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  1. Detonation flags are better that the ramming ones...
  2. 22cm

    aaah.... finally top tier in my Odin !

    You have no idea what is the worst: a CV player using MM monitor.
  3. 22cm

    Next WG title

  4. 22cm

    Next WG title

    This game is the only WG title that is a succes, besides WoT. All the others failed. So it would probably be another failure.
  5. 22cm

    Aigle or Anshan?

    For tier 6 OP, DDs are not the best class. 1 DD in a team could work, for 2 DDS to work the DD players must be good, 3 or more is too much.
  6. 22cm

    AL Premium crates drop chance

    Very easy solution. Buy one container and only one. Whatever you get, is what RNGod decided is best for you.
  7. 22cm

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    I d say GK's camo looks quite decent and classic. I dunno, he is kinda evil, but is... short.
  8. 22cm

    british dd still needs IFHE?

    Hopefully, it ends here.
  9. 22cm

    Fastest way to earn coal?

    You can not rush it. From my point if view, the most efficient way is to play every day until you get the first 2 daily containers, that is at least 800 coal, and usually you ll also do the daily mission in the same time. It should be on average over 1 k coal per day, so 365k coal for a whole year. Going for all 3 daily containers is a bit too much.
  10. Same here. I am on chatban too, mainly because of Ranked, for calling idiots what they are . Coincidence or not, my teams feel to have gotten worse, so he may have a point. Or maybe is the weekend.
  11. For fun in coop, you must have yolotorping ships. So ships like Tirpitz/Kii or Atago/Prinz Eugen would be best. None of them is very squishy.
  12. The best would be to send them play with submarines, in a mode of their own only.
  13. 22cm

    Armory Coupons - Ships for Doubloons

    Tier 8 premium cruiser? Get the one with the heal.
  14. 22cm

    Server down?

    Read the orange thingy called "Connectivity Issues"...
  15. 22cm

    The best looking ship ?

    Albany. I m on the phone so I cant post the picture.