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  1. Battleships are reduced to targets

    Lol, so 10 BBs per game are fine, but 8-10 DDs are not? Lol.
  2. You all forget that dumbing down their own game may be a WG move to get more players.
  3. Exactly, it s the only class that hard counters 2 other classes, while being countered only by itself.
  4. Problem is that CV is able to strike BBs, DDs, and even cruisers when Def AA is on cooldown. Is the only class that can counter 3 classes, while being countered only by itself. DDs were supposed to be the counter for BBs
  5. the dreaded event

    The funny thing about this event was that many BB players were complaining in chat about the 5 DDs/team games. So, I always replied in chat: "But 5 BBs/team are OK?"
  6. Alsace

    From 300mm+ (which is tier 3 BB), HE pen already overmatches 50+ mm armor, so it does not really matter. About the tier 9 FR BB, who was the subject of discussion, and the armor of the tier 9 and 10 BBs, against who HE would be usable if bow on or heavily angled: Tier 10 BBs: FR bow and deck 32 mm, UK bow and deck 32 mm, GE bow 60 mm deck 50 mm, USA bow 32mm deck 38mm, JP bow 32 deck 57. Tier 9 BBs: FR bow and deck 32mm, UK bow and deck 32 mm, USA bow 32 mm deck 38 mm, JP bow and deck 32mm. Going tier 8 and 7 is pointless, armor is the same or gets worse. All overmatched by Alsace 380/6 = 63.3 mm HE penetration And, tanana, your great discovery, tier 9 GE BB, bow and aft 32mm, superstructure 19 mm, and deck is 66% 50mm (the half where the 19 mm superstructure is located), and only 33% of the deck is 80 mm. But lol, you must have felt saved when you found it, now at least you had some tiny little thing to prove your amazing theory. The other examples, 3 were the CITADEL areas of some squishy cruisers, Neptune and Minotaur included lol, on which any sane BB player would use AP and not HE, the rest were carriers, who are mostly (90%+ of the target) 19 mm except the deck, and the only valid one was only a part of only one BB, or more exactly only 33% of the deck of a single BB (66% of the deck, superstructure, bow and aft fully HE overmatched) but i guess even you felt only 1 find was not enough to justify your revolutionary theory. Lol, just lol. Now, to stay in the same direction, maybe you also need me to explain to you why IFHE is not considered useful for cruisers with 200mm+ guns?! And definitely not for any 300+ mm gun?!
  7. Alsace

    Nope, the entire issue was created by a guy too proud who, to prove he s not wrong , was picking at straws and found 60+ mm armor resistant to HE overmatch on carriers and UK cruisers CITADELS.
  8. Alsace

    Nope. Seriously, you should go read why if x=y, then 4x=4y, or you will fail any math exam.
  9. Alsace

    Well, I tried to be civil, but it s not possible with you. The only *edited* here is the one who said there are areas on Minotaur and Neptune CITADELS who can not be overmatched by FR HE. Maybe you recognize him. You are also reported. This is the only direct data for firechance that WG provides. Maybe WG is wrong too? Go sue them. Of course, I was not expecting the guy who made the huge discovery that you can not citadel Neptune and Minotaur with HE to understand this, but the rest? Using a simple data provided by WG, if x=y, than 10x=10y, simple math. If in WGs huge wisdom and vision the firechance/shell is 22% or 0.22, than the firechance/10 shells is 220% or 2.2. I never mentioned a formula or target, with FP, tier or whatever, because, amazing, WG also does not mention anything like this.
  10. Alsace

    Yes, tell us again how there are areas on Minotaur and Neptune CITADELS who can not be overmatched by FR HE. I citadeled those things in game with RU 150 and 180 mm. AP, ofc.
  11. Alsace

    Dude, just get lost, you re ridiculous. The only firechance data made available by WG is the firechance per shell. Go sue WG for the simplistic way they display their firechance, because you re contradicting them, not me, I m only extrapolating the way WG displays firechance data per salvo instead of shell, and you re still not able to understand it. Math and probabilties are lost on you. Dispersion in general and sigma in particular are not so important when shooting angled or bow on targets, because they are usually stationary almost stationary. I say again, you re ridiculous. You must feel very proud to have found 6 examples of armor thicker than 60 mm, however, ridiculous, 3 of them are squishy cruisers CITADEL armor, which no one except you will shoot with HE, and 2 are carriers lol, who will always brawl you only in your imagination. The initial discusion was if shooting HE with FR BB on angled targets is valid, and it is. You re turning it into something else (like always shooting HE with FR BBs, even on citadel areas of Neptune and Minontaur, lol) because you re too proud to admit you were wrong. Just go away, you don t realise you re becoming ridiculous
  12. Alsace

    Yes, because bow on are usually stationary. There is a secret in all those videos showing you how easy is to citadel stationary boats presenting perfect broadside.
  13. Alsace

    Dude, you re picking at straws to try to prove you were not wrong, and you know it. Stop being a sore looser, it shows. What you get as firechance as data in the game is this, quoted from WG, " Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell " aka per single shell, so of course to calculate the total firechance per salvo you have to just multiply fire chance with guns to see what firechance you will get per salvo. I ll modify my entry to make it easier to understand for you. Sigma? French HE is useful mostly against stationary bow-on targets or heavily angled who stall at slow speeds in order to remain angled, so sigma does not matter that much in this case. Are you trolling again? HE penetration already does not matter that much from 200 mm and up, who are you kidding? HE overmatch is /6 so starting with the tier 6 Normandie 340mm, it already penetrates 340/6= 56.6 mm, and the tier 9 Alsace 380mm it pens 380/6= 63.3 mm of armor. Even the tier 3 Turenne 305mm already overmatches with HE 305/6=50.8 mm!!! The UK 50% more better HE pen it does not matter. Your knowledge of game mechanics is amazing. What are you, a CV player?! Again, just take it like a man and stop being a sore looser, it shows.
  14. Alsace

    Lol, I calculated the total damage and total firechance per HE salvo. If you have the strange idea that only the FR BBs targets have Fire Resistance Coefficient included and Fire Prevention Skill, then you re the one trolling.
  15. Alsace

    Played Baltimore before it received radar and all the buffs, and even if I performed decent in it, it was indeed not a very good ship.