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  1. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    So MM Is Not Rigged

    Wasn't that a screenshot from the Brawl queue, which usually matches clans on a basis of the amount of wins they have? Which wasn't even active in that version of Brawl, which was the 8v8 where a team of randoms could meet a full clan team? As far as I know, those versions of Brawl and Clan Battles are the only times WG has tried to ''match by skill'', in their way.
  2. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Jolly good to finally meet you in battle, old chap! You did very well in your Lightning, despite your team's performance. I didn't get to show the full potential of the Minnesota, but she is definitely one of my favourite ships at the moment. Very excited for Vermont when she releases. And don't worry: next time we meet, I will be the designated div DD, and we shall have a contest between gentlemen, either on opposite sides or working for a common cause. P.S: My friends list and PMs are always open for people, so if you want to play, just shoot me a message when I am online :)
  3. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    What was your weirdest or most awkward/embarrassing way to die in WoWs?

    Two incidents come to mind. One of them was yesterday. 86 HP Baltimore getting a ram kill on my 45k HP Ingis Purgatio, despite the best effort from me, my division and my team to kill him. We actually joked about him being a bot beforehand since he didn't bother to angle or evade damage in any way. The second and older incident is being dev struck from full health in my Kirov by a Colorado. That is my first and only Kirov game to date. Normally I am the person that gets super lucky, but when I am not, it goes horribly wrong.
  4. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    WG we need more proper IJN special captians!

    Well, he did not send the third wave, and you could call that cautious (He should have acted more aggressively, he should have struck at the shore facilities, he should have done more damage) or sensible (No overabundance of fuel, intensifying American AA that actually took down quite some planes in the second wave, not knowing where the American carriers were, planes having to land at night, which would have been a novelty, belief in the fact that the Americans were already out of action for quite some time). It's easy to judge mistakes in the past from the present and point them out, but acting on them with the information at hand at that point in history is an entirely different thing. To clarify, I am not defending Nagumo. I am just saying that the criticism can be seen from different perspectives. I am more than okay with either of them as a CV commander for the IJN, basically.
  5. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    WG we need more proper IJN special captians!

    I mean, either of them would do nicely for a CV commander. Honestly, I would blame him for Midway, which is something he could have avoided if the IJN somehow ditched the idea of scouting with aircraft launched from cruisers... And if we go by combat record, shouldn't we disqualify some of the existing special commanders? Lütjens accomplished little of note. Halsey and Cunningham both made mistakes that could have been disastrous. Point being: either Nagumo or Ozawa would do, and neither should be excluded on the basis of faults made whilst in command.
  6. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    WG we need more proper IJN special captians!

    Chuichi Nagumo would be the person you are looking for. He was in command of the Kido Butai (Mobile Force/carrier group) between Pearl Harbor and the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, third-in-command of the IJN as a whole behind Kondo and Yamamoto. As for buffed skills, Improved Engines (plane speed) could work. Not sure what perks would be good.
  7. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Any luck in the "sale"

    Most likely. There are about 5-10 premiums above T5 that I don't have (excluding retired ships).
  8. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Any luck in the "sale"

    I consider myself pretty lucky with RNG, and the Summer Sale didn't disappoint. Managed to get Azuma and Nikolai from the Christmas crates. Now I'm saving up for Vampy, maybe the Atlanta camouflage.
  9. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    why enfroce weeb picture? (steam)

    Oh, I am crying really hard right now. From laughter, that is. Either you genuinely have a problem with this or you are the worst troll in human history. Count yourself lucky you were not here when "Poi!" was still a popular meme...
  10. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    why enfroce weeb picture? (steam)

    1. It is WG that chooses whatever headers their news articles have, and since we are not part of WG, we don't get to force them on you :) 2. You can turn off all anime content so you don't have to deal with it. 3. You seem to espouse some pretty strong opinions about who "should" and "shouldn't" watch anime. I will confess that I have a neck AND a beard, so you are correct in that regard.
  11. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    why enfroce weeb picture? (steam)

    Absolutely no one: "The world is ablaze, CVs have entered CBs, but degenerate anime stuff in my glorious boat game is my most pressing concern!" P.S: Please remove weeb stuff, WG. I don't want my wallet to suffer any longer
  12. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Ranked Stars

    I thought Sprint and normal Ranked worked the same way in that regard. You learn something new every day, thanks!
  13. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    Ranked Stars

    You get a star for a victory, but you always start with one star when you reach the next rank. So it looks like you gained two.
  14. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    Actually, WG owns everything on your account, even the things you bought. So they reserve the right to change it whenever they feel like it. Fairly certain you can find that in the terms of service or something. Every company likes to protect itself from legal action when they end up doing something questionable.
  15. RuruushuVuiBuritania

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got my DD damage record yesterday! I think I am doing really well for a former BB main (and relatively new player). Udaloi is quickly becoming my new favourite ship in the game.