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  1. 22cm

    cant communicat with exCIS player

    No, it s a greeting.
  2. 22cm

    Battle Pass Coming

    It is not worth to pay for this game anymore, WG ruined it completely with the CV rework and subs. It is no longer the game I liked to play, it is becoming purely crap.
  3. 22cm

    USS Congress

    Tier for tier, Alaska is better than Congress or Puerto Rico. But, as I have said, Congress has its advantages, it is the only tanky and repairable T8 radar cruiser. On T9 you also have Kronshtadt and Riga, and on T10, Stalin and PR.
  4. 22cm

    USS Congress

    I dont have it, but I have seen it played by my clan in Clan Battles. Is a sort of Alaska 1 tier lower, armor is very good for a T8 cruiser, guns are not as good as Alaska because of worse dpm. What is specific for Congress: It is the most tanky T8 radar cruiser. Because of its armor, you can take some risks with it, even open water radar and take damage, and because it has heal, it can repair the damage taken. <--- If you do this well, its a good ship. P.S. Edinburgh and Tiger 59 are also T8 radar cruiser with heal, but those are not tanky at all.
  5. 22cm

    Anniversary Rewards - End Date?

    What happened to cpt. Auboyneaux?!
  6. Same here. I had it all day yesterday. Nothing like this before.
  7. 22cm

    Clausewitz and Dalarna Release date?

    Anytime you see CVs in queue, I ve heard it is strong enough to make them cry.
  8. 22cm

    What to buy for doubloons?

    From what you asked. PR is a slightly worse Alaska 1 tier higher. Kii is just Amagi, you dont really get to use the torps. Brandenburg is like Tirpitz/Odin... Maybe Borodino or Fladre.
  9. 22cm

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Being able to reciprocally ruin the game for CVs is priceless.
  10. 22cm

    This game is BEAUTIFUL!

    Their art department has always been OK. Some other staff ruined the game.
  11. I only play subs and CVs on EK Fluid Gaming PC.
  12. 22cm

    Waves are like ice floes

    No, you are using a mod thats causing it. I dont remember what its called, but it was a mode that made torpedo trails more visible.
  13. If even those dont want to play with subs or CVs... Easy to fix though, you can check/unccheck the box once per year.
  14. 22cm

    Changing your flank

    ^ This. Going from one flank to the other at the start of the game means losing time during which you are not useful, you dont do damage, dont spot, dont cap, etc. There is also the concept of local superiority: Suppose team spawns groups of 4 players in the 2 flanks and center. Leaving your flank to go to the other flank means that on the flank you have spawned 3 teammates will have to fight against 4 enemies, while on the flank you are moving to there will still be 4 teammates against 4 enemies until you arrive there. Thats something like 3-5 minutes, depending on the speed of your ship. Going from center to flank or from flank to center is OK, depending on the map, but from flank to flank it just takes too long.