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  1. Talheng

    Will RN BB Radar be worst thing ever ??

    Not too worried to be honest , i have come across the tier 10 Brit BB around 12 times in DD's. I have been detected by its radar once , as the top tier Brit BB's have very long range i would estimate around 80% of the time the BB will be too far away to radar anything.
  2. Talheng

    AP dive bombers...

    Ok Did anyone else see a full Friedrich Der grobe get delted by AP bombers on flamu stream? , ohh the salt.
  3. Talheng

    Hoods out!

    Bought it but had some buyers remorse till last game when a Ryujo decided he would try to finish me off , 3 seconds later he had no planes left and had accused me of Hacks. Still lolling.
  4. Talheng

    Will the RN cruiser make high tier battles worse?

    Hmm So if i understand this correctly RN CL line will have consistent low damage AP that should generally penetrate and do some damage to low/Medium Armour area's on all ship's. So if the current meta hold and we still see a lot of BB's per side each game ( after the RN hype has died down) i will have to risk sustained fire to do a decent amount of damage increasing the time I'm exposed to potential return fire and trust in my ability to dodge that return fire to stay alive. Now this does not differ that much from current cruiser play style atm , however because i will only have AP when i have to disengaged i will not have the added benefit of any fire's i have started continuing to damage my target. So surely this will mean that RN CL's will have the lowest average damage of any cruiser line in the game? A bit early to make this assumption but based on my experience of this game i don't see any other outcome.
  5. Talheng

    Royal Navy Cruiser line

    Came across a few of the British cruisers while playing over the weekend , taking into account the people playing them are generally good In all 3 cases i came across them they have scored over 100k damage and tend to sit at the top of the leader boards. Yesterday on two brothers after taking the D cap and pushing on came up against a Leander in my Scharnhorst and had to run down the middle to escape as the HE flamethrower was just to much with the HP i had left. From what i have seen these cruisers perform very well as long as your capable of dodging return fire and using smoke or available cover to rain HE on people. So basically like the majority of cruisers in the game.
  6. Talheng

    Why the heck is the Belfast T7

    Just got out of a game with a Belfast on my team , looks like she's a good little cruiser. Used the smoke to stealth fire to good effect and seems to have good AA.