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  1. Yeah well, They obviously want to nerf smoke. For that I must say WG is doing this perfectly as always (one hopes they would actually be this cunning in their ideas about balance, but so far no dice). They propose the absolute worst solution first, let it leak. Then everyone starts raging about it and we get some other proposals. Then WG changes it slightly (or supplants another change, which is still the same nerf in a differnt form) and says: "look, we did listen". Meanwhile the thing is still nerfed and people aren't angry anymore, because it is not the same nerf as before. My problem with this is that the nerf in question is not needed in ANY form. Not untill other much bigger problems are fixed first. Oh and also people have said that "they will compensate with buffs". No they won't, they have never done so before.
  2. most so-called hacks are in fact nothing more then "that guy plays better then me, therefore he is a cheater". One of the only mods I consider bad is the one that tells you where shells will land. Any other (like aim-assist) barely gives any real advantage or is easily negated by using the following true hacks: brain.exe and WASD haxorz. Also using those aim assists are quite surely a one-way ticket to being permabanned (if they even work at all, most of them are spy-ware/mall-ware/virusses, so I really hope people that actually want to cheat use those). Since I was just reading a funny thread on reddit about a guy saying someone was cheating because he "hit him while on the move", I must add one last thing. I wish WG would finally realise that EDUCATING the playerbase will stop most of these BS threads quite easily. But this is probably in vain, WGs answer to the absolute garbage level of players is to dumb the rest of the game down to their level, instead of telling them how the game works. Ah well.
  3. Ah, I was wondering when they were going to nerf smoke. We can't have a patch without nerfing everything that is not a BB (and buffing BBs while we are at it). Good balancing comrade! Seriously, I might just completely leave this game if WG keeps this up. I think they truly want 50+% BB population and damn the consequenses!
  4. B-B-But... It is now an Off-Topic post. So, where can I get me some of these quality TTT hags?
  5. Looks legit Ah man, this is one of the most fun threads to read on this forum. Just don't mind me, I'll be licking that window in the corner...
  6. 1) The bots are stronger/better than the normal PVE bots 2) most people saying the operations are easy are playing in full (clan) divisions. 3) Operations seem to be very difficult for random players... Though in my opinion anyone with a single braincell should be capable of getting 5 stars. It involves mostly pressing a few keys: WASD and left mouse button.
  7. Yeah, I found this operations the most boring. If you know what you are doing half the game you are just waiting for either more spawns or untill the ranger finally decides to move. The Newport operations was the most interesting IMHO and actually took a bit of work.
  8. testing? You can buy it in the shop... Probably someone who never played CV before and bought it.
  9. Ok. The scrubs tried this. On the first two tried we got 5 stars, so we thought we must be doing something wrong. So we all died and Gene even got the "will to live" achievement by dying. We were carried to a win with 4 stars by the ranger. Don't know if we can do better then that
  10. For some reason WG hates tutorials or educating their playerbase in general. Cause we wouldn't want the general public to know anything.
  11. Well, we do know that WG tends to not actually look at things or run it normally before making it publicly available... If it resembles something working, it is ok. Must be "russian" standards.
  12. I am sure it is partly because we need to get used to it and we don't like changes. But: - gone is facepalm and trollface... - cannot see who liked your post - Polish announcements on top ALL the time. - Do you see this editing where an enter is actually 2 enters, just like in microsoft word? I absolutely hate that kind of style. Too much space. And these are from just looking at it for 1 minute. I will add anything I see in the coming days as I'm sure I will find more weird stuff. Typical WG: fixing that what doesn't need fixing.
  13. insanity. Why weren't you banned for cheating afterwards!
  14. So, since we are utter scrubs and found out that playing in a full division is not enough. We went in with 3 DDs, 3 BBs and a CV. We were joined by the 4th DD, who offcourse charged straight in . The results are included. We are now trying Aegis with 3x shino and 4x graf spee.... we shall see...
  15. I once (not too long ago) got reported and called a cheater because I evaded all torps from some IJN DD while in a BB. He was dumbfounded that none of his torps hit and convinced that therefore I was cheating... Ah the general population of this game is so bad its laughable.