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  1. T0byJug

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    took the Scubs 20..... My fault why so many.. but yes after we realized it really douse not matter, we had fun. +lots of ramming flags and in my case 100 no detention flags (I'm a DD man) it's just all positive
  2. T0byJug

    Captain bad advice

    Says in article he can only be placed in British ships
  3. T0byJug

    Alpha players

    its quite fun with with CV.. had a few games where i did not do much but farm compliments rom team.. Eamy CV stallked me hole game.. left rest of team alon so they got trounced.. used WSAD hacks to stay alive
  4. T0byJug

    Alpha players

    I missed out on Awaki alpha by about 3 games (weekend tester) needed i think it was 250 games to get ship.. Ark beta i still take out from time to time. love that ship
  5. T0byJug


    cool it worked.. be fast lads it will go down when stream finishes
  6. T0byJug

    The best looking ship ?

    The dutch build beautiful boats..
  7. T0byJug

    The best looking ship ?

    Was starting to like you..... ARP camo REALLLY like REALLLLLLLLLLLLY.. Get you coat and GGGOOOOOOOOO
  8. T0byJug

    The best looking ship ?

    If your lucky WG will do another mission set to get it... @Tuccy @MrConway how about it.. Hummer the community in this time of isolation buy redoing the Blys camo missions.
  9. T0byJug

    The best looking ship ?

    This is also Historical..... Just from a Polish Hurrican.....
  10. T0byJug

    The best looking ship ?

    Agread these 2 are just beutifull..AND created by the community. (or at least first one was not sure about second)
  11. T0byJug

    European containers.....

    One thing people are forgetting is what these directives are all about.. Thay are WG attempt to stager the release of a new tech line some what.. Us older players im sure remeber the old days of a tech line release where if first week tiers 2-6 were Full (50%+ of ships in que) of the new relased tech line. and later weeks the higher ships. God i remember the games when german BBs were released where there were 8 or 9 BB in a match and over half were german BBs.. if you qued up in the new ships you spent agies waiting for a match. I purposly used to avoid a new relaeased tech line for the patch after it was released and in doindg so enjoyed short wait times to get a macth. BBs had just been released take a DD This pre relase method has helped eleviate that a lot. In resent releases we have got a prem ship and a commander out of these directives (normaly in stage 2 ) so i feel we have little to complain about. Though maybe WG shoudl stop teh 10 token drop min of 20 would garantee the tier V and VI if you get all the crates. But then i guess the higher drops of 60+ would have to be rediced in the drop chance.
  12. T0byJug

    European containers.....

    I think you have had extreme bad Luck im afraid.. There is a high volume of the European DDs in the game that suggests most are having a much better time. Myself i have had 450 from 5 prem crates and and 1100 from the 15 normal crates so my average is 73 a crate.(i have had 4x140 drops) so 1550 in total, hoping to get the 450 i need for the tier VIII in the next 10 crates. for me personally this way is way better than the other methods we have had where i have struggled to get a single ship. one improvement i would like to see is is not having to buy the ships sequentially. However if they did this i would guess the tier VIII and IX would be quite a bit more expensive. Should the variance be less yes i think so. I think if you unlock all the crates you should be guaranteed at least the first 2 boats if not the first 3. Lets hope you luck changes a lot for the next 10. As for spending time on the Directives.. sorry these directivies have been VERY well balanced to allow the crates to be unlocked with normal play.. and super easy to unlock if you have many ships and want to concentrate on individual missions.. Yes Smollensk im looking at you in CO-OP game for main battary hits. OK i have many many ships and i also have the Smalaand (tier X dd) but i did yestredays mission for 6 crated in a couple of hours and that was on the first day. If you have had 15 crates that means you finished the new directive in 1 day.. you have 6 days to the next mission drop so why try so hard... WG have always had issues with the rendum number generators. In tanks after about 4 or 5 matches in a paticuler tank on a particuler map you could with a 90 certanty predict which side of that map you will sporn on. Ive always had good drops on crates containing resorces but always bad on ship drops. Once you account gets locked on a certain thing it seem sto stay there..
  13. T0byJug

    Selling ships question

    Most.. you NOOOOB I HAVE THEM ALLLLLLLLLL and have almost 2.8mil free XP ready for the next one Im not a whale im not a whale im not a whale @Seargent_Nigel good advice her never sell coal/steel/free XP ships ... Even if you need the credits
  14. T0byJug

    Selling ships question

    Smaland is being complained about as OP as hell (not sure i agree) but she is defiatly powefull.. She will soon be removed. I would keep her if i was you as you may never be able to get her again... Watch some youtube vids on how to play her. She is not a forgiving Ship.. Edit ignore i read Smolensk... will write a respnce..Smalland is a good DD but not super easy to play Question how many point captain do you have in it.. Dont take a tier X out with anything less than about 15 or 16 points. Suggestion.. STOP PLAYING HER.. for know (read on) Your a Japaines DD player the IJN DD's leading to Shima are SOOOOOOOO diferent to the Pan europian DD's Play the EU teck line ships get used to how they play in lower tiers then try her again.. She is a 2 mil ship dont sell her and then regret it later. Give the tech line DD's a go first. EU DD's are second only to the Russian DD lines to master.. But they are Great fun boats to play and supper fun and can be very rewarding. starting the Pan EU ships with the Smaland and maybe a low skill captain is a HUGE mistake
  15. Completely wrong.. it's available for all players.. I got it on Friday and I don't have WOWS linked to steam. I got a pop up in game