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  1. Kalybeos

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    That sums it up pretty nicely, it gets problematic though when not using IFHE, since there are a lot of armour layouts using 32mm. I think it was 38mm for the USN BBs btw. Still Thracen should go and have a look himself, IMHO it allways helps to figure out stuff for yourself rather than just get the information chewed and fed for you.
  2. Kalybeos

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    The pen value for the 180mm guns HE should be 30mm (180mm / 6) and 39mm with the IFHE skill (+30%) You should keep those numbers in mind, go check the tech tree and have a look at the armor model for the ships that you face in T9 matchups. You'll easily figure out where you can do damage and where not, fireing HE.
  3. Well lets say they brought the Detection Range down to 12,8Km, with Camo and CE Skill, you could get a Detection Range of 10.6Km. So rather than giving this Ship a Stealth Buff, they went for a Range Buff. seems fine to me, no?
  4. Kalybeos

    Stuck at Loading when logging in.

    A Workaround that helped me, in case your Problem hasn't gone away by now: Go to your WoWS folder and look for the file "scripts_config.xml", which you will find in the "res" folder. For me, that path looks like this: D:\Games\World_of_Warships\res\scripts_config.xml You should be able to open this file with the standart Editor/Notepad. When you have it open, it will look like this: The interesting Line here is: <Dock3D>true</Dock3D> Instead of "true" write "false", save the file but don't close the Editor. When you load the game now, your port will look like a mess, since it and the ship models won't load. Go ahead and select any other ship than the Submarine and close the game. Go back to the Editor and change "false" back to "true", save the file and restart your game. Hope that works for you too.
  5. Kalybeos

    Yamato detonated by torpedo hit to CITADEL. Bug or hack?

    I once got detonated in a full health Ishizuchi by a stray BB HE Shell that hit the Flag at the very end of my ship.... Maybe your Engine Compartement exploded? (As far as I know, when it comes down to Detonations, it's all about RNG.) Maybe some else can shed more light onto this.
  6. Kalybeos

    Nagato- Useless.

    Im kinda baffled that you still didn't realise you're quoting OP from over a year ago and missed the necro, allthough people above even talked about it.... @OinkMooBaa I also just got recently to the Nagato, and so far I play her with mixed feelings. As Ferry_25 above mentioned, best treat her like a super heavy cruiser, dont get yourself trapped in situations without a way out, and get her guns working, cause when they connect, they deal a fair amount of damage (What annoyed me with the Fuso was a tendency to bounce her shells due to the smaller caliber).
  7. AFAIK, when you click the Chatbox, there should appear a little Icon that lets you disable Chat. Not at home at the moment, so I can't say for sure. Edit: Pictures
  8. Kalybeos

    Horns of a dilemma

    Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to play a bit with the japanese and american CL/CAs, since the french cruisers seem to be very close to those, if what is flying around the web to be trusted about those ships ;)
  9. Kalybeos

    New SN DD's: something realy wrong here?

    When it comes to chance of setting fires, you may want to have a read on this: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  10. Kalybeos

    PETITION: leave all T+2 battles on entering...

    Wouldn't it be more like, who ever gets to be top tier gets some feebies, since the -2T will have left the Battle? Could be beneficial for russian DDs, since they have the speed to get quickly to the other side and dispose of the AFKs.
  11. Kalybeos

    Disable "Armament locked..." text

    Morning, that was a weird one, was 100% sure there was something about this in the Control section of the settings, but maybe it got removed ?! Anyways, went into training room and the key combination to activate the armament lock ist SHIFT+X Guess you activated it accidently while switching target As for the chat, I don't think there is something to change settings for this in game yet. You may how ever have a look in the mod section for this game or for example Aslains WoWS Modpack, there should be mods that deal with the HUD in general, and maybe one that deals with the Chat Window too. Cheers, Kalybeos
  12. Kalybeos

    Single player mode

    Awww, and here I thought someone would come up with good Ideas for a single player campaign
  13. Kalybeos

    Karma number

    Personally I'd like a mix of our current Karma System and the Compliment System that I encountered in Star Conflict, back in the day when I was still playing it. In SC, after every match, you get 1 (one) vote to pass for a compliment towards any player directly on the scoreboard (with a little thumbs up icon). The profile of every player showed those points accumulated over time with two counters: One were compliments gathered from your own team, the other were compliments from the opposing team. Both came with a little bit of flavor text. If we would tweak our Karma system a little, like lets say: - Its possible to have negative Karma - You can gain or loose a max of one Karma per match - If you get multiple Compliments per match, they're all accumulated - Division members cant give Compliments to each other - Your own actions reflect upon your Karma Score (giving a compliment raises your Karma by one point, handing in a Report lowers it by one) - Everyone gets one Point every match for an Compliment or Report, This would turn the Karma Score into something more Karma'ish. We can keep the Karma Score for the Player itself, so he has an angle on his relation to the playing community, plus we would have the accumulated Compliment Points that give something to show for others. What do you lot think?
  14. Kalybeos

    Sick of cruisers firing at battleships only.

    I played a few games with the Atlanta myself, and to be Honest with you, I'd rather go for targets that I actually have a fair chance of hitting. If a DD pops up at my max range, just dont bother if there are better Targets to hit in range, that are less likely to evade your shots. Keep in mind that Atlantas shells hang in the air for like up to 14 seconds on max range (around 13km) if I remember correctly, and a DD spotted at that range will be probably not be braindead enough to keep on going straight for so long. BBs on the other hand.... Maybe not Braindead, but slow moving, big targets, that dont evade your shells that easily. If the DD is close enough, so that I dont have to give two screens lead in max zoom while playing a Cruiser (Over exagerating) he'll be a priority target for sure.
  15. Kalybeos

    Escort speed

    I allready see myself parked in the middle of nowhere, beeing shelled by everybody, cause I was tunnelvisioning while the guy I followed parked behind an island Edit: But basically I like the idea, since I play a lot in divisions and sometimes it is a hassle to communicate the speed changes and such.