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  1. Server Down

    Time to hop on the WoT server and start tking my arty
  2. Server Down

    The server suicided, couldn't handle the amount of Edited going on this weekend. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  3. Have you ever sold Tier X ship?

    I sold my Gearing 3 or 4 times because she always made me sad when I played her after a Fletcher game. Now she is rusting in my port next to Yamato,Zao,Moskva and 50 lower tiered ships.
  4. Summersale... "the grand finale"

    One day they will try,but today is not that day.
  5. Summersale... "the grand finale"

    Grand Finale EU server style
  6. Summersale... "the grand finale"

    I wonder how many people held back their money during this sale wating for a "grand finale" super offer to purchase it. Kinda stupid from WG to get everyone hyped for some sort of mega deal and then dissapoint with an offer thats not bad but certainly nothing special compared to previous offers. Guess Sub_Octavian is in charge of sales and marketing now aswell.
  7. The weirdness of this ranked season

    Ok,maybe you were more consistent and less overconfident in previous seasons. I'm currently on a winning streak and willl quit ranked when it changes like I always do
  8. pissed off

    Try playing lets say 100 games without torping from the 2nd line like a complete FUCKTARD and watch your win rate increase to almost average
  9. Atago or Atlanta? Serious question

    Wait until the Atago is on sale and get her instead of the Atlanta. Atlanta is can be fun to play but overall she is a very situational and not really strong ship.
  10. The weirdness of this ranked season

    Do you play most of your random battles in divisions? I guess so, because huge loss or win streaks are not rare for a single player. In your ranked battles you are basically experiencing what I get in randoms (and ranked ofc) all the time. I rarely had game sessions that ended anywhere near my average win rate. Usually I have 1 or 2 days with abysmal win rate and then there are days where I win almost everything despite derping hard in some games. In the end it all evens out.
  11. HMS Belfast On Offer

    Kinda strange that the daily offers in the summer sale appear to be randomly selectred. I would have prefered tier 6 ships at the start of the sale since its ranked season,was hoping to get my Perth this weekend. Guess I have to be patient.
  12. Tier 6 ranked just boring?

    You guys know that you can get 1 prem.ship/tank/plane per acount back from WG support? https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/98
  13. Captain progression

    Always move your experienced captain to your new higher tier ship,you don't want to grind your tier 8 or 9 ship with a fresh scrub captain. If you want to keep a certain lower/mid tier ship ship just be patient there are regularly missions that will give you a 10 or 12 point captain as a reward.
  14. July Calendar

    Yes,massive discounts every day,just not on every server. Well, on every server except EU ofc.
  15. MM gone wild, do we want a new random battle mode?

    HA! No worries guys,in the near future every random battle will be like this just BBs vs BBs.