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  1. 5 mins after my video goes live.... it arrives... smh
  2. Seriously unimpressed and have shared that in todays video, shame as I was hoping to be raving about how great the ship was. Guess I know for future reference now.
  3. Appreciate that you are not the guys pushing the 'Go' button but if you could remind the sales guys to; Under Promise and Over Deliver in future it would be very much appreciated. I'm now off to record a video explaining why I don't have a ship to review today so I can have it posted at my regular time.
  4. I notice @kreuxl is browsing the thread, any news on when this is happening please?
  5. Half the day gone here already and still no ship in port, frustrating as I want to get a video recorded and don't want to have to take her out cold. Come on WG! This is fast turning into less than the promised week :/
  6. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to participate please :)
  7. New gamer looking for a beginners clan

    Feel free to join -RNG- which is my clan. We are small, not super serious and play purely for the enjoyment of the game. I'll be happy to show you the ropes. Why a non-serious clan you may ask, the discounts and bonuses make clan membership worthwhile for all players not just those who clan battle.
  8. Suggestion for the next free xp ship

    I'd like to see a DD of some sort as the next one. RN, French or perhaps German. Too many BBs in the meta as is presently and for that reason I'm not sure a cruiser would fair well.
  9. Suggestions thread

    Ability to show as offline Think along the lines of Skype etc where you can show a status like do not disturb or offline etc. Very useful if you are grinding a ship for a reason and don't want to join divisions or if you are trying to make videos etc. Much as I love my in game buddies and the games we play together, sometimes I'm just short of time and need to get on with a specific task.
  10. Get some freebies WG promo code

    Many thanks! O7
  11. Sadly no tier X ships as I play all tech trees and don't grind one or two specifically so I guess I'll miss out on some containers... That said, I'm going to get some flags and camos out of the deal and attempt to finish the collection to get some more bits as well. Finding it hard to see what anyone has to complain about really! @Sub_Octavian Nice work and thanks, I for one will enjoy the freebies :)
  12. Suggestion for Community Contributors

    Alternatively programme a proper timeline for release and build in tweak time to it. Last moment changes are avoidable. Not to mention it takes time to record, edit and render out videos so again late changes prohibit good videos. Seeing as the CCs are effectively advertising for WG when a new release is happening it baffles me why they don't work together in a manner that allows both parties time to get it right.
  13. iChase removed from WG-CC program

    You know, this whole thing could have been totally avoided simply by having a robust delivery plan for the GZ project. As anyone who has ever been anywhere near a project knows; the 3 elements are essentially time, cost and quality. To get gains in one will causes loses in at least one of the other areas, if not both. By having a better plan and allowing time for a retest if needed, all of this could have been totally avoided. I'm sure that the supertesters wouldn't mind seeing a ship a couple of weeks earlier in the project cycle, allowing time for tweaks and retesting if needed. As for the whole iChase being removed thing, so wrong. Should have been a warning. I have spent an awful lot of money on premiums as I like to collect them (My choice) but I usually check them out prior to buying so I know what I'm getting. Yes I buy bundles on occasion too if it suits me and what I want. Now however I will not be reaching for my wallet until I have had a chance to PTS ships as I'm doubtful of the sincerity to which CC's will be allowed to have going forward. (Incidentally that is more a reflection of the WG commentary thus far.) Shame on you WG, shame.
  14. Fujin in the Premium store

    Logs in to buy Fujin, sees it is an expensive bundle, spends no money. Who ever came up with this strategy of Bundles needs a check up from the neck up. You didn't get a sale from me and I suspect many other people from reading this thread because you are not providing what people want, a ship, just a ship. Sure sell the other packs for those that want flags, gold, credits etc. People can then buy what they want when they want it. Shame as I really wanted to add that to my collection. Oh well, I will spend my money elsewhere until you see sense.
  15. Disappointing premium ships.

    I misread, have editied to correct