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  1. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Announcements from the holiday stream, New ships. (DB 211)

    I doubt the playstyle will be that significantly different, you are a fragile spammer regardless. Having the main battery reload booster does not change your role. And even if it did, would you pay upwards of 20k steel just to get a main battery reload booster when there will be a tech tree ship with a smoke to keep you alive and better torpedoes against cruisers or larger vessels? Jinan will probably get a much better reload because it does not have the main battery reload booster.
  2. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    World of Warships Anniversary

    This was never the case for the anniversary, only for Christmas... How many times do we have to repeat this?
  3. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Announcements from the holiday stream, New ships. (DB 211)

    Imagine having spent steel on Austin when you can get an Austin clone without main battery reload booster but with smoke in the tech tree soon. FeelsBadMan.
  4. Oh no! So much effort and electricity will be spent by turning on Twitch and putting it in the background... There are a lot more pressing matters to complain about than having to actually do something to receive a mission that you were given without having to do anything for it by accident.
  5. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Missouri's festive camo

    It has been this way for all the Festive or Dockyard special camos, nothing new there. Basically there to decorate port queens, which the Dockyard ships and Missouri are at this point.
  6. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Missouri: is worthwhile?

    There is absolutely no reason to buy Missouri if you already have Iowa, especially not in PvE. Without the credit bonus, it is just a Iowa without a spotter plane but with a radar that is useless in PvE. Especially not for that price. 60+ euros for a ship with a slightly more storied career is madness. Buy yourself a AAA game instead, or a perma camo for your favourite ship. Better still, do not give them any of your money.
  7. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    lootbox Missouri compensation when you already own her?

    19,200 doubloons and a port slot, as is standard for T9 ships.
  8. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Important message for the community

    They already did, she is being nerfed next update
  9. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    He is critical of WG quite often, how can he be a WG employee?
  10. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    You´ve gone to far...

    Calling people liars and sea scum when you run out of arguments and they are presenting perfectly valid ones. Classy. If you are willing to improve, I am sure that there are people on this forum willing to help you out. It is never too late for someone to learn from people who are better at the game.
  11. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    General CV related discussions.

    Why would you get that close in a CV... Something is telling me that you should not be playing Tier VIII CVs.
  12. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    You´ve gone to far...

    They definitely do not care about anyone on the forums, who already have all the ships and cannot be milked much further. They want new players who get frustrated by the learning curve, buy premiums and then give up. Winrate equals skill most of the time, but I am living proof of the fact that it is not always the case. 56,46% winrate against a rather low 1192 PR. I got carried many times in my first 1-2k battles. It is not since 2k that I have actually been having a more positive impact on my team. I said it once, and I will say it again: most people get the winrate they deserve. If you do not like your winrate, you have to work to get a better one. There will be games where you will get carried. There will be matches that cannot be carried. But over a long enough period of battles, your skill will usually shine through. I got two terrible Daring games that I won and an amazing Gearing game that I lost, all in the span of three battles. Matchmaker is random and will always remain random, as random as is possible for the game to produce. I would say that the matchmaker is not perfect, but it is part of the charm of WoWs: carrying as a lonely underdog or being a big bad top tier ship crushing everything in its path, the magic might be getting less, but it is not vanishing yet.
  13. Isn't CT just a test version for significant Vermont changes, much like how Lappland, Brennus and Werner Voss were test ships for significant balance changes in the past? I know I am in the minority here, but I like the second US BB line. Colorado was always one of my favourite ships.
  14. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    You´ve gone to far...

    The gamemode is called Random Battles. Ergo, the matchmaking must be random. One team has five radars, the other team has none. One team of potatoes is carried to victory whilst a triple super unicum division suffers a defeat. I have high winrates in ships I play terribly. I have low winrates in ships I play superbly. The truth is that Wargaming does not care about you, the same way they do not care about everything else. They have no incentive to rig your matches. The matchmaker produces enough infuriating results for some people to buy things anyway. So they keep on earning money without spending anything to adjust the matchmaker. What I know about World of Tanks is that there was (or still is?) alledgedly a grace period where your premium tank got top tier consistently, somewhere around ten games. I am not sure if this is correct or not. The only certainties I have is that there are two constants: the matchmaker will throw you into a match and you will be in that match. Since every battle is different, you are the only constant factor in every battle. Make the difference. Strive to improve. Not every battle is a carry, but keep fighting, until the very end. To blame anyone else but yourself for losing is a weakness. Don't get mad, get better. - Yours faithfully, an average WoWs player and an ex-whale
  15. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    The End of the snow flakes is upon us :(

    If you see it as an insult, maybe you are the snowflake? The irony in this is that the people who scream snowflake the loudest are usually the biggest snowflakes... More on topic, it would be very nice if we actually knew what to expect from the way WG is doing it this year, and that we don't have to remain guessing until the patch drops.