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  1. I only got 3 stars so far, random teams... just too many planes...
  2. Can you repeat the one about top 5? Do it 2 times, as a proof?
  3. Yes, one mission is 1/1 only. If not completed it, it shows as 0/1.
  4. It s not very clear how you get containers...
  5. There is also another mission where if you are top player in Gallant you get 1, but that will be hard.
  6. You need 1 for Perth, I have 3 or 4 and don t own Perth.
  7. No, it will be a special upgrade, the spotting plane one.
  8. Not allowing more than 1 player from a clan in the same Ranked game may be a solution.
  9. With their position regarding "dubious" mods, I dont expect much.
  10. I think it is worth it. Fairness, that is.
  11. There is no way to know this during the game. It s WGs job to decide this anyway.
  12. As I promessed, I will give you the answer to the official ticket I opened regarding this. This time, no names at all are mentioned, so no moderator will have any reason to close it up for naming and shaming. If anyone replying in my topic provides any name, then it s his own responsability and not mine. I also have the screenshots from that game (beside the replay which I already uploaded) and I will attach them. As you can see in the screenshots, the XP difference between the first and second in the loosing team was about 279 XP, so I guess that with the help of his clanmate (who did not shoot at him at all but allowed him to easily farm and kill him as can be seen in the replay), the Fuso player got to keep his star instead of the second player in the loosing team who probably deserved it. And obviously, because his clanmate, the Farragut player, was the best player in the winning team, he knew exactly what he was doing, it can not be considered involuntary poor play, like being a bad DD captain or something like that. The official answer I got from WG was only that the "proper steps regarding this case have already been taken", but "can t disclose any information about their decision due to the protection of data privacy". A vague answer, but at least someone is officially checking this case. I strongly advise all players who have any suspicions about unfair play to record their games, save the screenshots and report them by opening a ticket. Let s keep this game fair!
  13. Same here. So what are you using now?