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  1. 22cm

    Queue in a Stock Tier 7 Cruiser

    You retrain your captain 50% for 200 k credits and free XP some ship modules (which one depends on each ship), is good enough. You can also play Coop or Operations to retrain the last 50% of the captain. Or use some of the free premium ships to train the captain. You never ever use free XP to skip ships or get the next ship faster.
  2. 22cm

    "Worst" shps post 8.0

    Except the old players have seen this before, three years ago, at the launch of the game, when CVs were uber OP, and it was no fun at all to stay all bundled together, and games were a total campfest. Not even worth mentioning that there were no cap zones at that time, while now the DDs have to cap which will become impossible.
  3. 22cm

    Stabbed in the back!

    [edited], wtf, please, why not 12 km torps?!
  4. 22cm

    Don’t buy PEF - she sucks hard

    Strange because what I see there is different, PEF being the tankiest and having the second winrate, this while being the most played ship, so obviously is not that bad. Having the highest XP while having only the third average damage means that most of its targets are cruisers and destroyers, and is better at this than the other BBs.
  5. In the picture below check the 10 ships above Belfast. That is your answer. And thta is only above tier 5. Counting from tier 1-10, there are 16 ships better than Belfast.
  6. 22cm

    Can i do a return on my purchase of the musashi?

    Not only that, but CC s only show you their best games, and not their failures, because they dont want you to see that. The most realistic review (it still has some flaws, but less) you can use is the Little White Mouse s review, but it s a written one, and it s harder to read than to watch for the young ones...
  7. 22cm

    Isokaze and my run of bad luck...

    Check online the available stats for Isokaze, then compare the average damage and/or experience with yours., that you can find it in your game profile. For example, on average Isokaze has a 50.89% winrate with 22.9 k damage and 685 exp. If you have on average over 23 k damage and 700 exp, but a winrate under 50%, then it s the game screwing you, giving you only bad teams. If not, you re the bad one that s screwing your teams. In your case, you have 15% winrate with 29 k damage and 764 exp, so it s the game giving you bad teams. In this case, just exit the game and stop playing for a few days, and come back after a while. However, dont forget than in a destroyer you dont have to only do damage, but also cap. Even if you do a lot of damage, if the enemy has all the caps, you will still lose.
  8. Just curious, are your higher-ups aware of how many players the game may lose if this CV crap goes live? Or do they think that, as the carriers have infinite planes, the game has infinite players?
  9. 22cm

    Raptor Rescue teams be like...

    One nub from my team blocked Raptor after he repaired and started to move, and beached Raptor into the closest rock, stopping it again for a few minutes. Game was lost with all the enemies killed, all the objectives completed (5 stars), but Raptor needed like 20-30 seconds more to reach the exit circle...
  10. 22cm

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    I never skipped ships because were hard to play: Kawachi, Karlsruhe, Furutaka, Mutsuki, Colorado, Kagero, Ibuki, Baltimore, etc. I freexped lately some ships because WG was giving flags/steel for tier 10s and I had a lot of free XP available.
  11. At the launch of the game, the CVs were OP as fukc, so the only chance for a ship to stop CV attack was to stay very close together with the other ships, in a single big tight group. Looks like a comeback to me.
  12. You can statpad for a week or two, after that you will not have enough non CV players to statpad anymore...
  13. . Many players said they will take a break if this crap goes live, and this is a problem for a game with not many new players and MM problems. I think this feedback from the players has forced WG to do a new test round. However, many players will take a break after the current missions hard grind (PEF), if this shitt goes live it will be worse. Add to this that the winter is ending and spring is coming... Worst timing to piss off your players with that CV crap...
  14. 22cm

    Transfering Premium ships between accounts

  15. 22cm

    Raptor Rescue teams be like...