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  1. Does the enjoyment improve?

    My enjoyment with this game comes and goes, I’ve played ever since CBT was announced, with some breaks in between. I think my current streak is the best nearing a year of activity without breaks and I think thats down to me actually getting some tier 10s, switching classes when the meta changes etc. For quite awhile I played DDs only, then they added the american CL line and my enjoyment with DDs fell, I started playing my Zao again and found enjoyment in that, decided to grind out the Des Moines and Worcester, currently enjoying them. And now I’m just waiting for the secondary IJN line to be complete so I can enjoy those :). I think enjoyment is a passing thing in a game like this, some days I have great games with solo warriors and krakens, other days I cant win a single game, those days I just need to stop playing and find something else to do, then come back to the game another day for a fresh start. :)
  2. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    Considering his solo stats, it’d probably plummet...
  3. Shipstacking in CW

    Now I don’t have CW experience as I don’t really have the time... but this “ship stacking” sounds like a legit tactic, overwhelming the “standard setup” with a counter. I don’t see a problem with this, adapt and overcome.
  4. Invisi-fire

    There was, the exact same counters as there are to radar, you have to use the minimap, plan ahead etc. etc. And just like with radar, there were exceptions where you just couldn’t counter it with skill because it was just OP on that ship in that situation. I dont want radar removed, I want it brought in line, they haven’t touches radar as such since they nerfed smoke, well, why not change the mechanic just a bit? Radar is not Op, its just rather unbalanced and could be fine with some minor tweaks :)
  5. Invisi-fire

    If you read through the thread, I have specifically said I didnt want stealthfire back, but rather a changing of radar. I just wanted to point out to you that the counters to those two unbalanced mechanics are the same. One was removed, the other should be changed.
  6. Invisi-fire

    So the same counter as the counter to stealth-fire...thank you for clearing that out.
  7. Invisi-fire

    What is the counter to radar? And before you answer, wasnt that the counter to stealthfire aswell?
  8. Invisi-fire

    I dislike radar in its current state as much as the next guy, but no, no stealthfire... we shouldn’t buff ships in order to fix radar, we shouldn’t add gimmicks in order to fix radar... just change radar a bit. Try open water firing instead of trying to sneak caps and whatnot, I’ve had hillarious games in the Akizuki just blasting away in the open. Even managed to brawl a montana to death :D
  9. Des Moines 6th slot

    enough said.
  10. T-61 - Goodbye balance in T6

    Sure its p2w, and I’m looking forward to friday when its in my port (had tonnes of doubloons and none of my tier 10s had prem camo :D)
  11. The credit grind is ridiculous.

    Seriously? You’re complaining about not being able to get the missouri because you were too lazy to grind out the xp requirement when it was still available? I barely had any free xp when they announced they were going to remove it and I managed to grind out the free xp required, and quite a bit more before it was removed and I barely got to play wows back then because my daughter was born. Furthermore, the Mo was a free ship, just like the rest of the free xp ships are, just get your act together and start grinding like everyone else does instead of complaining.
  12. RN DDs and their significance for DDs in general

    Funny thing is that at high tiers, it doesnt matter if a cruiser plays perfectly, BBs can still citadel them at any angle with the exception of those few 50mm bow and stern cruisers...
  13. Smoke spotting mechanics

    You both take a DD, one smokes up and you test it ;)
  14. Smoke spotting mechanics

    Go to a trainingroom and show him, waste of forum space.
  15. Radar Discussion Megathread

    As much as I hate radar, I also see its validity in the game, the current mechanics are too strong, especially with ships having lower concealment than their radar range, effectively enabling them to ambush even the stealthiest of destroyers, and this is wrong. Now we can't remove radar, that would just be silly, but we CAN change how it works. People have suggested it be changed to an LoS model, and I can see the point in that, as most of the time a radar cruiser sails up to an island close to a cap, waits for the cap to start and reveals the capper and gets him severely damage or killed. A change to an LoS model would require the cruiser to value risk vs. reward. Now a different change I've thought about, and I'm not sure its possible within the engine, is to change the mechanic entirely. Here's how it would work. All radars keep their current max range. All radars get an assured detection range of 7.5 km. Beyond the 7.5 km the radared subjects are only shown on the minimap much like you see ships when they are out of your visual range in cyclones and whatnot. What this would do is that it will keep radar ship's ability to radar through islands, said radar ships will most of the time be too close to the islands to effectively fire at the radared subjects IF he is within 7.5 km. Outside of the 7.5 km range, radar ships would for the most part be able to fire, but much more inaccurately by using the new x marks the spot addition to the minimap. Outside of the 7.5 km it also gives the radar ship and his teammates the ability to know where the target is, and plan their moves accordingly, it could be avoid and ambush, or set up one of their own. This way we would avoid situations where a DD is casually "destroying" around, runs into a Worcester and lose 75-100% of his HP because the Worcester has longer radar range than concealment, it would also lower the effectiveness of radars across the board, yet still keep some functionality.