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  1. game failure ?

    good riddance, please let the door hit your backside hard. Would you imagine how people would react if some player from a football match just went "oh no, I don't like this, I'm leaving" at the start of the match.? This people, this is our playerbase.
  2. What is the charge for "Service"?

    This is why WG's intentions with the fixed service costs do not work: how could it when nearly nobody knows about it? Something that is not known among players cannot have an effective change to how those players behave. Never understood that WG does not understand this simply concept. And yes, service costs DO have a reason. If you do nothing in a game, you lose money because of the service costs. Therefore you need to actually participate in the battle! It might even force you to start playing better, because the higher the tier, the more costs and the better you need to play to negate that. It also kind of makes it so that if a battle is lost beyond hope and you are the last person alive, it is detrimental to go into a corner and hide. You gain more by engaging and get some extra damage and therefore credits. Too bad it does not seem to work, since looking at the detailed page is something nobody seems to do. In my opinion the front screen should give you the actual credits earned (or lost).
  3. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Yeah, I said that a week (?) back as well. The bravo teams take the spots of normal clans. That means that if for example 100 clans were typhoon last season, this season it will only be 50 (supposing they all have a bravo team running). I know not everyone does this, but a LOT of clans seem to. Though I like the idea of bravo teams, its implementation breaks the whole clan season's point economy. Combined with the weird MM... Well as I said within our own clan, I am genuinly afraid that CBs will die out if they keep it the way it is now. I know I myself will probably not play the next CBs if nothing significant changes. For me it also feels like there is some major burn-out going around. CBs and Ranked are back to back, so we are playing competitive all year round. And even if you don't play ranked (like me), with all the stuff going on in the game and clan battles generally not counting for any missions, it means I would need to play 6-7 hours on CB days? I also don't get why this clan season is shorter, while it is during summer holidays. A LOT of people are on vacation, so that means we have even less time. Ah well.
  4. Clan battles season 3 rating changes

    Just one point I will make: With the current way MM works and how nobody can progress much, the lower level clans will stop playing alltogether. And if nobody plays CBs anymore, guess what happens. Waiting 2-3 minutes in queue to constantly be matched with a clan higher than you (never lower for some reason) also means that people will just stop playing.
  5. Should 7.8 even be called an update?

    I'd rather see 2-3 patches in a row of bug fixing and optimization then "omg a new premium that is totally OP" or "hey a new line of ships, guess what? Your old ships are now powercreeped" Quality over Quantity. Gameplay and a bugless game over shiny things. But I guess in the current world the shiny things are more important.
  6. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    QUICK, POST PON... CATS! Pocats? Pats? I don't know! but keep posting. AND USE CAPS LOCK FOR COOL MODE!
  7. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    That sounds way too disgusting. I might need to kick you guys now to retain our honor.
  8. Match results delay

    Happens all the time. If you click close on the result screen, the button is on top of the ship selection. So your conqueror might be the ship directly below the "close" button in the result screen. Does not matter if you only clicked once. The UI will sometimes register that as having clicked multiple times. Never click ready untill you can actually see the ship model and check it against what is selected. And in division, always look at which ship is actually readied up, at least that is what I do most of the time. Offcourse sometimes I forget.... Luckily for me most of the time the ship below the "close" button is some tier 1 or 2 ship :), so I can't ready that up in higher tier divisions.
  9. Match results delay

    I wonder if it is related to how for me for example it will refuse to go away sometimes, especially on operations with the stars. And when I click close it also closes the result screen. Maybe some last click at the end of the battle closes the result screen somehow? So it might be the UI just screwing up. Like I can click on some ship in port or the filter and suddenly I'm converting free xp... I am at a point of thinking to record entire sessions and making a video of all the weird stuff that happens in the port UI.
  10. Go Navy is a Fraud

    Yeah Project R was pretty good. It is just that WGEU had their filthy hands on it back then and thought a raffle would be what we wanted... Other than that it was really enjoyable. All the jokes aside, I do think this event is really poorly thought out, I think nearly everyone who paid attention knew what was going to happen. (I didn't myself, because I did not pay attention to the event because I was on vacation, but I simply asked some clanmates what to do). Makes me wonder if WG has really thought things through regarding this event. I mean, I think everyone can agree that the way the event is playing out is not what the intent was behind it. We kinda make a mockery of it really.
  11. Separate Tier 10 from other tiers in battle.

    Im very VERY sure that already exist, At the very least battletier 11 exists, since Ive had several games with no tier 8s in a tier 10 game over the past months. It is just really rare. Seems the MM prefers battletier 10 over 11 (or 12? If that is implemented). What we thus can talk about is why WG refuses to make battletier 11 prefered over battletier 10. It happens too often that only 1 or 2 tier 8 ships are pulled into a near full tier 10 game. edit: btw, I don't play tier 8 ships anymore, nor all of my tier 8 premiums. I might once a week play a tier 8 game with the Hsienyang, which is the only tier 8 ship I need to grind out. I am lucky I am past all the other tier 8s so far (untill the next line, which I might just not do because of it). Why? Well, I don't have recent stats, since I never really play tier 8 anymore, but months back I did keep track, and I was in tier 10 games with my tier 8 ships a nice 63% of the time...)
  12. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Is it bad I'm kinda sad we are past page 100? Then again... this is page 101. Still pretty nice
  13. Operation Narai

    Guess the curse continues. I can't win. Ever. I'm getting really seriously depressed about this. I do 250-300k damage every game. Yet apparently, that is not enough. The playerbase of this game really is special.
  14. Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Well, I have to show I'm a scrub somehow Guess that teaches me to try to post while playing CBs
  15. Clan Leader gone AWOL

    pfff, expecting support to actually read tickets... Like me submitting a bug in CBT and not being able to upload the replay because it was limited to only 2mb and replay files are larger. So I uploaded it and gave them the link. About 4 tickets back and forth of them asking for the replay and me explaining I couldn't upload it (even zipped up) and that I included it in the link... Was kinda the last time I tried to report a bug. (The bug was on Two Brothers, where I beached inside an island if youre curious). Back to the topic... I do think @nambr9 has a point... what if something happens to the clan leader? I mean, deputies can still do stuff I guess, but still. Then again, you can have two clan leaders. I just feel there are certainly situations where the clan leader can't come online anymore and a clan then has a problem.