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  1. 22cm

    Asashio Personal Assignment

    Why even make it a mission? Just give the compensation direclty if you ll get a black duplicate.
  2. 22cm


    It was a daily one. I got Graf Zepelin, and I don t play CVs... From Christmas containers and this SC, now I have all 4 premium CVs... Which I don t play...
  3. 22cm


    All SCs, including daily ones, SCs from tier 10s events, etc.. I ve got ships from Christmas containers, but those are not SCs.
  4. 22cm


    In 20 k battles I have got only 1 ship from SC, but it also depends a lot on your luck.
  5. 22cm


    Exactly, is not worth such a huge grind for a ship WG may change soon.
  6. 22cm


    No. There are some planned IFHE changes in development that will probably nerf all light cruisers.
  7. 22cm

    Ranked Season 14: Battle of the Smolensks

    Yesterday I had a ranked game with 5 Smolensk in it, split 3:2 for the 2 teams. The team with 3 Smolensk lost, probably because almost half of their team was sitting in smoke, waiting for the other ships to spot targets for them, and when those started to die or run because all of the enemy fire has been concentrated on them, the Smolensk had not enough spotting.
  8. The way it is right now, light cruisers have an obviously advantage over heavy cruisers. Better dps, more fires, more overpens from BBs, same range. Then why would everyone even bother to build heavy cruisers?!
  9. 22cm

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Hohoho! I would like to try my luck! Also, I am offering an extra prize.
  10. Another fun one, after many games in Zao, I missclicked on the Moskva when starting the ranked game. 1 dd in game, I told him to go to the main cap while I would cap the secondary one. What would be possible in a 10 km concealment Zao, was not in the Moskva, so I came under a lot of fire, which I dodged kiting away like a Zao. Amazingly, somehow I survived. Funny was when I wanted to torp and I found out that I had no torps, I came with the perfect explanation: they had been knocked out by the intense fire I was under. So I turned to use the other side torps, still not torps... Now, Zao has 4 torp launchers, losing all 4 was unusual... Wtf, they knocked out all my tubes?! It took a while to realize I was in the Moskva.
  11. Me yesterday in teamchat: "I ll go radar A". Ship looked strange, I was in Henry...
  12. 22cm

    AlaskaB or MassachusettsB/AsashioB ?

    Buy Massachussets and get Alaska for free.
  13. 22cm

    Narai horror stories. How badly did your team fail?

    You should see Ranked...
  14. Actually, this is to decide the ship I will donate for the New Year lottery.
  15. has o be available to buy.