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  1. 22cm


    No, its more realistically to say you get around 1k coal per day, it s arround 3 months for 100 k coal, but you must be playing every day. Not easy at all.
  2. 22cm


    Can i bet 15 gold for Thunderer flag?
  3. Spend some money, dude, for your 5th anniversay!
  4. I can see that Enterprise took care of the fun part.
  5. 22cm

    Where is the Pirate event for EU servers?

    In the Davy Jones' locker.
  6. Ofc the organizers never realised that if a CV is considered OP in a game with 12 players, it will be worse in a game with 8. Enterprise should have been banned from participating.
  7. It is a sort of community T8 event that has: - No special reward - No more than 1 CV per team Seems a waste of time unless you really love CVs. 😂
  8. You.. have a special kind of luck... Did you win l?
  9. 22cm

    Which Beast to Choose this Week?

    I chose the same as last week for an experiment.
  10. 22cm


    Because you re too simple.