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  1. COME HOME WE MISS YOU..... Flint is indeed strong but as i have never played her, did not put her in my list
  2. Belfast is the better ship.... BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT i did better in my Fiji @Cippalippus tier 7 is full of very very strong or even OP ships Gadjah Mada (Stronger than Belfast) Błyskawica Scharnhorst (maybe stronger than Belfast) Gneisenau Nelson (Stronger than Belfast) King George V Lyon (Stronger than Belfast) Saipan (Stronger than Belfast) Jervis Z-39 Haida Fiji
  3. T0byJug

    Can i do a return on my purchase of the musashi?

    1 its Your highest Av damage BB at tier IX and highest max damage. Also as i see you have NO IJN BBs how many skill point commander do you have in her and is it a BB commander or a CA commander?
  4. Except i got torped by my own team........ Ow and i wish i had replays switched on... my torpedo beets to your attack...... you scratched my paint work on the port AND starboard
  5. I hope to get her soon as well
  6. What can I say on the Forum Quality poster Stumps Supertester @who_dares_wins Good game there sir
  7. T0byJug

    new event ship?

    'Its through back from an old game mode bath tub battles IT was Amazing fun... The ship you shooting is outside the game area and is not being controlled by anything... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be bringing it back this April wargaming
  8. T0byJug

    Last Prinz directive

    MMMM 95% + winrate on just about every player IS an EASY mode, and the reason i do certain missions in easy mode is precisely because i consider the other player base. Im pretty sure 90%+ of the player base is more than happy that i do these missions in COOP not any other game mode. . i don't do it in a game mode where it can lose the match. MMMM the main topic says nothing about COOP and the OP douse not mention COOP in any of his posts OW and of the OPs 995 games 25 are in COOP... so thats 2.5% of his games played... I think we can say THE MAIN TOPIC is nothing to do with COOP..
  9. T0byJug

    Last Prinz directive

    Your really determined to piss of as many of the player base as you can... Its CO-OP if half the team Yolos you should still be able to win easly... thats why almost everyone has a 95%+ winrate... God in heaven if letting my team down in Co-op while having a 98.64% winrate in said game mode.. What sort of winrate do you need to claim to be Good?? What can I say I'm ashamed to see a fellow DINGER being so toxic....
  10. T0byJug

    Last Prinz directive

    Can we all stop Bitching at each other. Is the economy on Co-op as good as random.. of cause not and it should not be.. the fact that most players have in the region of a 40%+ winrate in coop than Random speaks for itself. Players that play Co-op.... sorry the game is designed to play PVP and the economy is designed around that. Im afraid you must live with it.. As for these missions Yes they are easier for players with higher tier ships or more ships in port.. and so it should be this is a reward to keep players interested and retain long time players and its free.. It should be easier for committed players. Myself Did 1 nation in 1 night of Clan battles.. could have done 2 or 3 but our fleet commander would not let me out of my supermodule Gearing. As others have said with flags and Camo you can get +195% credits. I completed the other 5 in a morning.. Losing my way through all the battles (lost about 70% of my games) Even on loses i was getting about 1000 0000 credits a game + prem account. +flags/camo On these types of mission some are easier in random (credits+ XP based missions) many others are easier in Co-oP... Get ribbons in a BB.... Is SOOOO much easier in COOP.. in a Secondary build BB or get wins and be in top 4 of team @orzel286 Sorry Old chap but many PvP players use Co-op to Yolo to do specific mission and don't take the game mode as seriase as random. As in Co-op 1 player playing selfish to do mission douse not effect the match in any way close to how it douse in Random... Example Mission in past that needed Ram kills (Coop all the way) Mission where i needed secondary hits again Coop as i was often holding fire with main guns to keep AI ship alive to get more hits. for this reason CO-OP stats mean very little as to a players ability
  11. T0byJug

    Azuma stats error?

    As a suppertester.. sorry My NDA prevents me from confirming or Denying this..................
  12. T0byJug

    Benson Upgrades. C:

    As you say its all personal Preferences.. I don't normally take Def AA on mine i prefer Speed boost.
  13. T0byJug

    Benson Upgrades. C:

    Dont get you hopes up....
  14. T0byJug

    Benson Upgrades. C:

    Most people keep the B hull.. The difference between B and C is one less main gun turret but more and better close range AA and medium range AA in the form of 40mm Bofers. So B hull 5x127mm guns and not very good AA C hull 4x127 guns and better AA HP on B and C hull is the same and you can mount the top Torpedoes on both hulls. So iI think most DD players would agree on a gunboat DD that the Benson is B hull is by a long way the best hull to take As most of the time on a Benson you want you AA disabled and unless you take defensive fire consumable. AA is not really worth it on a Benson. As for Modules slot 1 Magazine mod 1 (save detonation flags for Clan and Ranked) Slot 2 maybe Engine mod Slot 3 Aiming assist mod 1 Slot 4 Engine Mod Slot 5 Stealth
  15. T0byJug

    What If?

    Thats what i mean and thats with 5km between columns and 1 km between ships in column On side note.. This book is fantastic read....