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  1. Funny, first time I post in some time and the forum derps out on me. Da!
  2. "The change did not have the intended effect" -WG I was only vaguely aware about the planes not spotting torps, I haven't read anything, and I have only played once in 0.8.0 as I'm taking a break from WoWs after burnout from all the directives/PEF/CB/etc. It will always be that the VAST majority of players will have no clue as to the changes in any patch, we on the forum are an outlier in our knowledge of game mechanics. So I'm certain in reality the percentrage of people that don't know about it is larger. There are still enough people that do not know about the fixed service costs for example as Mort jokingly but truthfully says.
  3. Loran_Battle

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    *Taps on shoulder* Need a division mate, I understood you can division with two CVs now Too bad I have to work on thursday and we have our DnD session in the evening... Or we could try multitasking
  4. Loran_Battle

    new rank in clan

    Suggested this numerous times already. For some reason WG doesn't really seem to care about it. What I desperately need is a FC (Field Commander, WoT) rank that does not include being able to invite people. Sounds stupid, but the real stupidity is the combination of the UI and the inclusion of a "invite to clan" option in random battles leading to accidental invites.
  5. Loran_Battle

    Stronghold gamemode for clans like in WOT

    I actually think WG should've started with this instead of clan seasons that are quite limited. And to make a remark towards what is being said by Aragathor, though I do kinda agree with him, I also don't. I think a lot of clans don't participate because of several reasons - Bad MM rules - They are not progressing, thus not getting any rewards, so what is the point? - Clans are really limited in size, I have experience with clans in WoT that had 90+ members and still struggled to get people playing regularly at specific set times. Try that with only 30 players. - Limited to tier X. Not everyone has tier X ships, especially those needed for CBs (CoughdareIsayStalingradcough) I think strongholds might be more effective: it sets a goal for an evening with rewards for it, this way it does not seem an insurmountable hill to climb to play an entire season to only end up in lower storm for example. The tiers 6-8-10 spreads are also pretty good in tanks, because it allows people that just do not have tier X ships (or the credits to play an entire evening for that matter) to just drop down to a lower tier. The amount of people playing is also a factor in tanks, so in lower tier strongholds, you don't need as many players as in tier 8 and again in tier 10 (full 15 players). Again, this helps the lower end clans. In the end the problem with CBs as they are now is that they are solely meant for those that can play in Typhoon and Hurricane. And those clans are few in the whole scope of things. The rest of the clans have no reason to play beyond getting the missions for gale/storm. After that there is no point for them to play any further.
  6. Loran_Battle

    Which game do you go for?

    FTFY I've seen quite a few co-op players that are fully capable of losing against the bots. I agree with you though on it not really improving your game. Then again, if you can't even figure out after 100 games how the bots will move around the map... Let's just say some people are just not capable of learning anything.
  7. Loran_Battle

    Which game do you go for?

    snowflakes SNOWFLAKES having to play 200 or so ships because of snowflakes and minor OCD Often the very first game in a ship, to see what its about Fed up with random playerbase (often much worse than the bots IMHO) Relaxing missions
  8. Loran_Battle

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    I try not to FXP ships. Try being very operative here. I will however never FXP anything without playing it a few times. (I am however always FXPing most if not all modules of a ship, so it is not stock). I ended up using FXP on some ships (though I think I nearly always had the ship 50% unlocked, so never did a full FXP unlock) FdG: Mentioned quite often as I can see. Guess there is a reason... Problem for me comes mostly with the guns not being able to hit... well... anything really. I am still half convinced that there is some hidden parameter we don't know about that makes the FdG guns infinitely worse than those on the bismarck. Second reason for this ship being bad is that the whole secundary build which is really fun on the gnei, bismarck/tirpitz and the GK does not work on the FdG. So you have to grind through it with a build that does not work on it. Monarch: Awful ship somehow. For me the problem wasn't so much the ship itself though. It was the matchmaking. I don't think I ever had a battle in her where I was top tier. And constantly fighting against tier X ships in a mediocre tier 8 ship (that for some dumb reason breaks from the rest of the line's characteristics) is just not how I want to spend my time. Ranger: I have nothing but bad words to say about her, which I will not type here for fear of getting a warning (so deeply bad are my feelings for her). I guess the feeling is exacerbated by me actually liking how it looks and wanting to play it. It never had a decent plane loadout, especially not in the "either fighter or strike" loadout time. Awful. Lexington: Copy-paste Ranger problems, now add tier 8 matchmaking in the mix and there is no point playing this ship. Essex: Oh god, its a patern! Except that it is not. I liked the Essex, but I wanted to unlock the midway for other reasons without having to play CVs (CV rework, steel snowflakes). And I had 1.7m FXP anyways (and all the FXP ships). Colorado: I think I spend some FXP on this one? A long time ago (in a galaxy far... ahum). I just didn't like it being so slow. The ship made me feel like I was never in control of a battle and always running (well... crawling really) after the rest of the team. Yugumo: Snowflakes reasons mostly. Didn't feel like playing the Yugumo, though it is a good ship. Could've kept playing it here and there and unlocking the shima in half a year, but meh. I probably used FXP on some more ships, but these are the ones I can remember. Using FXP is everyones own choice. I would only say that I do not like people buying a tirpitz, playing 100 games in it with 30% winrate and then converting a bunch of FXP to get a tier X ship, in which they consequently.... suck. For the rest, use it all you want, we get so much of it anyways.
  9. Loran_Battle

    Do you find in port GUI even less responsive than usual lately?

    This. Hey at least you didn't spend gold on free xp just by clicking on a ship in the carousel. That ALMOST happened to me a few times (yes, clicking in the bottom of my screen to WGs UI is the same as clicking the right top part...)
  10. Loran_Battle

    Clan Wars: Season 4

    We will see when the CB season data comes out. I am personally expecting a drop in activity compared to the last one, because of the winter holidays. Our clan certainly only played bravo games in the past 2 weeks, since we are missing some key players. My biggest BIGGEST problem still is that they shortened S3 and S4 compared to the first two seasons and I will keep mentioning this. I still feel like WG only wants to focus on ranked and that CB is only implemented "because they must". (point in case: currently there is a ranked season during CBs)
  11. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I added your clan as allies Well Ferry, you know you are welcome to join "The Scrub Community" channel, as are your clanmates. Not like there aren't often more people from other clans in that channel hurr hurr. I still need to come hang out with you guys sometime. December be damned! Making me forget things... In other news. I did some electric work (lighting) on my ship. Much easier to see in the dark though! (well the lights, not the ship...) And for those who like electric porn or gore (depends how you look at it I guess) Did I wish everyone a happy newyear already? Not here I think, so there you go!
  12. Wait, but I can remember it being explained as it works right now? As in the way it works now was what they intended back when they made changes to the bloom mechanics? Am I going crazy? Or is WG again just lying through their teeth. TBH I don't know what's left and right with this company anymore.
  13. Loran_Battle

    Cannot sell stock module

    Ah got it meh, should be made more clear I guess. I've always wondered about it.
  14. Loran_Battle

    Cannot sell stock module

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by it? So if you have something upgraded that cannot be mounted on a lower hull for example, you cannot sell that obsolete hull? That is stupid though? A fully upgraded ship should have its A hulls sellable.
  15. Loran_Battle

    Cannot sell stock module

    Actually there are quite a few ships that you cannot sell the stock modules from. I should make a list someday... Seems to be a bug, been that way for a long time.