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  1. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    That was pretty quick. Go Lameoll! welcome! Edit: that looked like I was welcoming Lameoll. My brain is melting since it is >25 degrees... Welcome Metatric!
  2. Port chat ever going to get fixed?

    Sorry to be sceptical Conway, but no. This sounds disingenuous (oh you might think this way for sure). But this has been in the game since closed beta at least and a lot of us have been pointing it out. It is even a kind of running gag among players I know. You really never had time in since closed beta to put even a single dev on it? But the division window was linked to the chat system anyways. And you say that about the UI. I'm not sure you realize we are also talking about the chat system itself. The absolute unreliability of it. The many times where for some reason it is "unavailable" (so much fun when divisioning). But keep ignoring the problems... its probably fine to have a barely working chat system in a MMO. Not blaming you for the devs decisions though. But I remain skeptical of your comment here (party line and such whatnot)
  3. I lost 300 gold because the auto-supply for camoes was auto-selected. Anytime I put something on my ships the checkbox is ON for auto-supply and it therefore requires an ACTION on my side to not have my doubloons drained. No idea why that apparently is not the case for you? I myself found it quite a bit scummy when I noticed I lost gold while playing a ship without any notice at all!
  4. I can't understand why they won't just make fire and flooding chance to allies 0%... Or is this too much logic for WG to handle?
  5. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Certainly possible! If you don't mind you can join snubs for now and after like two weeks you should be elligible to join scrubs itself :). (This is an internal rule after some earlier problems). In any case you are always welcome to join the ingame channel regardless. Just search for "The Scrub Community" channel ingame (case sensitive). Trouwens, meer nederlanders is altijd goed! gheghe.
  6. Port chat ever going to get fixed?

    Well Ao, since its been about 3 years without any change, I wouldn't hold my breath. Its more important for WG to make something new and dazzling than fixing stuff that should've been fixed back in Beta...
  7. I'm back but...

    Why would you EVER prefer the WoT version? Have fun needing to play 100 games with your terribad crew PER SHIP before it reaches 100% while having slower reload, less accuracy, etc. And then play another 500 to finally get sixth sense (which is free in this game! thank the lord!). No, I will quit playing WoWs (and I imagine a lot of players will) if they ever implement a crew system similar to WoT. I've tried getting back into WoT (I have 18+k battles there) and try the new tanks, but I can't since even starting with a 75% crew is horrible and I don't have the time to level them up all the way untill I get sixth sense. For the rest of it... Seems you need to go watch some tutorials. 1) It is not like WoT is so forthcoming with information on what and how you can pen stuff. You kinda need to figure that out yourself as well. And believe me when I say WoWs is a LOT easier in that regard as well. 2) Ships were as they were. It is not like in real life they could just willy nilly remove and add guns, torpedoes and the like. There are some ships that have options though. Also, BALANCE is a thing? 3) yeah, though I would like to have more flexibility in flight decks, there would need to be some HEAVY restrictions on this. As dCK_Ad_Hominem above said: imagine CVs with TBs only. Or only fighters... Please no.
  8. Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    Oh god, I'm with you! ... 20k to go for the GK. I'll be glad when the pain is over (that is with using the camoes with +400% and +200% xp). Izumo is not the best, but it is not the worst either. At least the guns are good, which is what you absolutely cannot say about the FdG. And doing damage is the most important thing (as a BB). Tanking is also not possible on the FdG, since any shell that hits you pens, so even while angled your superstructure still eats 15k damage on a volley... Meanwhile even at <10km range your secundaries are generally more accurate than your main guns! Ugh *rant rant*. The Izumo is a weird ship, forget turret #3 and only use it when you are not being shot, stay at range as well and close to some AA support (a US BB or some cruisers *coughdivisioncough*). I can't remember having that much problem with the Izumo compared to the FdG. The Iowa was an absolute breeze in comparison though, And the Alsace and Lion seem to be good ships as well (not played them yet, or at least not a lot).
  9. Why messages have no history?

    I don't know about you guys, but for me the biggest annoyance is that it is inconsistent. One day in clan chat I can read all that was said the day before, the other day I can't even read what was said 5 minutes ago. Never mind that chat seems to randomly delete itself after battles. I've been complaining about this since CBT... so years... but WG does not even acknowledge the issue. For me it is also annoying since sometimes people message me ingame with questions about joinin the clan. But the only thing I see in port is that someone send a message, the message itself is gone... Ah well...
  10. Torpedo dud

    go play DDs for half a year, then come back.
  11. Torpedo dud

    oh, that must be why DDs torp average damage stats are always lower than any other class and only have hit percentages of about 10%... wait...
  12. Dunno, bots are generally as good or even better that the average player
  13. Division window in port

    I still think they had a few interns working on this and for some reason it ended up in the game (I also blame vodka). But they won't change it for at least 1 year.... thats about the turnaround for WG admittiing mistakes.
  14. [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Bit late, but what the hell.
  15. Also never sell any ships! A code I live by :) Although I'm slightly torn on this one, I barely ever play my Alabama anyways.... If only there was a tier 8 scenario :D