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  1. You know you cant resist. open you wallet get a shiny RN DD LOL creamgravy Just realised what you Avatar is.. How can you have that and not have the fine lady in port
  2. Join us in Operation Dynamo.. Looking at us sailing her...I sure you will have her by the end of the weekend
  3. ME ME ME you Selfish Bugger can WE Have is much nicer PS you look new here WELCOME TO THE FORUM
  4. Just what I was thinking.. IF BBs sitting smoke is a bit OP.. So what douse WG do remove it So far so good But because of our Wonder full BBabys community If BBs cant have it NO ONE IS HAVING IT
  5. LOL I forgot one of my Favourite DDs in the Shinonome Silly me
  6. if not smaller.. And of cause its like this.. WG already Messed up by making Greff Spee easy to get for free.. (they lost a lot of money there i expect) as many would have bought her We cant expect them to make a Hugely and Eagerly anticipated RN (YES ROYAL NAVY) Prem DD free for many. And she Looks SOOOOO PReddy
  7. Well Im happy with reduction as i have 20+. Modules from Super crates the chance did seam about 80% of SP came with a module. At OP so you have not had a super crate in the last 34 crates MMMM so you have not had a SP in the last 10 to 15 Days... The SP is not supposed to be common. also what crates has he been taking Try you luck or another one. God the Entitlement of some in the community is really starting to piss me of. For playing the game we get Free crates that give us some free stuff. There is a small chance we get some really cool stuff.. They don't have to give us anything. A free Ship would be nice but of cause it will be a very very very low chance. if it was not it would be a dumb business Practice. And remeber since XMAS we have had chance to get many Premium Comoes for Prem and non Prem ships we have been given the following ships since Xmas Smith Graff Spee Emden (soon i think) I have a nagging feeling there was more free ships that i have forgotten.
  8. There are defiantly more incoming. for a short period of time there was a load of USN and IJN landing craft and escort ships on https://gamemodels3d.com. I got a pic of the IJN escort ship. Sorry did not take pics of the Landing craft. As for Dunkirk mission I love it. Most matches we played last night were 5 stars. Yes we were in a Div of 6 or 7 ships. But thats the intention of OPS.. Go out and find some friends.
  9. Same here..... Ok was in a Div with my lovely Scub Clan mates
  10. Normal is you get full credit refund for the ones mounted.. If you mounted one then changed it to another you will get no refund for the one removed.
  11. Day 1 and already complaining. The operation lasts 2 weeks. It not even the end of the working day. Most adults are still working so you have a bunch of kids playing. When people get used to what needed it will become much easer.. Also unless its a lot harder than the test server (round 1) its not that bad got 5 stars at least 20% of time with random teams. Also Ops is designed for Div play with an option for randoms. The moral of this op is find some freinds who play.. I have 2 that play this game both introduced by me... But I must have 50 too 100 + players i division with from all over Europe and Even the USA. Who i met through this forum or Clans. Log on to the Wargaming Team speak there is a Lobby where you can look for div mates.. (can someone give him address Im not at home so dont have it)
  12. Grass is always greener. There was a Rummer we will get this mission just at a later date.
  13. Pretty sure if they get Def AA they wont get Radar.. It will be one or the other
  14. Thing is Tier 3-6 we have loads of ship of both classes tier 4 and 5 may need AA buffs they never had in reality because aircraft get to mid 1930s at tier 4 7-8 i thought fine with Nelson/KGV for BB tier 9 and 10 would always be a struggle for BB. UK had other prioritys BattleCruesers with Hood as a prem we kind of struggle for tier 7+ Battle cruisers. In ships they need to do the same as tanks.. There is nothing wrong with a tech tree line stopping at 6 or 7 or whenever if they cant get ships to do the higher tiers
  15. When they are Ready.. We have seen the models we know they are coming we know they are close. I would prefer Xmas with good balanced Historical heavy ships than some rushed line that has to be re balanced later. Personally not sure i like the idea of Monarch. But we still get KGV (god knows how they will make her Armour work at tier 7) Nelson as a Prem is Logical.. And its RN we should Expect many Prem BB so no surprise there. Tier 3-6 look good. Paper ships for 9 and 10 are understandable