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    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Operation Hermes - The M of Thunderstorm Front is cropped to a new line - The operational details (name of the ship) at the top left of the screen does not match the spelling above the ship in game - Thunderstorm... the dispersion increase imo is a good idea, but perhaps tone it down a little. The graphics in the storm are very good French battleships and their performance in game - The disparity in dispersion values up the line is too exaggerated imo. Especially between tiers 8 and 9, and then 9 to 10. It's as if the tier 9 is American and all the rest are German French Campaign - It's another campaign with more rewards. How can anyone argue against that? Jean-Jacques Honoré doesn't have a rank in the port Game issues - The FPS in game is jumping around quite considerably in this patch. It has been almost unplayable in the evenings - The number and frequency of lag spikes seems to be increasing