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  1. T0byJug

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    If you playing and not free XP'ing it the grind price douse not matter so much if your having fun playing them. Not being able to play Halland is a bit of an issue
  2. T0byJug

    Toulon when?

    Note You cant normaly use the Voucher on a new ship for the patch that its released in the Armoury, sometimes longer
  3. T0byJug

    Where is this for EU players?

    Your correct we have had almost nothing this birthday event. apart form Super crates for every tier X and * ship.. (Almost 70 in my case) Loads of bonuses for all ships above tier V Warships strike event tokens (for me will be spent on 120+ supply containers) + other events and mission that give rewords.. This is just another little mission that douse not mean much for a Flag many of us wont use. But saying it a Crap reward as always with all the other stuff we have got this patch is being a little disingenuous I think.
  4. T0byJug

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    I really like the Pan Europe line of DDs and appart from the Prem DD's I do pretty ok in them. There my go to RESET branch for Reserch points to the extent that most of the boats above tier V have 20+point commanders. The Low tier boats are pretty strong i find. Infact the Visby is one of my best performing Tier V DD Ok there torps dont hit hard but there relaods and speed make them a major pain to the enemy and dont underestimat there flood portential.. yes its lower than many other DD's but with the short reload the ammount you can drop in the path of an enemy makes up for this. The Torps come in to there own late game with low health ships. AA means that most CV try to stear clear of you so its great for staying hidden. Thing iI love the most is the heal.. mess up early game and lose a lot of health play torp boats for a bit and you can get your health up again. There guns though not the best can hold there own against most DD of same tier. There not the easast DDs to use and dont count on a drive by killing a target, But there a lot of fun but yes they are chalanging That Said I also love the Italian DD's and everyone seems to hate them. SOOOOOOO
  5. T0byJug

    Ever been on the real ship?

  6. T0byJug

    Ever been on the real ship?

    indeed .. I just grabbed a couple of pics was more interested in showing Modern CV container ships and super tankers when size camparisons. All the stats from Yamamoto are wrong. they have even added about 100m to the length
  7. T0byJug

    Ever been on the real ship?

    not by a longway
  8. T0byJug

    Ever been on the real ship?

    HMS Belfast (Multiple times) HMS Victory (Multiple times) HMS Warrier ORP Błyskawica U-Boat U9 Museum boat HMS Seahawk (RNAS Culdrose) airstation spent 1 week there HMS Heron (RNAS Yeovilton) airstation spent 1 week there HMS Raleigh Training Astablishment I week there HMS Britania Naval Collage spent 1 week there HMNB Devonport Just 1 day HMS Dulvaton (Hunt class Minesweeper) 1 week onboard also visited a Belgeum and German Minsweeper (tranfer at sea) An Oberon class submarine(I forget the name) ( many years ago when she was still in service) Numarus Civilian museum ships. I think thats all of them
  9. T0byJug

    Another scam?

    Look Bismark is in the drops because. The Cat unsinkable SAM survived 3 ships sinking under him. The Bismark, HMS Cossak and HMS Ark Royal. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with diluting the chance of a premium ship and everything to do with getting the ships that are part of a Real life story Is the wording a bit Wrong probably they should have said 3% chance of Bismark/Cossak or Ark Royal. but REALLY 2 seconds of looking at the Graphic or reading the names of the ships and it's clear Bismark is not a prem. This is complaining for the sake of Complaining It's also worth noting that if you read the article or look at Drops someone like myself has Zero chance of getting any of the ships as I already have them. If people are too lazy to read the main article that's their fault. Its not like it's been hidden in small print.
  10. One big floor with this option over and above the Can we have one for No DD, NO Radar and and and You will get players(TROLLS) turning off CV/Sub when they're in the other ships and then turning it on when they want to play SUB or CV. Allowing the TROLLS to hassle players with Subs and CVs when they like but disable them so they don't face CV/Sub when there not in them.. No i don't think we want that either
  11. T0byJug

    I only get crap teams

    Yep which is why I said to him RE Role or not he/she is struggling at tier VI and above. Also looks for some strange reason to have almost completely skipped tier V.. Ok automatically blaming his team is not the best way to endear you to follow forum posters
  12. T0byJug

    I only get crap teams

    Maybe he is being honest. His winrate has plummeted since he got to Tier VI and out of protected matchmaking. and if you look at his account this is true. looking at tier VI and above (all DD's) he is 47% if you discount 5/6 wins in tier VIII prem Loyang(that could have been in protected) his winrate drops to 42% As i pointed out in an earlier post. He is probably playing his DDs wrong/Not well and he is pulling his teams down. As DD's are probably the most influential class in any battle for good or bad. DDs are not an easy class to start your WOWS experience with.
  13. T0byJug

    I only get crap teams

    Best way to do it..
  14. T0byJug

    I only get crap teams

    Maybe so but your 87% win rate on this Alt account, we assume free to play and with no Prem ships goes against rigged matchmaking to benefit Prem players you talk about. If you check ship stats indeed PREM ships do tend to have better win rates there are multiple reasons for this Prem ships often sailed by more experienced committed players Prem Ships are ALWAYS fully upgraded Prem Ships can take any commander from that nation so players tend to put their highest skilled commanders in these ships.
  15. T0byJug

    I only get crap teams

    depends what for.. i did indeed read the EULA wrong. as i read the following as only allowing one account. But it douse depend on what the user wants the ALT account for. 2.18 Creating or using multiple accounts for the purpose of exploiting game mechanics and/or gaining an unfair advantage; for the purpose of evading sanctions; or for the purpose of repetitive or excessive rule violations