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    Cheers Sharana
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    Ya, the math isnt the hardest part. It's just that it would be nice if those parameters were already in-game.
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    Captain Skill - Situation Awareness what do the colours mean?

    I recon it has something to do with beeing spotted and/or not within firing range of the vessel spotting you
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    I am the proud owner of the tier VIII premium IJN cruiser "Atago". This fast, light cruiser kinda depends on its stealth sometimes so i wanted to buff the camo. I was glad that with open beta in rank 8, there was camo consumables available. Also I invested 2 million credits into concealment system modification 1. Now, as I'm sure the actual mechanics already take account with these consumables, the numbers in port remain the same. They don't change. And you can imagine how I would like the have the numbers correct to be able to adjust my tactics on that. When unlocked I'd like to add a commanderskill regarding this as well. Can anyone tell me how I can get the numbers right? Or do i have to wait for WG to patch it someday?
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    Scout planes..

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    Carrier "Balance"

    I think as a CV player, it can be frustrating if you encounter CV's of a higher tier in the enemy team. there's just no way to win.