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  1. Kpt_Silas

    Anyone know why they made the ARP ships premiums?

    I know, the rng was awful and it was basically made you to hunt blindly any RU ship in battle. At that time, it was considered indane grind, well if we would knew what will come one day :D
  2. Kpt_Silas

    Anyone know why they made the ARP ships premiums?

    Seem it might be time to dust all of them and build them properly :D My my, it brings out memories when I was willing to go through insane grinds :D Guess it is time to take Nachi for a spin :D
  3. Kpt_Silas

    christmas gifts in 2018 / 2019

    Just stop trying, it is Milan, he is well known to be oblivious to facts :) just do not feed him any responses as he will not have anything to argue about ;)
  4. Kpt_Silas

    1vs1 Ranked Sprint Tirpitz best setup?

    I had full IFHE build and ranked out without any big issue. Chceck flamu, he put build on yt, he basically switched AFT for RPF which was, to be honest, useful for 1v1
  5. Kpt_Silas

    What "rare" ships do you have ? And how did you get them ?

    Kami R I grinded, Belfast and Guilio I bought with hard cash :D as well as Kutu :) Missouri, musashi simply fxp ;) Kami and Imperator dropped from santa crates 2 years ago I think. And Arkansas for betatesting. Not sure if there are any other “rare” ones i do not have apart from Fujin, Enterprise and Gremy ;)
  6. Kpt_Silas

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    Tirpitz i forgot to put i there abd then i thought i edited it, pribably not saved changes :)
  7. Kpt_Silas

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    I went with my Tirp troll IFHE build and so far no lose, truth is that i faced only one kagero, rest were bbs, who were playing exceptionally poorly. But i had lot of fun, i hope i will just not meet any CVs, especially Elerazer (sorry for butchering it :D, but I just cannot remenber it)
  8. I cant get anything else thab WV from it :D But nice thing to get.
  9. Kpt_Silas

    Explain to me how Sinop is considered OP?

    And one and only constant in all those games were...
  10. Kpt_Silas

    Explain to me how Sinop is considered OP?

    I do not think she is lacking. I had only 8 games in random with her + couple dozens in ranked, and I did not found her bad. Tanky when angled properly, blapped when broadside (all bbs should be lile that), with correct dmg con usage it is resistant against HE. AP has owermatch, and very good accuracy around 13km, above that it is still decent. Most likely it just does not suit you playstyle. Sorry that screen is in two pieces, but i am on phone.
  11. Kpt_Silas

    More fire or more pen for HE atlanta?

    Well bb’s are most appealing target to any Atlanta. Slowest and biggest of the targets, easiest to hit with those slow shells, and what you can do to colorado or other t7 bbs with IFHE is not nice. Ifhe introduction made Atlanta so much more comfortable to play, as you are much more than minor annoyance to your main threat. + add the fact that bbs are most played class and usually there is 1/3 of the team just bbs.
  12. Kpt_Silas

    More fire or more pen for HE atlanta?

    Fires are very situational. If rng does not love you, you will not set them, if target is on fire, you will not set them. On the other hand, with better pen, you can reliably damage most of the ships you encounter and believe me, targets will melt, especially cruisers. I have Ifhe atlanta since if he was introduced and i would not change ;)
  13. Kpt_Silas

    Idea for reimplamantation of the IJN Kitakami

    Well, after torpbeats event and rogue wave event, Return or the Kitakami event with battle roayale, kitakami only, TrB...can you imagine the sheer amount of fishes? but i would leave Team damage for that event, for maximum Kitakami experience
  14. Kpt_Silas

    Arrogant ships...make Arrogant Players

    Well there must be something to punish all those CV peasants.
  15. Kpt_Silas

    Decrease accuracy in smoke

    Well since flood now does as much dmg as one fire, why would you fear it, other than when on low health? There were times when flood without dmg-con was death or huge chunk of your hp, nowadays, it is just minor annoyance and much harder to stack, unlike fire.