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  1. Mikasa is lackluster!

    Will never happen.. I truly believe this is Russian bias at its best.. Mikasa the flag ship of the fleet that gave the Russian navy the biggest beating it ever had. In fact probably just about the most one sided drumming of any fleet action in history. Trafalgar the RN had about 1/10 the casualties of the French/Spanish. the French/Spanish lost 11 ships only 1 sunk (it took a lot to sink a wooden ship of the line) Battle of Tsushima 117 dead Japanese to 4380 russian.. under 500 tons of ships lost to over 125 thousand tons of Russian ships. They make Mikasa below par as a dig to the IJN and the battle of Tsushima. I really don't think they will ever buff her
  2. A word of THANKS

    Lucky Sod.... Ive way had over 100 Supercrates and no ship... But nice positive first post... Welcome to the Forum
  3. This is brilliant fantastic in fact just amazing.. thank you wargaming... @MrConway @Tuccy @Crysantos THANKYOU Why do I say this.. Well wargaming said after 3 Clan seasons we get the Stalingrad, and you still can.. Appart from what already has been pointed out you will have the stalingrad +1000 steel.. We also have been given choice.. If you dont want the Stalingrad you have 22000 steel You can buy Black for 14000 or Flint for 11,600. WE have been given CHOICE indeed with 22000 steel at a conversion of 1 steel to 10 coal you will have 220,000 coal.. 20K coal short of the Salam if you prefer a USN tier X CA over a Russian on... So to be clear before we had the offer of 3 clan seasons 1 tier X CA know we have choice of. Black or Flint or Stalingrad or 91% of the way to Salam SOOO MANY CHOICES Personally i will probably get the Stalingrad.. But to be honest holding of for a bit and getting Black instead (I am a DD player) is tempting
  4. Long but good post.. problem is whatever criteria they pick will piss people off.... But yes they must have recorded how many crates people have since realease of oil... They could reward people for what they earned... BUT..... I'm pretty sure they said at the launch of oil they told us all to get in to a clan as there would be benefits later for that oil....
  5. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    Other thread says no... Only Oil tallied is oil in a Clan.... Shame really.
  6. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    More intersting is can you use a mix of Coal and free XP to get a ship... with my accumulated Oil i should get around 64k coal. I have all the free XP ships and have 784 581 Free XP.... combined thats about enough for Salem.... Yep confirmed i need to get a life I play this game too much
  7. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    Cheers.. From what i can see you cant retrospectively look at your account form before the program is installed... I was intrigued to see how many Super crates ive had
  8. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    Just put the quote in your recommendation comment. Edit Removed you recommendation and re posted with Sub_Octivans comment
  9. Arsenal and Questions (former:- and oil)

    can you link this program old chap
  10. penalty for accidentily killing my self?

    LOL this will follow me to my grave
  11. Detonation in a BB

    count your self Lucky at least detonation can know only happen after you have lost 1/4 of your health, Half a year ago it was possible to detonate with the first shell that hit you .
  12. Detonation in a BB

    Probably because its so much more common to detonat in your DDs that you hoist the Anti Detonation Flag and or have the anti detonation module..
  13. Good premiums?

    Dont be nasty