run. You needed the torpedo to detonate 2 or maybe 3 Metres under the Keel or the torpedo could pass harmlessly underneath without detonating. A magnetic torpedo passing lets say 5 or 6 metres from a ship would be to fare away to be induced and detonated by the field. This is why Magnetic torpedoes also had Impact Fuses. As if a Magnetic Torpedo struck the side of a ship The magnetic Field was often not strong enough to detonate the Magnetic Fuse. A torpedo really needed to pass UNDER the ship for the Magnetic Field to have the needed influence on the Fuse.
  6. How To Balance the T61

    Its not a shock wave and an explosion along side a ship would do little damage. The principle of a magnetic Detonation is it happens UNDER the Ship. The Air Bubble form the Explosion rising form under neath the ship raises the ship out of the water. the area Directly over the Bubble rises more than the part of the ship on ether side of the bubble. This brakes the back if the ship. A torpedo exploding alongside that bubble that is rising to the surface has nothing in the way. there may be some buckling of Hull plates but very little else. Its a rather simple Exploitation i know But.... We basically have this in game already.. This is what Deep water Torpedoes are. Though yes in reality A deep water torp would effect a DD as well
  7. How To Balance the T61

    he is saying it would be good and a good way to make her balanced
  8. but in these countries if you go buy a model russian tank of plane it will come with those symbols they are ok in that context.. In Germany you will not find Nazi symbols even on models
  9. Subtle difference.. Soviet(communist symbols) are banned in public in a number of countries or to be displayed in a politely motivated way. The Nazi Symbols are Banned outright in Germany for ANYTHING apart from when used in Educational purposes. so its not even allowed in games
  10. How To Balance the T61

    Why Poorly Armed. Gaede has a choice of 4 128mm guns or 4 150mm guns . Gaede 4x128s have a 5.1 second reload and a 10.87km range, turret rotation 8’ a second T61 4x128mms with 4 second reload and a 11.64 range, turret rotation 8’ a second so the T61 has better guns than one of the Gaede's options.
  11. How To Balance the T61

    She is a Stealthier Gunboat with a faster rate if fire with the 128mm guns.. thats gimmick enough i think. We Don't need a Gimmick. Main issue with Prinz Eugen/Hipper is apart from a very few subtle differences they are the same.
  12. How To Balance the T61

    Like many DD Players I'm waiting for the T61'. Why.. Well despite what people say she is a real ship that was built and Lunched in Holland during the war.. Even saw action.. Well Kind of.. She was Sunk in the Waddenzee (of coasts of Holland) by the RAF while on the way to Poland for Fitting out. Not sure if she was under her own power or was being Towed. She is a Sudo Dutch ship..... So Keeps those Lowlanders happy. She is a German Prem DD. DD players want that IS she OP as she stands.... MMM hell yes Simple fix she has the same torps as the Gaede so make the reload the same. not over 20 Seconds faster like she is at the moment So i here you say if do! that and whats the point of her, Just use the Guede as the Guede has 1800 extra HP. Well T61 has faster loading and longer range guns and she is smaller (hence less HP) so is a better CAP contester as her Detection is only 7.02 (so 0.5KM less). She is a German Prem DD something we do not have. Thats my View. What do you think??.... Be Sensible Boys and Girls.. Lets See if we cant give WarGaming some ideas and thus enable us to get this DD released Something First promised in December last year
  13. Cast you mind back mate... I've lived in your country for 17 years... And yes im a typical Brit My German is crap... But before the World Cup that was held in Germany. You Germans would not even fly/Show the German Tricolore. Just about the best thing that came out of the World Cup was you Krouts .... learned you could be proud of you nation and flag with out being seen as being Racist or Nationalist.
  14. The Imperial German Navy Flag is Sort of banned in Germany. Wargaming heard this and overreacted.. what do i mean. The Imperial German navy Flag is not against law when used in a historical Context... But with the banning of the Nazi Flag in Germany after a while far right groups started using the Imperial German navy Flag. This led to the flag being banned outside historical context. What douse this mean. Well if you have a model of a WW1 Ship you can put the flag on it or if there was a museum Ship. But you cant fly the flag in front of your house of walking down the street as part of a group with the flag.
  15. Z-39 (upcoming premium) Dropped to TVII

    Am I getting my DD's mixed up... Bugger yes I am....