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  1. Well, I fully apologize to you personally for not going through the patch notes with a fine tooth comb and suggesting WG might not have announced this CB test correctly. Clearly I was wrong and you are right. Are you ok now?
  2. Yet you started all this with being annoyed at us for wanting WG to be more clear in announcing these things? Take your own advice maybe
  3. I will if WG stops making their announcements filled with so much useless crap images and stuff that literally hurts my eyes. I am not kidding. I cannot read the patch notes without feeling a slight headache afterwards. I'm used to simple text patch notes (like most patch notes on steam for example). I really dislike flashy things, cause it is really distracting. And I most certainly hate having to scroll past 2 images after every paragraph. I often read WGs announcements on reddit actually, cause they often post a simple bulletpoint rundown of things in just plain text.
  4. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Come on now, no need to throw that word around Well we can do asia tomorrow afternoon if people are online. I can be there. It is rather short notice though... Technically I can do NA times as well tomorrow I think. I don't have anything in particular to do on wednesday? Or we skip DnD and play on RU. I know, blasphemy!
  5. Oh ok then Well WG I think your job just got a lot easier, seems you can announce things like clan battles, ranked and the halloween event purely in patch notes from now on. No need for separate articles.
  6. Patch notes should be that... PATCH NOTES Not event announcements.
  7. Yeah, I glanced completely over that in the patch notes as well. Then again I hate the formatting of the patch notes (too much useless animations/graphics), so I barely look at them anyways. Guess I now need to scramble some scrubs together for tomorrow? Or the weekend. Also, we get so many news articles about useless things, yet no article about this test? Good communication, guess you guys really learned a lot these past years. Well, I guess you learned to say "we are learning".
  8. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Loran Dockyards™ (a.k.a. the black hole shipyards) reporting in. Can report succesful launch of ship, leaks were found, holes were filled (giggity). Weight was added. The result you ask? SIR! We've got us a floater!
  9. Loran_Battle

    minimizing chat windows

    I mean, I've only been moaning about the chat system for about 3,5 years now. Guess having a working chat system in a team game with clans is not important right?
  10. Loran_Battle

    minimizing chat windows

    oh yeah... I once (edit: "once" = about once a week this summer if I remember correctly. My clanmates during CBs can probably attest to that) clicked on a ship and suddenly I was converting free xp. If I were to still play this game often enough I would start recording every time I'm in port (I might still do that). Cause the amount of weird things happening in port is kinda amazing. btw, I do NOT run any mods or anything. I do maybe need a fresh install (last was 3 patches ago), but if I need to reinstall the entire game after each patch, there will quickly come a time when I will not reinstall it at all.
  11. Loran_Battle

    minimizing chat windows

    So... anybody else have trouble minimizing chat windows? Cause it seems the button has now been reduced to a single pixel. Sigh... I wish WG would fire the interns that they have working on the UI, I'm so tired of these bugs.
  12. Loran_Battle

    Arms Race - a Failure or not?

    I liked it on principle of it being something else to play. But it not counting for several missions (and also no achievements IIRC?) kinda made me not play it. I'm barely playing the game as is, so I have to be efficient whenever I do play, and playing a mode that does not give me the most progress is a waste of time for me personally. But I felt that especially the gamemode not counting towards the legendary modules, near nobody I know wanted to even try the mode out...
  13. Loran_Battle

    Have you unlocked "Yamamoto Isoroku" and/or ""William Halsey" ?

    Yamamoto I have, but no idea on what ship tbh... I think he's my 2nd yamato captain at the moment? Halsey I am still grinding towards. Only got Yamamoto a few weeks after the introduction of the american campaign. And I haven't been playing that much nor specifically for the campaign. I just let it happen naturally. (Am at the 5th stage with 1 star I think).
  14. Felt like that answer was basically saying "we don't care about tutorials". WG has shown every single time they do NOT want to educate their playerbase in even the most basic stuff. They barely teach you how to sail around and shoot at targets (the ingame tutorial you get when first playing). After that there is no new information whatsoever. I know a few people that have just started the game (along which one guy who works in the industry as a programmer, so he kind of knows some stuff about game-design). Let me say that they are constantly frustrated at how the game does not tell them anything about even the most simple stuff or options. Changing the minimap? Adding last known positions? What is alternative/full mode? Hell they have to even ask me how the captain system works! One of them had a 6 point captain that he grinded up dismissed because he didn't have a free captain slot. He didn't know and didn't know how to fix it at all. And the biggest thing: How do carriers work? What is strafing? What is manual vs auto? TBH, listening to them makes me not be surprised at all that the number of new players is low. The game does not tell you anything really, and I know me helping those new players out a bit answering the most basic questions keeps them from quitting the game in frustration... It saddens me.
  15. Loran_Battle

    WG Get Real

    True, imho it also says something about the differences in skill that both classes require. I mean, you still see people in tier X DDs either not contesting any caps, or if they do, sit broadside inside a smokescreen. Or not know what radar is, so they start screaming hacks if they are spotted in their precious smokescreen (not kidding, the amount of times I get reported for using radar... ugh). Meanwhile the same skill-level BB player is sitting 20km behind everyone else, so he won't die anytime soon. Nor does he really contribute to anything. Meh, I'm just pointing out that for so long we had 5 BBs per side, which is bad for the cruiser players. And why cruiser gameplay has become so "hide behind island" centered. Or "run away and spam from max range". Yet nothing was ever done against it, even though WG even said they thought there were too many BBs. Yet now they suddenly want to restrict DDs to 4 a side, which I agree with. It's just that I feel some bias in the devs here (given their respective reactiontime to the issue). Actually, In my opinion there should be a soft cap of 4 on any class and every game needs a CV as well for that matter. (yeah yeah, I know).