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  1. Wargaming.net Game Center - Open Beta - Bugs

    Game Centre inexplicably stops launching the game with a critical error. I can still start the game directly but not from either Game Centre or the Launcher. Every time this occurs (four times in the last week), Game Centre insists on downloading the whole damn game again, despite it already residing in the required folder.
  2. I appreciate sharing here as well as Facebook, which I won't use. This is an anonymised example of what Wargaming collects. This was from one of their websites, I can only imagine what they gather from Facebook. id "*******" name "Anonymous" firstname lastname email "*************@******.com" email_confirm role_id "*" location street_address city province_state postal_zip country phone cell_phone company_name gender birthday registration_ip twitter_username website_url newsletter_opt_in "0" tos "yes" submission_speed avatar_media_id num_comments "0" num_entries 2 num_shares "0" num_shares_email "0" num_shares_facebook "0" num_shares_pinterest "0" num_shares_twitter "0" num_shares_google "0" num_shares_hootlet "0" num_votes "0" instagram_username confirmed 0 incentivized_shares_total "0" incentivized_shares_score "0" created_at "2017-08-20 ******* participant_id "*******" entry_id ***********
  3. Too many one-sided games?

    Thanks for the replies chaps. I don't know how Wargaming can mitigate this problem but I do believe it is a problem. But, as Titan_net (above) suggests, a few co-ordinated players can push through a flank, and good play should be rewarded. I also believe (or maybe hope) that providing an entertaining and balanced game must be a small part of WG's business plan. It seems to me that what I need to do is to adjust my expectations and objectives whilst I hope that WG can deliver a solution via their continuing efforts to make money. Fred.
  4. Too many one-sided games?

    Hi Chaps, Is it just my personal experience or are one-sided games becoming more common? Winning or losing these roll-over stompings is very poor entertainment for for me. I do still enjoy some close fought battles but according to my fallible memory combined with MxStat (add on) and a poor understanding of averages these seems to be perhaps one in fifteen. I'm only interested in other people's experience of one-sided games and of course any statistics. This is not a rant or complaint, just an enquiry about whether this is a general trend. Fred.
  5. This MM gets worse!

    HMS Rose prepares to fire across the bow of an unknown warship!
  6. Ranked Battles Season 6

    I've got to rank 9 and given up. The rewards are not worth the stale, static frustration. I have the premiums so I shouldn't really need to complain but I do. Whilst I realise WG exists for no reason beyond profit, this season is too much the cash grab with too little thought about how the game would play. For me WG have failed to provide fun and engaging mechanics, I suspect they are going to mess the game up similar to WoWP.
  7. Remove snipping from smoke finally omg

    Hi Airwolf, There's little point in expressing dissatisfaction with the game design on this forum. Doing so merely presents an opportunity for the usual suspects to mock. A chance for them to dig out a meme, which they believe might make them appear clever or funny maybe? Also, those fortunate to be well versed in English will take the opportunity to display their superior knowledge and mock. I don't understand why they do it other than to inflate their ego. Choosing to ignore a thread or post they have no interest in seems beyond them. It's as though your post takes up some precious attention time? On topic. I agree. The meta does seem too reliant upon smoke and there's too much static play. Septic.
  8. They did to me, all I got was the address of their legal department, with a sarcastic "I wish you luck" when I pointed out their misleading advertising at the time I purchased the tank gold. They just thumb their nose at customers.
  9. Listen to your player Base!

    Hi mtm, I've read enough of your posts to know you try to be honest and balanced in your views and you have plenty of experience on which to base them. I don't always agree of course but I do completely about this mess. It's only taken me two days to get over my addiction, I'm feeling much calmer too. This despite a harbour full of ships, half a dozen premiums and some premium time left on my account. I'm not denying myself anything, I really do not feel like playing the game. I felt similarly about the AFT nerf, which stopped me playing for around six months I think. I eventually returned when RN cruisers were released (my father served on HMS Ajax) so it was quite compelling. The botched balancing of these ships has been disappointing but I have largely adapted. Maybe it will be the same this time, if a line is introduced that I find attractive I'll perhaps have another look but the new RDF 'skill' feels like more of a last straw this time. I'm already little tired of being manipulated by such as the MM changes. The EU community team does not perform well in comparison to the other servers' teams and the game meta seems headed in entirely the wrong direction for me. I won't mind at all being proven wrong, if the game manages to thrive I'll almost certainly feel like playing again, sometime. Septic.
  10. Patch 0.6.0 Patch Notes - RPF is still a thing

    I have twice been ambushed by dds recently. I make no claim to be good at the game but I pride myself on good awareness and pay almost constant attention to the mini-map, I am only in guns view to shoot so it rarely occurs. Both these were so well played that despite my frustration AT MY OWN poor play, I smiled and complimented them in chat. Probably because of the threatened (now inevitable) introduction of this RPF nonsense I have been more aware of some really good flanking moves by enemy dds, which weren't successful but their surprise appearance enhanced the game for me, it was fun to counter the unexpected threat. I suppose those days are over. Shame. I don't see how this will enhance game-play. I'll vote with my wallet.
  11. Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    Thank-you for the communication MrConway. Why have you not already provided more detailed information about how you believe RDF is conducive to more enjoyable gaming? In the unlikely event you have some rationale the community has been unable to interpret from the tests I'd like to hear it. Communicating this information might assuage the concerns so many are expressing, I doubt it but why not try? Might you explain why you have decided that the "concerns of the community [about RDF] " have had no effect? Septic.
  12. How would you "sell" this game to a new player?

    I would not recommend this game to anyone unless they are definitely able to resist paying to play (or are very rich) and are able to enjoy their losing games. Good; It has an addictive quality, which can be both a good and bad aspect to a game of course. Nice ship models. Queue times are short. Bad It can be addictive. It has an envious way of taking money from its players. It is just too easy to make that late Friday night purchase when decision making is hampered by inebriates. I have spent far too much and I shudder to think what some have spent. Games can be very frustrating. I don't enjoy losing much at all, around 20% of my losing games are enjoyable, around 70% of my wins are enjoyable, so much of my time playing is not much fun. This makes no sense for a game I have spent so much money on. Awful mission designs that actively promote bad team-play. Poor match-making. Tier 5 especially is brutal now, consequently I have two tier 5 premiums that I no longer play. The game seems to be heading towards an ever lower skill requirement. I have started an account on the NA server. I play the occasional few games there but I have not and will not ever spend one penny. I have discovered that it is much more fun when not invested and is the only rational way for me to play the game.