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  1. We have had All these before. We have also had X amount of potential damage.. there has been all sorts of stuff
  2. With some luck. Proof its doable. Off cause that was after 7 games to get about 32K flooding.. Then SMASHED it with 44k in one match
  3. Only a semi NOOB.. A proper NOOB would still be blaming the game..
  4. LOL.. Im being serious try not to kill
  5. Douse not out spot Ognevoi by much. The guns Fire slower but do more damage and have Russian gun Rail gun like Gun arks.. Much easier to hit small manoeuvring DDs. Much more so at longer engagement ranges. Much higher chance of fire on said targets. Torps are very similar but reload after 90 Secs apposed to 122. As for speed 37 knots apposed to 38 knots speed is pretty insignificant.
  6. Your problem is you are being to Skillful..... OK this may be hard to take in But here goes.. DON'T KILL YOUR TARGETS We have had missions like this in weekly missions and they are quite easy. Take you Kamikaze for example get your your self in a position to attack multiple BBs launch 1 set at each.. some are bound to have used repair. They will flood Or second with 1 target. Launch 1 set hit let him repair launch the next at same target. Looking at your profile you high damage average on most of your DDs suggests to me you are killing you targets with devastating strikes. Try to stop that. for this mission you don't want to kill you want to hurt . Also Im in work cant check can you do them in Co-OP? Coop is even easyer as a BB will repair as soon as he takes fire or flood damage
  7. Got a 16 point commander in Gallant.. also you can use the tier 2/3 and 7 Pan Asian DDs add the Trafalger or Iron Duke flag if you got them.. Not a white Ensign. But the ships are British Built. Squint and you may even see the flags i mentioned as being the good old RN one.
  8. She fly's the White Ensign. Nothing stands out about her. But she is a good all rounder. I like her and did I say She fly's the White Ensign
  9. You could buy the Doubloons for the T-61 then buy her when she is in game. Dubloon price will be 4900 according to https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldofwarships/vehicles/pgsd506
  10. Mate you are SOOO wrong.. At tier 6 yes she was bad.. More so before the turret HP buff. amount of games i had where she was on 90% health and both turrets knocked out.. DD with 6+km detection and 4km torps.... But at tier 8 she is great. Good accurate Russian guns with good reload and good range and a high 8% burn chance.. Turret traverse is also very comfortable Reasonable Torpedoes with fast reload and very good range. Good Surface detection and a good HP pool. In short you have a good stealth Firing torpedo boat that if Jumped by an Enemy DD can reliably defend herself at all ranges. My Advice give her a go at tier 8.. Trust me I think you will be pleasantly Surprised.
  11. But with your own numbers you were top tier 37% of games... and @KubusSc7 Ok for a moment i will accept your logic Tier 8 ships in tier X games is effecting your winrate and those ships are always in tier X... OK one question Your German ships TECH TREE NOT PREM. I use German ships as you are German i guess and 70% of your games are using German ships. BBs Bismark 69,27% winrate Friedrich der Große 67.02% winrate Großer Kurfürst 69.05% winrate CA Hipper 64.15% winrate Roon 68.45% winrate Hindenburg 58% winrate DD Z-23 61.49% winrate Z-46 64.71% winrate Z-52 57% winrate By your logic should your tier IIIVs not have a lower winrate than your tier X. But the opposite is true Im surprised to see such a good player whining like a petulant child
  12. Hay Loran if you are doing this any way a more interesting one would not to do it like this. The average tier in a match not what the top tier in the game is.. What do i mean. Well Game 1 2 tierX 1 tier IX 9 tier VIII Average tier in battle is 8.4 Game 2 9 tier X 1 tier IX 2 tier VIII Average tier in battle is 9.58 Both are tier X games But the first game is not realy an issue for a tier VIII the second game however!!! same would go for games where the game has tier 6 and 7 in. It would also give a much better average of what a tier 8 faces
  13. MMM yes you did and i quote from post 25... " Do you understand this? T8 ships see 2 tiers lower ships the LEAST often in this game. T7 and T10 ships see 2 Tier lower ships the MOST often in this game." tier 6 often see tier 8 Let me hit you with some more numbers https://wows-numbers.com/ships/ Top 5 ships by winrate 3 tier 9s 2 tier 8 Top 10 ships by winrate 2 tier 10, 5 tier 9s 3 tier 8s Top 20 Ships by winrate 3 tier 10, 8 tier 9 and 8 tier 8 So by the look of this tier 8 are holding there own Average damage dominated by tier 10 (but you would expect that) All i have said from start is your 90% is bull.. If you had said 60 or 70% i would have let it lie but your numbers are just bull... Do tier 8s struggle against tier 10 of cause they do..THAT'S THE CHALLENGE.. Most players accept this and carry on.. You are just coming across as some one that always want to be top tier. 2 or 3 tier 10s in a predominantly tier 8 game is not an issue. Its only a issue if its 2 or 3 tier 8s in a tier 9 and 10 game.. and that douse not happen often.
  14. good to now.. Kidd Certainly looks to be doing well Stat wise Waiting to see if there are any black friday sales before I buy her.. Ive completed the USN DD line. Keepers being tier 4/6/8/9/10 as I have a 6/13/16/19/19 point commander respectively. and have Sims i don't need a commander trainer. If Yo Lang is on sale i will get her after all new tech line being launched and I only have the Ashan then i will probably give Kidd a miss.. IF not i guess I buy her Friday.
  15. Ok you look to be correct.. (Thanks for that) I cheated to find the 6 and 7 numbers . I went to the ship by class to get to get number of battles of higher tiers them being 6-10 The number there is 13,926,841. So then i just took the tier 8-10 away to get number of 6-7 ships Just checked the numbers in ship by class and by ship they don't match. The guy has made an error somewhere.. That's unusual for him this site is normally regarded as being a good source on this forum. That said still calling bull on 90% of OPs games is tier 9 or 10 heavy tier 6 and 7 still make up 36% of ships with tier 6-8 being 65% of the ships. 9 and 10 making 35%