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  1. T0byJug

    Shooting myself

    somebody douse every few months so if you dont they will... normally its one of my wonderful CLAN mates
  2. T0byJug

    Shooting myself

    WILL you let this DIE WILL YOU NEVER LET ME LIVE THIS ONE DOWN.................................... @MrConway @Crysantos Maybe I should get some unique in game Badge/Flag for this achievement...
  3. T0byJug

    Experience with Repulique LM?

    Not sure about Randoms but in Clan battles its Epic. One of our BB commanders swore by it. Specked ship and commander for rapid fire.. cant remember how short he got his reload. But it seemed some CA had a slower ROF (at least to the output of shells he was blasting)
  4. T0byJug

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    RN DDs... high tiers definitely need IFHE
  5. T0byJug

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    Because i would guess the Australians/Canadians and other Commonwealth ships that may come in to the game. People from those places probably like not being Roped in with the British ships..
  6. T0byJug

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    true.. i'm not sure i like he idea of (name of warship)@(Year) however.. There is just one reason i would like that..... if we had about 3 more tiers bellow tier 3 so we could some 1900-1920 game play.. then we could have things like Warspite 1916 and warspite 1944. One of my biggest hates in this game that we only realy have tier 2 and 3 dealing with WW1 and even then there is a smattering of late 20s early 30s config at tier 3..... How much fun would a new game mode called epic battles be... 20 or 30 ships a team on the bigger late tier maps.. but only WW1 CA/BB/DD. As for the releasing Belfast it can be difficult to see if a ship is truly OP with a limited SP. Another option would give people the chance to buy the ship at a discount in first month r so but you have to be aware it may be nerfed. then you would get chance for a proper evaluation. After all just look at my stats. I did better in Fiji than i do in Belfast... Fiji is not OP, Belfast however,,,, well i dont think anyone could argue she is not a little OP
  7. T0byJug

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    They could but Museum ships sell.... and they could put links in with the museum.... One of wargaming biggest mistakes is withdrawing HMS Belfast from sale instead of nerfing her. The largest Museum ship on the continent and there is no tie ins with the game .
  8. T0byJug

    How many ...

    995 and im a prolific DD player...
  9. T0byJug

    Request: Commonwealth and RN Skippers

    @BeauNidl3 just to fact check you there old chap..... The commonwealth was formed in 1931. Australia became independent in 1901 and Canada in 1931 so the British Empire is not really correct they were commonwealth countries for most of the time period of the game. Changing captions between the 2 would have been nice but it was established a long time ago this will not happen, As for tech lines There could easily be a DD line and a Cruiser line is also a possibility. To be honest i almost expected the RN DD line we just got to be put in the commonwealth tech tree (and yes this would have pissed me off a little) Well lets face it that's what the Pan Asian line is taking there ships from Japanese/USA/UK and Russian. Also it would not have to be a complete copy paste.. there could be some very interesting ships. For a start there are over 40 British designed DD classes compatible to the games time period. many that served in Commonwealth navies. so there are many DDs to choose from that are not represented in game yet. Also there are ships like HMCS Cayuga a Tribal class DD with 4x2 100 mm guns (DAKA DAKA DAKA). @MrConway How about renaming HMAS Vampire... to one of the other 2 Australian ships of the V-class.. Then we could get a tier XI or X prem ship in the Daring class HMAS Vampire, Museum ship in Sydney (Yes a reward ship thats not a BB or a Cruiser that plays like a BB) .... I agree it would be a little Sad to lose the Current HMAS Vampire(i have a special love for the ship as she went down with my grandfathers ship HMS Hermes after valiantly trying to defend the CV)
  10. Location of poster UK.(same as just about every thread started to Buff/give Hood torps.) Probably douse not have a huge understanding of RN ships and history.. Reads the fact that HMS Hood was the pride of the Royal Navy to mean she was the most powerful ship in the RN. HMS Hood was a very big (she was the biggest ship in the RN) as was regarded as being Very pretty. But her combat effectiveness was always in question. why do i have this opinion... Well if they were aware of the history they would know navy's of the world realised how useless torpedoes were on battleships and removed them. The inevitable question of why did German BBs built in the 30/40s have them then???... Very very simple. Ships like the Tirpitz and Scharnhorst were planned to be used as commerce raiders. Its much quicker and easier to torpedo a stopped Merchant ship to sink it than spend the time Shelling her. Look at most of the amateur navy Buffs (and i count myself here) and more pro historians like @Trainspite on the forum you do not see us commenting on how powerfull Hood should be.
  11. T0byJug

    Remind me, Sovereigns expire when again?

    if you are short some tokens lets say 40 close to the end of run just buy some prem containers. 3 prem containers will cost 8.10€ this will give you 45 tokens. so you will get Gallant for 8:10€ instead of the normal 18:17€
  12. T0byJug

    Thanks WG

    She is actually pretty good.. the guns are GREAT. she has torp reload booster that surprises some players. she is perfect in OPS some stats 15 tier Vi CA/CL She is 5/15 in winrate 4/15 in Average Frags 10/15 Average damage 4/15 on XP 1/15 on AA kills 4/15 on kill/sinking ratio I dont understand why her damage is so low as as i said guns are great Also @ROBBYD did you take that picture with a phone ?it sure looks like one.. and not a screen shot?
  13. THIS sooooooo much this. Completely different.. Players can complete mission and challenges without spending money. OK some like earn XP or credits are easier with a PREM account
  14. Submarine presents its smallest profile to launch an attack... bow or stern.. a Type VII German WW2 sub 770 tones surfaced and 67m long ............ HMS Hood presents its largest profile to launch torps. HMS Hood is 47000 tonnes and 260m long.. You cant really compare, its so completely different so no we can not concede that HMS Hood has similar movement.
  15. Ok lets give HMS Nelson Torps as well after all her sister ship Rodney is the ONLY BB Ever did a successful torpedo attack. and as @Exocet6951 said what about all the other BB's and CA's in game that had such tubes.Maybe the tier 2 Emden should also get them as she was one of the only Cruisers in History to ever do a successful attack with such tubes.. simple fact is Navys of the world found out that broadside launched below Deck level non directional launchers were Useless and stopped installing them on all classes of ship in the 20's and 30's and removed them from ships that had them. (with a few exceptions) Interesting fact just about if not all successful attacks with such tubes were done on stationery or near stationery ships. And torpedoes that she will have to close to point blank range and turn broadside or almost broadside to launch will not help that at all...