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  1. Somilica92

    When can we expect yoshino ?

    Yeah maybe, ill buy once in a while the 12 euro package for signals, others wise i dont have enough to sustain.. but maybe i dont play enough.
  2. Somilica92

    When can we expect yoshino ?

    That is only true for the players that have an almost unlimited stock of 300xp flags and or special signals that give free xp. And free xp flags arent easy to come by if you dont buy them directly from the premium shop.
  3. Somilica92

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    It is a underperforming ship. People that say it is not the case clearly don't know what they are talking about Watch the reviews, look at the numbers and breakdowns.
  4. Somilica92

    Azuma – Irregular “Big” Cruiser 

    wargaming is so afraid of releasing ships these days. It is a package of compromises, just like politics, a mixed bag that isn't good for anyone sadly. Please Wargaming, grow a pair.
  5. Hello, would love to join, let me know if i can :)
  6. Somilica92

    New MM

    i had the opposite experience, and there is already a topic about this subject. matchmaking isnt a easy fix, its a complicated thing like the time when you're playing and rng ofcourse.
  7. Somilica92

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    They wont nerf the ship, it is to late for that. and yes it has good concealment , but you wanna use the guns on it right? so the concealment isn't that big of a deal
  8. Somilica92

    Suggestion about player base and customization options.

    I think the matchmaking is already fragile how it is, and adding wont help it i think. Maybe if we had a bigger playerbase like wot it would work.
  9. Somilica92

    Suggestion about player base and customization options.

    yeah calling devs incompetent is really improving the game. a game like wows is always evolving and changing, the game will be just fine.. and if you really dont like it i would suggest to leave, or atleast make some proper suggestions without throwing insults around. this suggestion will totally wreck the game --Substitute meaningless " report" with an option to "exclude" meaning that after the game, if people have performed badly by points i.e. are in lower 1/2 by performance we, if we chose to, should have option to click on name and "exclude" player, meaning we never play in same team with this player. -- everyone will probably use that option and the matchmaking as a result cant make proper matches anymore. i see loads of these topics, like fix this do this, nerf or buff this. But most people dont even know what they are talking about, like game design and sometimes game knowledge. Or people simply taking over a streamers opinion, or they just saw 1 ship performing 1 match very well and call it op or weak.
  10. Somilica92

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    im having good times in my tier 8's most of the time top tier here. it also really depends on the time you play, there has to be enough tier 8's playing ofc. or maybe i was just lucky with rng, who knows..
  11. Somilica92

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    It does indeed, lets take for example Paysafecard, every kid can buy that at the gas station.
  12. Somilica92

    wows listen to players ?

    They listen to players, and if you think otherwise than you dont follow the blogs and changes in the comming updates. Most cry baby's on the forum arent informed enough. And lots of them just wanna bash wargaming without doing some proper research about the complaint in qeustion. I'm sure there are some exceptions.
  13. Somilica92

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    In our country {the netherlands} it is forbidden. For example we cant buy loot boxes in war thunder. And that will happen in wows also soon. More country's should follow this example in my opinion.
  14. Somilica92

    Who will be able to afford new "Bourgogne" for 30.000 Steel?

    What is this bs? you don't know anything about those steel prizes, you will gain probably a very low steel amount from those events.
  15. indeed, everyone thinks everyone has 300m credits and 1mill free xp, comon guys f** off. we aren't all veteran players with 10k battles. And even if we are, its not the reason for wargaming ''inflation'' they just want you to pay more for the free xp. If you dont see that.. then .. yeah.