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  1. Lol. Cant you see it?
  2. Supposing they had a brain.
  3. WQar in China was already at stalemate, and they only had to tie down Russia in the east, not to win.
  4. Nah, that s even easier. CV is the best counter against 2 classes, BBs and DDs, while the only counter for a CV is another CV. Where is the balance, even asymetrical? It can not counter cruisers, due to Def AA, so it is not the best counter against all classes, which would have been the perfect asymetrical balance, I guess.
  5. Are you talking about reality? Lol. For your information, naval engagements were at ranges of arround +10 km (I think longest hit was 20+ kms), while aero-naval engagements at ranges of hundreds of kms. Which means those would not happen both in the same place at the same time.
  6. Reduced influence over the battle for CVs, same with the other classes, or the option for the players to choose games with or without CVs, which will be worse that the first option. So more CV nerfs are needed to reduce their "greater impact".
  7. Japan brought a new player to the game, USA, instead of tying down URSS or trying to finish off China.
  8. Strange you could not carry with that triple smoke division.
  9. Well, it may also be the usual WG EU screw up and be about ship XP though... we have to wait for tomorrow. Want a little teaser?
  10. Clan Wars Episode 2: OMG! 7 Minotaurs! Smoking is bad for your health!
  11. If WG wants to make money, it should not pamper 0.5-1% (maximum) of the players, who are not even spending a lot of money on the game, to have a greater impact to the disadvantage of the rest of 99% players who make up 99.99% of WGs income. The idiot who decided carriers must have a "greater impact" should have been fired long ago for sabotaging WGs income.
  12. Who decided this?! Should be fired. Most paying players do not play CVs, most premiums except 3 (3 lol ffs!) are not CVs. WG is not making money from the CV players. Why should a CV player have a greater impact then me, on my money? Why should I pay for the game so a CV player has a greater impact? Screw the CV player. He can play co-op if he wants a greater impact. Same impact as other ships, or banned to co-op. Was already banned from clan wars. Same reason.
  13. Ehhh... before, the team who had 1 CV was surely to win in > 90% of cases...what times...
  14. The only OP classes now are CVs and BBs.
  15. Carrier tiers? Could not care less. I still remember what a completely retarded OP crap carriers were once. They are stll not balanced and need more nerfs to be brought in line with the other classes.