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  1. Good time indeed, having his asss filled with torps...
  2. Nice meeting you!
  3. Probably you have too much ice and feel the need to use it... I only use it in whisky...
  4. Just curious, have you heard about this hockey player before WoWs mission? I m not a hockey fan and I ve never heard of him before, the only recent Russian famous in sports that I know is Sharapova...
  5. Only more than one hundred years, considering that slavery was abolished in 1833...
  6. 22cm

    alexander thoccutcy

    Is good enough
  7. Rank 1 in Krasny Krim in 36 battles, 61% wins, 6-7 stars saved with high caliber in games with 3-4 BBs (thats how bad the BBs in my team were), 87 k max damage, 36 k average damage. Probably I could have done it in less games, but had quite a few full retarded teams. This was the second worst ship for ranked. Now I wish to try Bretagne, the worst ship for ranked.
  8. Don t worry, I ve met them a few times.
  9. So far, this is my best KK game, where I carried a team of 4(!) BBs, 1 of them was the abominable GC:
  10. Giulio Cesare, the tier 5+ BB, being the most popular... Nothing new here.
  11. 22cm

    minimizing chat windows

    Same thing here... You were lucky... I got the question "Do you want to use 40+ k gold to transform normal XP to free XP?" I was like WTF, Esc, Esc, Cancel, Cancel.... The UI had sent me to the free XP conversion panel...
  12. 22cm

    Premium Shop slow today?

    You can cancel the transaction after you get them if you don t open them and write a support ticket. Or can justify cancelling the transaction because you did not get them.
  13. Guys, you re making me regret that i ve chosen KK for this Ranked... :)))
  14. 22cm

    Premium Shop slow today?

    Dont buy them, cancel the transaction, they re crap.