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  1. FredKarno

    [SO_LO] Solo Clan for Loners

    I have sent and application in game. I would offer further information but I can't be bothered, which I hope illustrates that I have the right qualifications.
  2. FredKarno

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    The lawyers will feed at the trough of whether it is lawful but it is a no-skill game of chance for less than money, for temporary, privileged access to some numbers on a spreadsheet somewhere in Belarus. There may be no monetary value in the goods but the game does cleverly employ many of the same psychological tools that explicit gambling games use. It is far too easy to spend money in the game for me (a breathalyzer would have reduced my spend) but I can afford it and enjoy it and it provides for me good entertainment value. I suspect that many spend more than they can afford but I cannot pass judgement on WG's ethics without knowing their profit.
  3. FredKarno

    Bad Players

    Wargaming would be on to a real winner if they could somehow make losing less frustrating and unsatisfying whilst also not making winning less satisfying or rewarding. I suspect it's not possible.
  4. FredKarno

    Good players and teams!

    I'm envious because my experience today has been quite different. Perhaps the least enjoyable gaming experience I've had for a long while. I blame myself for being naive enough to expect that Ranked might be fun.
  5. FredKarno

    Incorrectly named Super Containers.

    I would have been equally disappointed with the Hotel-Yankee ramming signal, I don't play Clan Wars. I have only around 50 ram-kills out of 7000+ games in Randoms but reading your remarks might lead me to equip them more in Randoms. I only use India X-Ray (increased fire chance and increased risk of detonation) if coupled with the too rare Juliet Charlie (reduced risk of detonation). I would have been slightly less disappointed, verging on almost a little bit content with 100 Juliet Charlie.
  6. FredKarno

    Incorrectly named Super Containers.

    Should 100 India X-Ray flags be described as a Super Container? Might a more fitting description be a Just Above Average one, or a Likely to Disappoint one, or perhaps a Troll one? Mr Disappointed.
  7. FredKarno

    Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    @MrConway It's reassuring to see your engagement with this issue and I appreciate your time. I use it and believe it offers an advantage. I can't provide any empirical evidence but subjectively when used in conjunction with the last known position marker it gives me a good idea of the likely necessary elevation to hit a target I cannot see. I would prefer to learn to estimate elevation more effectively without the mod and I would be happy if it were either banned or incorporated into the game. It is bundled in a popular mod-pack and as long as I suspect many use it and that it is not banned I will too.
  8. FredKarno

    Wargaming.net Game Center - Open Beta - Bugs

    Game Centre inexplicably stops launching the game with a critical error. I can still start the game directly but not from either Game Centre or the Launcher. Every time this occurs (four times in the last week), Game Centre insists on downloading the whole damn game again, despite it already residing in the required folder.
  9. I appreciate sharing here as well as Facebook, which I won't use. This is an anonymised example of what Wargaming collects. This was from one of their websites, I can only imagine what they gather from Facebook. id "*******" name "Anonymous" firstname lastname email "*************@******.com" email_confirm role_id "*" location street_address city province_state postal_zip country phone cell_phone company_name gender birthday registration_ip twitter_username website_url newsletter_opt_in "0" tos "yes" submission_speed avatar_media_id num_comments "0" num_entries 2 num_shares "0" num_shares_email "0" num_shares_facebook "0" num_shares_pinterest "0" num_shares_twitter "0" num_shares_google "0" num_shares_hootlet "0" num_votes "0" instagram_username confirmed 0 incentivized_shares_total "0" incentivized_shares_score "0" created_at "2017-08-20 ******* participant_id "*******" entry_id ***********
  10. FredKarno

    Too many one-sided games?

    Thanks for the replies chaps. I don't know how Wargaming can mitigate this problem but I do believe it is a problem. But, as Titan_net (above) suggests, a few co-ordinated players can push through a flank, and good play should be rewarded. I also believe (or maybe hope) that providing an entertaining and balanced game must be a small part of WG's business plan. It seems to me that what I need to do is to adjust my expectations and objectives whilst I hope that WG can deliver a solution via their continuing efforts to make money. Fred.
  11. FredKarno

    Too many one-sided games?

    Hi Chaps, Is it just my personal experience or are one-sided games becoming more common? Winning or losing these roll-over stompings is very poor entertainment for for me. I do still enjoy some close fought battles but according to my fallible memory combined with MxStat (add on) and a poor understanding of averages these seems to be perhaps one in fifteen. I'm only interested in other people's experience of one-sided games and of course any statistics. This is not a rant or complaint, just an enquiry about whether this is a general trend. Fred.
  12. FredKarno

    This MM gets worse!

    HMS Rose prepares to fire across the bow of an unknown warship!
  13. FredKarno

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    I've got to rank 9 and given up. The rewards are not worth the stale, static frustration. I have the premiums so I shouldn't really need to complain but I do. Whilst I realise WG exists for no reason beyond profit, this season is too much the cash grab with too little thought about how the game would play. For me WG have failed to provide fun and engaging mechanics, I suspect they are going to mess the game up similar to WoWP.
  14. FredKarno

    Remove snipping from smoke finally omg

    Hi Airwolf, There's little point in expressing dissatisfaction with the game design on this forum. Doing so merely presents an opportunity for the usual suspects to mock. A chance for them to dig out a meme, which they believe might make them appear clever or funny maybe? Also, those fortunate to be well versed in English will take the opportunity to display their superior knowledge and mock. I don't understand why they do it other than to inflate their ego. Choosing to ignore a thread or post they have no interest in seems beyond them. It's as though your post takes up some precious attention time? On topic. I agree. The meta does seem too reliant upon smoke and there's too much static play. Septic.