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  1. Loran_Battle

    WG's event at the Dutch naval history museum

    I am probably going to be there I wish there was a way to ping all scrubs here on the forum at the same time... ? Anyway, would be nice to shake some forumite hands! BTW, that moment when gamescon was a 1 hour drive away (about 100km), but google maps says Den Helder is 250km away and over 3 hours....
  2. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    THE END HAS COME! PANIC! I mean, I finished my Zuikaku model... I will make another video using all the pictures I have made over the past 2 years and talk about how everything got made and such whatnot... I've also TOTALLY NOT started on my next 2 (!) models.... Oyodo and Yahagi (Agano-class)
  3. Loran_Battle

    EU server outage

    Exit game, wait a few (5) minutes, loggin again. That fixed it for me. For now anyways.
  4. Loran_Battle

    EU server outage

    Yup. we can't play CBs atm, since we have no chat system. Please remind me why the division system is linked to the chat system like this again? Most BRILLIANT plan WG ever had... sigh.
  5. Loran_Battle

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Did you get permission by @Live85 to make fun of his pasta country? That being said... FINALLY, pizza/pasta cruisers! Been looking forward to especially the Zara for quite a long time. Now only for the Dutch Cheese Ships to arrive and I will maybe consider grinding through a new tree again
  6. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Time for me to SHITPOST! Well rather give an update on Loran's Black Hole Shipyard™. Been doing basically two things this vacation: having no life due to Benham grind (WG plz...), and working to finish my Zuikaku model after over 2 years... First of all my work in progress B5N2 "kate": There's gonna be 2 of these, one "landing" and one on that elevator in this picture. Might do a third inside the hangar forward of the elevator, depends if you can really see it (need to check first, there is lighting in there). I am not sure what my last overview picture was, but I'll post the one from 19th of april. Not much has changed since then, except internally and with the little crafts (which all have canvas covers now). The smokestacks are installed as well at the moment. Last but NOT LEAST, I've been working on getting the ship RC working finally. And it was a succes. Maybe a few more weeks (hopefully 2) and it should be up and running! will certainly make a video of it racing around on some local lake!
  7. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    I haven't 3D printed whole ships Ao... yet... Hm, I guess I need to come online sometime to talk to Tolos about new recruits that are popping up Also, since I haven't posted here for some time. And someone needs to push back against the ponies (after even 40k wouldn't help haha). Black Hole shipyards (nope, didn't forget that one) reporting in: And some more detailed pics:
  8. Loran_Battle

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Ah taking a break from WoWs is so nice if I'm honest. At least I can say this:
  9. Funny, first time I post in some time and the forum derps out on me. Da!
  10. "The change did not have the intended effect" -WG I was only vaguely aware about the planes not spotting torps, I haven't read anything, and I have only played once in 0.8.0 as I'm taking a break from WoWs after burnout from all the directives/PEF/CB/etc. It will always be that the VAST majority of players will have no clue as to the changes in any patch, we on the forum are an outlier in our knowledge of game mechanics. So I'm certain in reality the percentrage of people that don't know about it is larger. There are still enough people that do not know about the fixed service costs for example as Mort jokingly but truthfully says.
  11. Loran_Battle

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    *Taps on shoulder* Need a division mate, I understood you can division with two CVs now Too bad I have to work on thursday and we have our DnD session in the evening... Or we could try multitasking
  12. Loran_Battle

    new rank in clan

    Suggested this numerous times already. For some reason WG doesn't really seem to care about it. What I desperately need is a FC (Field Commander, WoT) rank that does not include being able to invite people. Sounds stupid, but the real stupidity is the combination of the UI and the inclusion of a "invite to clan" option in random battles leading to accidental invites.
  13. Loran_Battle

    Stronghold gamemode for clans like in WOT

    I actually think WG should've started with this instead of clan seasons that are quite limited. And to make a remark towards what is being said by Aragathor, though I do kinda agree with him, I also don't. I think a lot of clans don't participate because of several reasons - Bad MM rules - They are not progressing, thus not getting any rewards, so what is the point? - Clans are really limited in size, I have experience with clans in WoT that had 90+ members and still struggled to get people playing regularly at specific set times. Try that with only 30 players. - Limited to tier X. Not everyone has tier X ships, especially those needed for CBs (CoughdareIsayStalingradcough) I think strongholds might be more effective: it sets a goal for an evening with rewards for it, this way it does not seem an insurmountable hill to climb to play an entire season to only end up in lower storm for example. The tiers 6-8-10 spreads are also pretty good in tanks, because it allows people that just do not have tier X ships (or the credits to play an entire evening for that matter) to just drop down to a lower tier. The amount of people playing is also a factor in tanks, so in lower tier strongholds, you don't need as many players as in tier 8 and again in tier 10 (full 15 players). Again, this helps the lower end clans. In the end the problem with CBs as they are now is that they are solely meant for those that can play in Typhoon and Hurricane. And those clans are few in the whole scope of things. The rest of the clans have no reason to play beyond getting the missions for gale/storm. After that there is no point for them to play any further.
  14. Loran_Battle

    Which game do you go for?

    FTFY I've seen quite a few co-op players that are fully capable of losing against the bots. I agree with you though on it not really improving your game. Then again, if you can't even figure out after 100 games how the bots will move around the map... Let's just say some people are just not capable of learning anything.