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  1. Gaede is a good DD. Learn to use the 15 cm guns and the hydro. Captain: 1. IFA 2. LS 3. SE 4. CE AR next, then whatever you want.
  2. Actually, it s the worst. You need to get the First Strike in a game to activate it s first bonus, so it s 1 chance out of 12, and the second skill chance to activate is even much worse, while the bonus is always active for Seagal and Dunkirk.
  3. You see it in their descrption when released. Seagal has extra bonus to EM and EL, Dunkirk to EM, JoT and Smoke.
  4. 2 Spotting Aircraft and 1 Damage Control upgrade, some 100 signals, not of the very useful type... the only good thing were 25 Red Dragon Flags. Useless stuff.
  5. Add the slow pace of this game and the "smoke your team up then camp in the smoke" meta... I would say this game is not made for competitive gaming.
  6. Get the tier 10 carrier, Midway If you ll be ruining the games for your team anyway, at least do it grand style.
  7. WG love for you is very deep.
  8. Except that Def AA crap, those are decent.
  9. Spoiled decadent capitalist brat, why you no happy?
  10. No, it only gives you 8 more seconds. Not if the guy is smart. Nobody said radar or hydro are useless. Not sure if it s worth the upgrade it replacss, overkill anyway on Des.
  11. Yes, but not when you have 3 of each AFTER you have already fitted Perth...
  12. DCP, AA, smoke and the plane are pretty useless...
  13. Battle means co-op mode too?
  14. The 12-2 you speak of does not exist, it was a 10-2. It is the number of ships in each team at the end of the game, not the number of kills for each team, as you said. Your 12-2 is a 10-2 in fact.
  15. Yes, but a new flag will be released, 100% safe landing, like the anti-detonation one.