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  1. Remember IEarl's story...

    Actually, I dont remember. I don t even remember him. This game has too many streamers for the number of player it has and for the direction it s been going lately.
  2. It s not my fault you are so prolific.
  3. No one will bother to read all that crap that you wrote, but frankly I think this game only has maybe 1-2 more good years and then will become obsolete, so they try to milk it as much as they can while they can.
  4. D was actually a good strategic choice when the enemy had radar or destroyer advantage...
  5. So, the 55% top tier MM for tier 8 ships changed to 40% in tier 10 games for EU. And I guess for cruisers and DDs is even worse.
  6. I got 6 citadels in a game in a DD shooting AP to a carrier.
  7. Possible, I did not check today.
  8. No, I think you only get it for the last 3rd win only. So best would be get 2 wins each day, and leave the 3rd win for the next day, so you also get the first win of the day bonus.
  9. Tier VIII matchmaking

    What, is that crap still going on?!
  10. Tier VIII matchmaking

    You are a liar, WG says you are more than 50% top tier.
  11. Yeah, but Champagne or Cognac sound even cooler.
  12. Segal's departing

    You must have seen my photo.