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  1. Kpt_Silas

    What's the Secondary Build?

    Do not have Massa, but unlike germans, she has several things which helps her to do secondary spec much more viable - accuracy of secondaries, reload of secondaries, faster heal and reparir. Germans on the other hand, must heavily invest almost all points into secondaries, to make them workable (ifhe on top for maximum meme farming) but then they are very fragile in survability bracket. And Mikasa, that might be good only by farming noobs or bots, but getting into 3 km with that brick, that is just pure pain.
  2. Kpt_Silas

    What's the Secondary Build?

    Basically it is currently good for memes, apart Pommern, that thing has main battery just for occasional spray and pray :D but those secondaries can be mean :D But on other hand, sevondary specced BBs are currently most fun you can have with your pants on, until fun police arrives :D
  3. 181 ships - 104 premiums plus several reward ships. 🤔 more prems than o expected
  4. Kpt_Silas

    Reported for playing CVs

    Yes of course, very hard to learn. So fact that with RTS CVs i was below average, not even able to go past t6 as i was liability to my team, but after rework i am suddenly very good at cvs as per stats and easily able to go through cv line twice, able to hold my own or even carry team.
  5. Since I got mortars, I am enjoying mode a lot :D that things are broken as hell. Basically you can 1v1 any other player, with some buffs, no issue to go even against div. Speedboos helps to keep distance from Gales or to get in range where 500 m/s velocizy means nothing, but hitting 36 shells with 2400k base dmg and 100 mm pen destroys any other player :D I feel kinda filthy :D
  6. Kpt_Silas

    Big Hunt Builds you have enjoyed

    Valkyrie with mortars is mental :D it has slow reload and dmg against npc is sometimes really low, but things you can do with it to other players are brutal. Especially if you manage to buff dmg and reload. I once shaved 20k from other player by one salvo. Best teaming up with at least one other player to increase firepower and hp. But my winrate went up as other players are biggest threat. I am going with speedboost so i can get closer/run away and he secondaries, 9 km range is no joke. Ramming hull currently as it can help as a last resort, if you know other player does not have imunity consumable, or used it already
  7. Kpt_Silas

    Event - Ship ugrades: are they all good?

    Well i have so much fun with basic hull. That rammibg bonuses together with 100+ knot boost helped me to kill some unexpecting players :D
  8. Kpt_Silas


    I must say, I enjoyed Iowa a lot. More than Monty I must say 🤔 She performed quite well for me. Fast, reasonably agile and those 406 would smash broadsides like there is no tomorrow ;) And with that improved heal she has now. If i would not have Big Mo and was not thin on credits when regrinding US BB line, I would keep her :)
  9. Kpt_Silas

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    1500 steel, 25 basilisk flag, 15000 coal, Graff Zeppelin, 50 union jack camo, 50000 k fexp, 50 type 59 camo. Approx 14 tx ships left :)
  10. Kpt_Silas

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    So just oppened first 4 I got for aniversary. 1500 steel 25 basilisk flag 15000 coal Graff Zeppelin :D aaaan anither 17 TX to go :D
  11. Kpt_Silas

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    Thx I must have stepped in some poop or what :D kast lucky thing was Alabama for 1500 when there was those random bundles and she popped as a first one :D
  12. Kpt_Silas

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    Opened 4 so far, 1500 steel, 25 bazilisk, 15000 coal and Graff yzepelin :D
  13. Kpt_Silas

    Asymmetric Battles?

    I would love to see 2 Sinop, atlanta, and lets say Z39 (or whaever that number is) vs 8-10 kamikazes :D
  14. Kpt_Silas

    kamikaze & fujin owners pls look here

    Kami R from event, Kami from santa crate. Since I am not playing tier 5 much lately, did not touch them for couple of months :)
  15. Kpt_Silas

    Anyone know why they made the ARP ships premiums?

    I know, the rng was awful and it was basically made you to hunt blindly any RU ship in battle. At that time, it was considered indane grind, well if we would knew what will come one day :D