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  1. 22cm

    The best looking ship ?

    Albany. I m on the phone so I cant post the picture.
  2. 22cm

    How do you play Pan EU DDs?

    How? Always division with a carrier.
  3. 22cm

    Tier 2 player

  4. From next Monday till Thursday, there will be a stream each day, in a different language, Monday in Polish, then German, Italian and English, at arround 18.00. Maybe you can try to use this code during the time of those streams, for those who could not use the code.
  5. That was my idea too, and as I dont play carriers, it s not worth it for me.
  6. 22cm


    Hmmm... There is no way to counter a good carrier captain at this moment. And even a bad one gets some damage done, no matter what mistakes he does. Make a mistake in a DD or a cruiser and you re finished.
  7. 22cm


    200 battles... It s not too late for you to become an honest player and play some other class..
  8. The recent torp detection upgrade is already another nerf for DDs, you think more is needed?!
  9. As a tier 8 DD in a tier 10 game, you have the smallest ship, the lowest HP, no repair, and worst AA from all the ships. You are the easiest kill for a tier 10 CV. Your only escape is the smart use of smoke.
  10. 22cm

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    But there are 5 BBs and 1 CV almost each game, that leaves 6 spots free for the lighter ships, let s consider it an usual average of 3 cruisers and 3 DDs. So you have exactly 3 ideal targets for you, and need to flank them as you say. And the same 3 targets are also hunted by the 5 BBs and 1CV, and they do it better and faster, no need for flanking or careful positioning.
  11. 22cm

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    All nice, but what if you dont have the time to do 20 daily missions, had no luck with the lootboxes and no premium english cruisers?
  12. My math says the current 4 directives give only 550 tokens from the 1000 needed...
  13. 22cm

    A letter from Narai

    Tier 7 ships are needed in the random battlles of the tier 9 premiums.
  14. 22cm

    Here we go again

    2 could be possible, but not 3...