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    Public Test Patch 11/06

    Hi Conway, I recently sent you an email for help trying to log onto the Public Test Server thank you for your help I now see where I went wrong, unfortunately the date for Public Test has passed, but I would like to try to gain entry to the next one. regards....Chris Brown
  2. chrisseybrown

    Upgrade changes

    Hi WOW, I have an account to play the game, and decided to try the new Public Test Server as I enjoyed it so much on WOT's. Unfortunately when I try to logon it say email not found, obviously I have one I am here using it. I tried to send in a ticket but cos it does not recognize my email it wont let me. How can I gain access to the Test, I realize it Is only open for a few days. I hope this is the right place as I could not see anyone with the same problem? regards...Chris