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  1. King_Khazi

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    There are some people actually doing this?
  2. King_Khazi

    Updating with WoWs launcher

    Ok thanks, I only have the launcher.
  3. King_Khazi

    Updating with WoWs launcher

    Do you use the old game launcher as opposed to the WGC or steam?
  4. King_Khazi

    Updating with WoWs launcher

    My game will not update. I receive the error 'unable to connect to update service'. Are there issues updating with the game launcher?
  5. King_Khazi

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Please can I ask, are there any know issues with downloading the update? I've tried off and on all day until now but receive the error 'unable to connect to the update service'
  6. King_Khazi

    0.8.8 Gifts & Rewards: How to Get Everything

    Thanks, I didnt think to click on the shield on the menu. However it seems I inadvertently completed the first one anyway!
  7. King_Khazi

    0.8.8 Gifts & Rewards: How to Get Everything

    Please, where are the directives for the Tier 6 gift container?
  8. King_Khazi

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    +1 This is a very good point
  9. King_Khazi

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    +1 to the above post I was going to read the article about this but only reached half way through the second paragaph. I stopped at the sentence: You will be able to earn a new resource .... I am so jaded at the plethora of ridiculous currencies, tokens, resources etc etc that I simply cannot be bothered with any of them. During recent attempts to recruit new players, I found trying to explain them all frankly embarassing. No doubt this latest unnecessary bloat will bring still more bugs and issues to add to the literally hundreds already present (absolutely no exaggeration). I am sorry that I could not find anything positive to mention here.
  10. King_Khazi

    0.8.5 CV in depth feedback

    Sadly I have to agree with most of the views expressed in this thread. To make matters worse the cv autopilot is now worse than ever.
  11. King_Khazi

    Rudder bug

    So let me understand, there are 454 'known' issues in the current patch - these being the ones publicly declared. It is no wonder that when trying to play my ships collide with islands, my cv goes anywhere but where I tell it and finally my game crashes with a 'critical error'. I'd like to add that each time I log in clan chat shows 22 unread messages from a conversation I had last week (in fact chat has never worked properly since the game was created. The UI steadily becomes ever more cluttered, clunky and slow with each iteration. Is this a normal or acceptable state of affairs for a 'matured' live game? Please can I ask, what is being done? I doubt that releasing a new premium ship and adding another farcical 'temporary currency' is going to address any of the issues. I am sorry for the tone of this post. I am however feeling very frustrated indeed, not at all what I'm looking for from a leisure activity.
  12. King_Khazi

    Rudder bug

    Has there been any acknowledgement of this issue or has anyone discovered a solution? I've tried various control settings as well as launching in 'safe' mode but nothing makes any difference.
  13. King_Khazi

    Rudder bug

    I have the same issue. It is definitely not mod related. Its extremely frustating. As for the already dreadful CV autopilot, it is worse than ever.
  14. King_Khazi

    First look at Unseen Content? In your Streams!

    More good news like the Naval Training Centre?
  15. King_Khazi

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    It is RIDICULOUS that a division can play against 9 random solo players. No more of this farce please