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  1. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    Great article, your analysis of why BBs are so numerous are interesting and in some cases new. I also love how you don’t propose buffs or nerfs as such, but invite to a debate. That said, I’m not sure WG is going to do anything about it as metas change, maybe the upcomming carrier changes that we know nothing about is going to do something to the meta, who knows. I only wish they’d reduce the manouverability of BBs again... some BBs turn faster than most cruisers and even some of the longer destroyers...
  2. Hi. Having sunk a bit of time into the game again lately, I've noticed that the game has gone from being active and aggressive, to being centered around smokefiring, DDs taking caps (and getting deleted by BB AP) and BBs mostly camping behind the spawnline. Now as it is right now, the team that gets the most camping BBs usually lose, the DDs that contest the caps are not getting any support from the team because the cruisers dont dare push without BB backup, and the BB backup is hiding and "sniping". This results in the DDs getting killed rather fast because the enemy team pushes, and it usually only takes 1 BB player pushing to get the others to do it. As I see it, there needs to be an incentive for BBs to push caps and support the team other than winning, because people clearly does not care about winning. Being the easiest class to play with great armor, decent manouverability that is even better than some DDs, huge HP pool which can be further increased with heals, and not to mention guns that can delete any ship from the game in one salvo, there should be something that makes them push rather than just pad some stats at range where they aren't in any immediate danger. Maybe have their damage drop with range making them less effective at range (do this for cruisers with 19-20km range too). I really don't know. I know you care alot about the battleship players, the constant buffs and nerfs to other classes proves this, but remember, there are other classes in the game that people like to play, and these people like to win sometimes, without having to either get lucky with their team, or have to rely on their BBs to be able to support them. Sorry for the rant with the question, I just feel that the Meta and passive gameplay as it is right now, is rather unbalanced and relies too much on one class that has no real counters anymore. -Pap
  3. Carrier tier difference..

    Well, with that attitude you're destined to loose I've played plenty of games where there's been tier differences with the carriers where my team has won the game anyways. But yeah, theoretically it can happen at all times if there's few enough players playing higher tier CVs mate .
  4. Carrier tier difference..

    Dunno if I should answer this in english or danish, so I'll do both. Not sure at what time you played, but late in the evening and earlier in the mornings, the player numbers are quite low. This means that maybe there's only 1 tier 10 CV and 1 tier 9 CV signed up. These guys are in queue for about 5 minutes before the MM thinks "F it, I cant make these guys wait any longer, so I'll throw them into a game together, and try to give the team with the tier 9 CV a tier 10 something else". When I play in primetime, I never seen a tier difference between the carriers in the games I play.. And in danish Jeg ved ikke hvad tid på dagen du har spillet på, men tidligt om morgenen og senere på aften, er der ikke så mange spillere på, det kan betyde at der er måske 1 tier 9 og en tier 10 carrier i kø, hvis der ikke er kommet flere carriers af samme tier i køen så vil MM efter 5 minutter smide dem i kamp sammen fordi de ikke skal vente længere. Den vil så forsøge at give det andet hold en kompensation af en eller anden art. Når jeg spiller i primetime, så ser jeg aldrig forskel i carrier tiers. Hope that helps - Pap
  5. high velocity guns

    Konigsberg or Nurnberg mate?
  6. Aoba?

    Armor in WoWs doesnt necesarrily mean taking non damaging hits. The cleveland with proper angling can take minimal damage from BB shells and even bounce them from time to time if you're a bit lucky. The firing arc on the Clevelands guns also enable it to present a broadside without actually showing broadside, unlike alot of the IJN cruisers. The cleveland is a worthy contender for best cruiser at tier 6, if you know how to use it. They could easily move it to tier 7/8 in a US CL line if they buff the shell velocity back to what it was in CBT .
  7. Aoba?

    Before the Cleveland nerf in CBT it was vastly superior to the Aoba. After the nerf they became two very different ships but both rather balanced in each their roles. You may say that the cleveland is a light cruiser, but its armor and tiny citadels enables it to sit comfortably at ranges that would be suicidal for the Aoba with its rather weak armor and gigantic IJN citadels. In some way, even though the Aoba is classified as a heavy cruiser, I prefer to play it as a light cruiser. The guns on the Aoba are epic at tier 6, accurate, hard hitting with a mediocre rate of fire and turret rotation. You can easily sit at max range and fire AP all day long and score big numbers on cruisers and BBs alike. The only time I'd switch to HE on the Aoba was vs. DDs. The armor can be very effective at longer ranges where you have the time to angle between shots. The Aoba is also the last cruiser to get offensive torpedo arcs in the IJN cruiser line, enabling it to use its torpedos at nonsuicidal angles (except for the Atago). The AA on the Aoba can be lackluster vs. tier 8 CVs, but the aoba is manouverable enough to make its AA work for it while manouvering away from incomming planes. All in all, I enjoyed the Aoba more than I do the cleveland, as I think the cleveland is pretty much a one trick pony, the Aoba is versatile, a jack of all trades but a master of none.
  8. If you didnt know, you can click the small arrow where it says demount and set it to sell instead. It will yield you a small amount of credits for selling the module rather than destroying it.
  9. Cruisers broken

    Cruisers are if anything underpowered with the recent BB accuracy buff, its citadel galore out there. If you cant aim for crap its not the BBs fault...
  10. New Ships

    And in case you forgot, there will be NO wipe
  11. Torp Cruisers...

    Gotta say that this is my feeling aswell. Cruisers just don't seem that viable anymore. Any BB player with half a brain will know to shoot cruisers first to take their guns out of the game. And with high tier BB precision being what it is...well....citadels galore is happening, at least to IJN cruisers..
  12. Torp Cruisers...

    Yeah I've exploited the tirpitz hype quite a bit in my Ibuki But since 4.1.1 I havent really been able to get cruisers to work, no matter what I do I get hit for 10.000-50.000 dmg by BBs whenever they shoot. Doesnt really matter what angle they hit me from, I just go boom.
  13. Torp Cruisers...

    Most IJN cruisers have a horrible torpedo arc though. This arc makes the torps pretty much useless against BBs as you'll have to show your broadside in order to use them, showing your broadside = one way ticket to davy jones locker. So even if IJN cruisers have torpedos...they can't use them unless they want to die.
  14. Wrong wrong wrong. A BB can and will citadel certain cruiser lines in this game no matter the angle. A DD can and will sink a ship even though its zigzagging (Shimekaze anyone?) A CV can and will sink an escorted ship, as proven numerous times by papedipupi and other high end CV players. The reserves are simply so numerous that a CV can effectively afford to sacrice his planes. Furthermore, getting his whole squadron shot down saves him the time it takes for the squadron to return, effectively reducing his time to rearm the planes as another squadron just takes its place.