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  1. Dont call GF and mess in the port at the same time

    ^^ Utterly disgusting, selling ships... pfah!
  2. This is why radar ships MUST be balanced by MM

    So... you guys are arguing 4 radar ships vs 0 is ok? And you seriously want to say the team with 0 radar ships can contest caps and fight those with 4 radar ships? Ok... sure....
  3. Nuked by CV - no rewards

    a few days ago i nuked an Izumo from full hp in the first 2 minutes of the game. He had a DM sort of close to him (long range AA was hitting my planes). That DM did not have defAA and he shot down maybe 1 plane... I felt quite sorry for the Izumo and apologized to him when he got angry in chat. But he was nowhere near allies except that DM, and apparently that DM was ... lets say not the brightest player. Though my DM is also not fitted for AA anymore because of clan battles. I've always felt like the MM should make sure there is always one CV present. That way there is more of a reason to spec for AA, because I do understand people not doing that. Game balance man, WG can't do it.
  4. Only glorious RU server counts probably. I don't believe these stats for an instance. My own stats tell me the complete opposite (tier 8v10 = 60%, tier 8v9 = 3%, tier 8v8 = 37%). I've stopped listening to S_Os stats a long time ago. For some reason they never seem to align with the reality ingame on the EU server.
  5. New French Campaign with Aigle needed

    2 points I'd like to make. 1) the way it is written in the post it can be interpreted in 2 ways: either you NEED the aigle, or you don't. If it is a single task you can offcourse ignore it. But it is written very badly IMHO. 2) WG has a tendency to post stuff about campaigns at least a day after they started STILL. We've been complaining forever about it. We have been promised changes AFAIK, but there is still a massive delay.
  6. Błyskawica Game(in the background) play COBI

    Looks cool. Too bad I sold my soul to LEGO. And no they don't do RL War stuff. And I never aged mentally beyond about 15... I just added experience the past 18 years.
  7. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I 'member! I can put you up in snubs for now if you want, that way you can at least get some of the clan bonusses. In any case, join "The Scrub Community" channel. You might recognize some names there :).
  8. TTT on 2nd page? Guys, you need to start posting more ponies! Seems to work for us. Maybe hire @havaduck, he is very effective
  9. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    "Year of the CV" since 2015
  10. WoWs Warpack - Is it legal?

    1) No, its bannable 2) they actually have been banning people for running overlays and stuff. Not sure, don't pay attention to it. 3) Well, I use cheats as well. They are called Eyeballs Mk.1 and Brain.exe. . Seriously, I do not think there are many cheaters in this game. Not from the amount of potatoes that I'm seeing. Aimbotting and such only takes you so far. There is no cheat for positioning and situational awareness or general intelligence.
  11. Wargaming Stronkeru Math

    So.... After playing a bit of Clan Battles today, I noticed something strange in the points counter. And apparently not everyone was seeing the same points as well... Guess the server issues are acting up?
  12. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I will invite you to snubs in a bit then. From there you will become elligible to join either [SCRUB] or [5CRUB] later on.
  13. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Well... I think your sanity might be questionable if one manages to read the entire thread TBH. So I think it will be fine