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  1. _Mad_Thom_

    Introducing Discord Drops

    @bloodminister This is what I am currently getting when I click on the Authenticate Now! link.
  2. _Mad_Thom_

    Introducing Discord Drops

    @bloodminister I have followed the instructions but I have not received the mission. Perhaps there is something I am missing. Our clan leader has also not received it.
  3. _Mad_Thom_

    PSA : New Amazon Prime loot

    Have they changed the Prime Rewards news article then? It says 24% chance of 5 days of Premium (plus the 100% chance of 5 days). https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/prime-gaming-random-reward-iii/
  4. _Mad_Thom_

    PSA : New Amazon Prime loot

    You get the 5 days of Premium PLUS one of the other rewards.
  5. _Mad_Thom_

    PSA : New Amazon Prime loot

    I finally had some luck and got the Alabama.
  6. _Mad_Thom_

    page on which you can get a code for gift in WoW :)

    Says on website that all codes have been used, so I guess that is the end of it.
  7. _Mad_Thom_

    page on which you can get a code for gift in WoW :)

    They got a username I don't use elsewhere and an email address I seldom use.
  8. _Mad_Thom_

    page on which you can get a code for gift in WoW :)

    Thanks! Nine crates and a day of Premium for existing players.
  9. Had @BlueMerry on my team in ranked. Sorry to see him posting homophobic comments.
  10. _Mad_Thom_

    Spring Bundles in the Armory

    Bought the first 6 bundles. Spent about €3 worth of gold (894 gold). That's 7 days Premium, 6 crates and 3 camos. Figuring I got lot of gold from Ranked and crates, seemed like a decent deal. I will probably get the 7th bundle if I fall short of completing the Italian Destroyers collection.
  11. I use the Damage Meter mod from the WoWs Modstation. Since the last update I don't seem to be able to adjust the panels position and the "damage received" panel was moved itself to an awkward position. I have tried disabling mods that might be affecting Damage Meter but no luck. Anyone know if this is a problem with the mod or perhaps its interaction with another mod? Also, I was having problems with the wake of ships in battle looking like blocks of shaving cream. Disabling the Torpedo Trails v1 fixed this, so there seems to be a problem with that mod as well.
  12. I understand that the Moskva has been converted into a submarine.
  13. _Mad_Thom_

    Game Settings Explained

    Aren't you a clever boy!
  14. _Mad_Thom_

    Game Settings Explained

    Well done. I had always wondered about so many of the options in Settings.
  15. _Mad_Thom_

    If there was a mode without CVs....

    Another anti-CV circle jerk, with all the usual suspects. Don't you guys ever get tired of beating the dead horse, even after it has putrified, become desicated, and is a just a stain in the road? Aircraft carriers will still be a feature of World of Warships long after you all have moved on. Stop the incessant whining please. Thank you.