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  1. Comrade, all the Soviet ships were glorious and creamy, even/especially the ones never built.
  2. 22cm

    reason to take dcff over other t1 skill?

    I alternate it with the def AA, because the carrier can use another squadron faster than your def AA cooldown, and never use them together unless my ship is really low on HP and/or carier can oneshot me (AP bombers).
  3. 22cm

    reason to take dcff over other t1 skill?

    You mean the +1 fighter skill? Is the best cost/effect AA skill, for 1 point it will increase the number of your fighters with 33 or 25%.
  4. Ofc, the best secondary brawler is a carrier, ftw!
  5. Depends... Tirpitz has torps as an added bonus, though hard to use with the current meta (CV will spot you across the whole map) and MM (mostly tier 10 games with tier 10 who shoot from 20 km...). Was an excelent secondaries brawler when it was introduced a few years ago, but now meta changed, MM changed, CV changed (AP bombs), so... Now I prefer Alsace because of the speed boost which allows you to get in the desired position for secondaries brawl, and to run away from there when you discovered you found half of the enemy team camping there. Its tier 10 twin also. Also the tier 7s, the German twins, which both have torps, and Lyon, because of the better MM and shorter enagement ranges on lower tiers.
  6. 22cm

    Arkansas Beta AA

    I think you rammed the plane and killed it.
  7. 22cm

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    A Conqueror or CV player...Much balance.
  8. Juggling between ranks 2 and 6 or 7 is fun and engaging... Maybe they should change the ranking system, like the first 3 or 4 from each team would be rewarded.... Could work better than saving the star for CVs, Henry s or Conqueror s. Or at least instead of showing ur last Rank, it could show like 7x2= 7 times rank 2...
  9. 22cm

    Next clan wars season tier 8

    We already knew that.
  10. 22cm

    Is there any point upgrading RN planes?

    Don t be sad, if your reroll failed, try again, carriers are the easiest class now.
  11. 22cm

    Is there any point upgrading RN planes?

    Lemme guess, u re the reroll carrier?
  12. 22cm

    Is there any point upgrading RN planes?

    And that is the last thing they would sell well unless they fix carrier problem. Nobody will buy premium ships just to be shitted on by your beloved carriers. I guess they have shortened the lifespan of the game with at least 1 year with the stupid carrier rework. Already in Ranked people leave the queue when they see more than 1 carrier.
  13. 22cm

    Is there any point upgrading RN planes?

    No, you carrier players will soon have your own game mode where you will play between yourselves.
  14. 22cm

    ranked matches and rented ships

    From what I have seen (talking about my own experience here) I have not seen a rental ship being the best player in his team, while seeing them being the worst was quite often.
  15. 22cm

    The new premium ship policy

    You should have. Check again.