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  1. RurushuVuiBuritania

    why enfroce weeb picture? (steam)

    Oh, I am crying really hard right now. From laughter, that is. Either you genuinely have a problem with this or you are the worst troll in human history. Count yourself lucky you were not here when "Poi!" was still a popular meme...
  2. RurushuVuiBuritania

    why enfroce weeb picture? (steam)

    1. It is WG that chooses whatever headers their news articles have, and since we are not part of WG, we don't get to force them on you :) 2. You can turn off all anime content so you don't have to deal with it. 3. You seem to espouse some pretty strong opinions about who "should" and "shouldn't" watch anime. I will confess that I have a neck AND a beard, so you are correct in that regard.
  3. RurushuVuiBuritania

    why enfroce weeb picture? (steam)

    Absolutely no one: "The world is ablaze, CVs have entered CBs, but degenerate anime stuff in my glorious boat game is my most pressing concern!" P.S: Please remove weeb stuff, WG. I don't want my wallet to suffer any longer
  4. RurushuVuiBuritania

    Ranked Stars

    I thought Sprint and normal Ranked worked the same way in that regard. You learn something new every day, thanks!
  5. RurushuVuiBuritania

    Ranked Stars

    You get a star for a victory, but you always start with one star when you reach the next rank. So it looks like you gained two.
  6. RurushuVuiBuritania

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    Actually, WG owns everything on your account, even the things you bought. So they reserve the right to change it whenever they feel like it. Fairly certain you can find that in the terms of service or something. Every company likes to protect itself from legal action when they end up doing something questionable.
  7. RurushuVuiBuritania

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got my DD damage record yesterday! I think I am doing really well for a former BB main (and relatively new player). Udaloi is quickly becoming my new favourite ship in the game.
  8. RurushuVuiBuritania

    What is your cursed ship?

    Update on my cursed Kiev: After six straight losses, my lucky seventh game was the best one yet! I should probably mention it was also my first ever draw... So now my winrate is still 0%.
  9. RurushuVuiBuritania

    What is your cursed ship?

    As of tonight, the Kiev. First battle: loss, PR of 2774 Second battle: loss, PR of 880 Third battle: loss, PR of 248... Never have I been astounded more by my own stupidity.
  10. RurushuVuiBuritania

    for about Moskva Camouflage

    Whilst it might be an incredibly bad business practice, they are not in violation of anything. On the contrary, everything on our accounts legally belongs to them, or so I hear and read... I didn't have the camo, so I am grateful for what I got. I do feel sorry for the people that bought it and didn't get their investment out of it before this happened.
  11. Oh no, how terrible! You could just not play T8+ until the Nevsky hype has died down, if it matters to you that much. Not that it is super broken to begin with. Once Petropavlovsk is here, that will become our new favourite vodka flavour of the month.
  12. RurushuVuiBuritania

    Your top 5 most Fun ships

    1. Yamato (duh). She is one of my favorite ships of all time. 46cm guns on a 72,000 ton hull that is amongst the most beautiful ever put to sea. The Power of Amaterasu Incarnate. 2. Giulio Cesare, For her sealclubbing prowess. With dashing Italian good looks. Clubbing with style. And a cool name to boot. 3. USS Missouri. For her mighty American guns and radar that makes all smoke cruisers quake with fear. The ship that ended the Second World War. 4. HMS Nelson. For the sheer joy of having 16-inch guns on a defective hull that has a super heal. And it is an homage to one of the greatest naval commanders of all time. 5. USS Baltimore. Has a special place in my heart for obliterating multiple T10 and T9 battleships with her AP on a do-or-die mission. And THAT hull, as pioneered by USS Wichita. The Mighty Lady from Maryland.
  13. RurushuVuiBuritania

    Team Honor or Glory?

    Honor is temporary and can be set aside. Glory is eternal. 'Nuff said.
  14. RurushuVuiBuritania

    Collector's Club Launch

    Just got mine and I feel like I maybe the one sub-1000 battle player to have it. Yes, I am a premiumboi, next question :)
  15. RurushuVuiBuritania

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    The Russo-Soviet BB look pretty good. Not sure I would have gone with SInop and Kreml though. I would have named them Sevastopol and *insert extremely communist word here*. I think Marx or Engels would have been better than Kreml, but that is just a minor nitpick to a long awaited BB line. I am actually surprised they could find this many sekrit documents. Only Gangut and part of Izmail or Sovietsky Soyuz actually existed. but they look interesting for sure. HMS 'Lenin' looks like one strange creation. Or is it VMF 'Nelson'? As a Nelson lover I am sure I will get along with this one if my wallet finds a way.