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  1. T0byJug

    Ridiculous ...

    We have had this conversation SOOOOOO many times. 1, its a simulation. In reality the Fletchers did not carry reloads. in fact most DDs in game did not carry reloads for the torpedo launchers. 2, Gun accuracy on BBs is way way higher in in game to reality .. Think about 2% or less 3, In almost every battle DD numbers are much much higher than BB numbers you would normally have 3 or 4 times the DD than BB. So dont think of a DD as a single DD but a squadron of 3 or 4.
  2. T0byJug

    (Permanently) Disabled Turrets

    You have no idea mate.. Remember the old tier 6 Ognavoi with 4km torps 7km detection and the old DD turret mechanic.. It was normal for the Ognavoi to still have 90%+ health lost both turrets and only be left with 4km torps
  3. T0byJug


    There IS nothing positive to say because the idea has no merits. your idea would kill the game.. i have almost 40 million ship XP if i could convert that for free to Commander or free XP i would have every ship with 19 point commanders. Just count ship XP as nothing but a record of how much you have played the ship.. We have lots of currencies in game no need for more. WG have given a way for people to spend money.. Personally i think its a stupid way to spend Dubloons so i don't
  4. T0byJug

    Heads up: new T8 Cheshire and T8 Borodino announced

    On 2 separate times during WW2 she was struck by torpedoes and survived.. I guess the loss of this Gentleman is from one of those times
  5. Told YA... Well done mate and welcome to the Australian Navy....
  6. Its a WG way of stopping the server being flooded with ships from a new tech line when its first released..by giving some players early access. I dont like this way but also dont have a problem with it. What i do think is wrong is that you can buy these crates in the shop. The crates should only be available in one if the in game currencies (NOT Doubloons) or as rewards from missions. @MrConway @Tuccy having these crates only available Credits/Free XP would be another cool way in reducing the amount of such currency players have stockpiled in the same way the ship resets is trying to do.
  7. She plays a lot like the Leander but with HE. (checked you profile sore you play Leander a lot) But take spotter plane NOT fighter.. creeping smoke is great to shoot from and as your moving you have less chance of being hit by torps dropped at you smoke.. with Spotter plane up you can do your own spotting while hidden is smoke
  8. T0byJug

    This ship should have been removed from the reward pool

    ok im going to add my complaint here.. i dont have the ship container unlocked yet.. But i here there is a high chance of getting the West Vaginia 1941.. OP has a high chance of getting Monaghan Purely because of the 17 available ships he already has 12. He only had the Option of Monaghan Huanghe Molotov Prinz Friedrich Perth T-61 He would probably posted this complaint thread if he had got any of the first 3 in the list.... (maybe the top 4) @Eagle_Six_TR GROW UP
  9. T0byJug

    Unplayable low tiers

    you can have 3 CV per team. and OP says 4-6 per game so thats 2-3 per team
  10. I have ALL but the West Vagina so i guess i will be getting her Edit At rest of you.. Why no love for the Gallant or the Aigle there both Good DD's and as they were both pre release of tech line Gallant comes with speed boost and Aigle comes with Smoke, Anshan is also not a bad little lady ether.
  11. T0byJug


    Scapa would be a little boring. There was nothing there.. Scapa had no dockyard facilities it was not a harbor Scapa flow was an anchorage I have this book.. the cover pretty much shows you the port facilities completely. Portsmouth and Davenport/Plymouth they would be great
  12. T0byJug

    The Mighty Hood

    He would be called David Beatty...
  13. T0byJug

    Le Terrible- Terrible as it seems?

    Thats because Nelson would only sail in French ships that are know under the White Ensign...
  14. T0byJug

    Le Terrible- Terrible as it seems?

    @Isoruku_Yamamoto This.. You have the Le Fantastic.. they are very similar.. you seem to be doing ok to good in the fantastic (but only 3 games) Your a DD man with Good DD stats (at a quick look) . I would say yes BUT.. play some more Fantastic, if you like her then get Le Terrible for those Prem ship returns
  15. T0byJug

    endless torpedos

    Naaaa.. Italian Cruiser torps REALLY go on for ever and ever and ever...