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  1. Phoenix912

    Volume Control?

    So IDK if this is a bug or something but there is one sound that is giving me an issue because of its volume and that is the sound you get after you fire the main guns. You get some kind of echo after the bang and it is super loud, Changing the gun volume only changes the sound of the initial bang. The only Setting that does anything is the Master volume but that then throws out the sound for all the other settings and I have to put them to max to compensate for reducing the master just for that one damn echo. I took quite a long brake from the game and never had this issue before so is it a bug, can I actually remove the sound some how? like delete the echo effect?
  2. Phoenix912

    Random Crashing

    So as the title implies my game randomly crashes not very often but still quite annoying. I get this message any advice would be appreciated, I do use some custom skins (Make my almost all my ships look ARP) and a custom crosshair but I can not imagine that being the problem. Thanks for your time. PS: on a side note do super creates still exist I've not had one in weeks, whats the percentage chance? it must be .00001% lol
  3. Phoenix912

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    You know I will not get majorly involved in the comments about rewards but looking at how they are nerfed I have to wonder what kind of weed WG were smoking. Honestly I do not see a problem with small nerfs in rewards but looking at the amount I mean really 1 million credits instead of 11, with the cost of higher tier ships and upgrades 11 Million would be spent in a few seconds let alone nerfing it to only 1 that would be burned on a single mod. So yeah nerfs I can accept but such big changes I think are just silly. Anyways that is all I will say about the nerfs I do however have a 2 questions. I've never got to rank 1 for a couple of reason 1) I never had the ships before 2) I just could not be bothered as I am not the best of players However I have been playing a few of match's this season and I was in a match and someone on our team said I need to win this to get rank 10 and we were all in T7 ships when do rank match's switch to T8 ships? Or can you actually gain ranks by replaying low tier match's? Also why can't you enter a ranked match as a division maybe limited to 2 but have to use the same tier ships? I would like to enter some games with a friend but can't and I do not understand why you have made it impossible to do so, Almost all other online games I've played with ranked match's lets you, as an example Starcraft 2 you could choose to enter a game in a team I only played a couple as I am terrible in PVP on that but I do have 2 friends that would rank up every season to 1 as a team.
  4. Maybe the perk should actually make a comment under it then saying what caliber will benefit rather than just saying increases pen and reduces Fire chance, as it stands anyone who does not understand the way the calculations are done will read that and think "awesome" I will use that and waste 4 points without getting any benefit.
  5. Phoenix912

    Inertia Fuze for HE

    I tried on my Myoko and I don't see a big change tbh, maybe it's just me.
  6. I honestly feel the skill should effect EVERY caliber gun, make the perk like the concealment perk a different % depending on the caliber of guns and have it listed on the perk saying what % each caliber gets. Don't you think this would be more effective? No ship would then lose out over all they would all be able to benefit to different % I would love to see my 203mm guns be able to gain a small bonus but no there too big.
  7. Phoenix912

    Inertia Fuze for HE

    So I am guessing 8 Inch guns like that of the Myoko would not benefit right? I really wish it would say under the skill what calibers would benefit, The Perk Advance fire training actually says guns up to 139mm will gain from it so why not say what gun types would benefit the most.
  8. Phoenix912

    Inertia Fuze for HE

    Could not see a topic for this, and I'm sorry if not in the right section but game play sounds ok to me. My question is what caliber guns actually benefit? The skill don't make much if not any difference on some guns and so what ship's/guns would actually benefit. I do not want to waste points if its not going to do anything.
  9. Ok why, what about new players or players that do not have the time to unlock them all? I currently only need 1 ARP ship but to do it I have to kill 20 Russian ships, is that meant to be a joke? There is almost no Russian ships I see in game and everyone is fighting to get them when they are in the battle. I've said it before I have a wife and 2 kids plus work practically all week what little free time I have I try to spread it out, spending time with my family and gaming witch is hard. Why do they have to come to an end any way how is it a problem, now with the new mission system why can't you put them on a set of there own. Players can then work to get them at there own rate and new and old players alike can get them. It's craplike this that piss players off and can often kill games. Anyone else feel this way? Please WG keep the missions or at the very least change the current mission where you kill 20 Russian ships to IDK 5 or even remove the need to kill completely, I've not seen other server's version of the challenges but I hear the NA servers missions are different and so much easier WHY?
  10. Phoenix912

    Lag Spikes since latest patch

    *Sigh* So annoyed I bought a Months premium like yesterday and can I make use of it? [edited]no I want my money back or my game time extended also pissed because the new ARP missions is up but can I work on it? No and are missions like WoT's where they are permanent to do at your own leisure? [edited]no there time sensitive. WG please get your act together and fix this problem we are having, don't make us wait for a major patch or anything just a quick patch to make it playable would be nice. Also I am in the UK on the virgin media service normally a nice 25-50 ping normally on the lower end and my FPS a nice 60 or more now its a ping from 25 to an astounding 300 or greater and when your under fire or trying to line your shot up and you suddenly freeze only to sudden move again to find your target has moved a mile or sank by another ship or maybe you being damaged or sank it really takes the piss. So yeah please fix the issue and reimburse my premium game time as I said bought a months yesterday so I would hope that you give me back the time I lose waiting for you to fix it.
  11. Phoenix912

    Am I the only one

    I'll give it a try, Using the newest aslains pack with just a few bonus normally he updates or removes mods that are no longer working.
  12. Phoenix912

    Am I the only one

    Just wanted to know if this is a bug or just my end as i've never had this issue until after the latest patch. I can't see the detailed results if it's my end how do I fix?
  13. Phoenix912

    Bug Reports

    Yeah it would be nice to have some small patch to fix these annoying problems, having to restart after a battle or 2 is starting to get quite annoying.
  14. Phoenix912

    Bug Reports

    Just found a problem with the hud in battle, and that's the your turret crosshairs just vanish so you can't tell if they are aimed and the ship icon and loading, does not happen often but requires me to reload the game.
  15. Phoenix912

    Bug Reports

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but the details tab after the battle don't show anything other than the ships you hit and sank, no longer does it show me any other details and I am sure that's not meant to be like that. Also I only just noticed because I exited to port after my death in a match then went afk and when I got back I could not click on the little "I" in the bottom corner for more info to see my battle results. Nevermind about the Ifo button in port I deleted my pref file and reloaded and it worked, still the details in the post battle results are not showing.