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  1. I have a solution. All players that actually like detonations (for some reason some seem to keep defending it) can opt into it and let the rest of us be immune to it I'm baffled people try to defend detonation. It is a bad mechanic. "It barely ever happens" is NOT an excuse, I'm sorry, but it really is not. Murder also barely ever happens or rape or any other bad thing. That does not make it right because it only happens almost never.
  2. Is this the first time you've had this happen? I had it happen the first day after the patch were they introduced this (2 patches ago? Can't remember). Click the anchor button thingy. And yes, it is quite annoying.... No idea why this is introduced.
  3. psa

    Don't forget the most glorious Chat and the ingame search function that cannot find stuff about 50% of the time (even with perfect spelling).
  4. I don't think we are supposed to have a life next to WoWs according to WG... So I have a choice between work and playing CB... I really want to play competitive teams, but I also really want to buy the next premium (or food, ya know).
  5. Although I get what you are saying, this is not how most people look at the game composition. They go "oh dear, do I really have to fight a Yamato in my tier 8 cruiser? Doesn't matter much if that Yamato is the only tier X in that case. So I kinda agree with you, but at the same time I do not at all. Meeting even a single tier X in over 50% of your games I do not find acceptable. Compiling data now btw.
  6. Dude, that was good! And yeah, I wonder if they are working on fixing the server issues of the last few days (or for that matter the past 2 months, we've had this quite a lot lately ingame and on forums. And I know I'm not alone). As for on topic. Read. The. Patch. Notes. Ok... now that is out of the way. Clan Battles are running at the moment. Ranked battles will be back in 2018. This has already been posted by WG on their portal (and the forum) in more than one place.
  7. Hmm, I think I will start collecting data on this again. I've started calling tier 8 the "actually tier 10" tier. But this is still a feeling. A while ago I recorded tier spreads, class spreads and such in every battle. I think I will continue with that (back then it was to see how prominent BBs are... which they are at 40+% over more than 100 games). Anyways, these results are over 32 battles at tier 8 I've played when recording, it is a low sample size though, which is why I want to continue. tier 8 12 37,5% tier 9 2 6,3% tier 10 18 56,3% edit: apparently the forum cannot handle a copy-paste table from excell? mhm
  8. psa

    I've come to expect that on the WoWs forum. Stronkeru Russian Programmink I guess, just like anything else with WG. Am I salty? yeah I guess. I'm just tired of it all.
  9. psa

    Was the same yesterday... could read 3 reddit threads before a single page of the WoWs forum loaded. (And I knew it wasn't my internet, since those reddit pages loaded in 0.1s or less). I heard yesterday the game also has some hickups.
  10. Yeah, I used to try and help people in the game by just stating what they were doing wrong. Nothing negative, just a "hey X, if you shoot AP, you can delete Y in one volley" for example. But since most players respond to that with a "FU, I know what I'm doing you noob", I completely stopped doing that. Yeah, its just the unicums that are toxic... And here on the forums if someone actually asks for help instead of going full retard ranting they always end up being helped by everyone, but that doesn't count right. I was pretty annoyed by that video when i watched it. Notser basically says all unicums are something I cannot type here. And he says we don't want new players to learn anything? Just look around at the forums here, A LOT of us are complaining that this game does not have good tutorials and that new players are left in the dark. Most of us want them to learn. Ugh. He lost all of my respect tbh through that video. It felt like someone said something to him that triggered him and now he is pissed off at everyone. Also regarding builds and consumables... So we are not allowed to laugh at a guy that takes air superiority in his BB "cause he then gets 2 fighter planes"? or the DM player that does not even know what radar is? Or reversed (what happened to me a week ago): get reported by a kagero because you are clearly cheating when using radar. (and I got a lot of stuff thrown at me from him, he was the toxic guy).
  11. Playing some Operations again with the scrubs.... I really miss being able to take tier 5 ships with us. So we only take 5 players instead. Still can't manage to get below 5 stars though
  12. Our CV, NC and montana were afk for the first 4 minutes of the game. Also, I got most xp (only 850?) in a STOCK monarch with a captain that was retraining. Sufficed to say it was one of those games where you kind of just want to press escape, cause its pointless to play on either side.
  13. 0.6.14

    Damn, playing CV in this operation is a big NONO. The bots have insane amounts of AA and their defAA seems to last about a minute. As a CV you are completely useless in this one. GG WG, Year of the CV alright.
  14. Yeah, that was fun. Basically we were in a full [SCRUB] division with 2x Orion and a Nikolai (Aotearas)... (yeah shoot us for trying to have fun for a change). So Ao starts the game in chat with "How do I moev ship?" There were several replies with "w" and such :) Guess they didn't notice the ships nor the clan tags Some complaining as well about how you can be playing a tier 4 without learning how to move
  15. Well I just got reported for using radar on my DM on a kagero. Clearly I was cheating and needed to be reported for it. Seriously, remove this stupid stuff already.