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  1. Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    By that logic, BBs should have their manouverability nerfed again, because back when they had it buffed massively, sometimes a BB would get dev striked by torpedoes...not all the time, but sometimes... And adding overmatch as a rule wasn't dumbing down the game for BB players that no longer had to actually seek a flank to do damage to heavily angled ships? Now a days, BBs can overmatch all but a few cruisers and all DDs except one....If thats not dumbing crap down I don't know WHAT is...Hell the overmatch was actually what created the BB AP problem for DDs...they could just roll that back and have their pen damage back....
  2. RN chests

    10 premium and around 40 normal boxes for me to get the lightning....
  3. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    I brawled a Montana down with prebuff Akizuki, even got the replay :D
  4. Too many dd

    The problem is not the amount of DDs in games, the problem are the damn BB snowflakes that want to be able to sail around uncontested as they always have. And every single time those snowflakes start crying on the forums, DDs get nerfed in some way or BBs get buffed.... 5 DDs per game is NOT standard, I play mostly DDs and I have many more 2-3 DD games than 5 DD games... Seriously, hiw about BB players finally grow some testicles and start adapting instead of crying their brains out on the forums all the bloody time?
  5. BB, the new Camping Class ?

    Hmm, BBs have camped since CBT... nothing new there
  6. Intolerable

    Did you check his coop battles? He may only have 90 battles of random in tier 8 and 0 at 9, but maybe he has hundreds in coop :) Which could also explain why he does so poorly :P
  7. The worst part about all these topics is that most of the people that open these threads, are people who mostly play in divisions, and do so rather well... But look at their solo stats, they're average -> good. They already have 1-2 other people on their team that actually wants to win, that they can communicate with effectively, and probably have ships that work well in synergy with eachother. They dont want ranked because they have to play solo and there's horrible grinders that fail their way to rank 1. They dont want clan wars because omgz0rz can only do it at certain times. They want a special gamemode just for them to fail or win at untill the gamemode is 4 3-man divisions on each team, sailing the same ships against the same ships on the enemy team. For me that would be boring, and would be a worse grind than any other in this game so I'd rather stick to the MM that we have... Yeah sometimes you get horrible teams that can be frustrating and make you want to puke in your hair and then pull it out only to burn it and eat the ashes... Other times you get good games (not steamrolls) against superior enemies that you managed to outplay with teamwork or your own skills.
  8. IJN Yamato Armour

    Tbh that would be preferable to the rest of us that dont sail around in OP crutchmachines with no vulnerabilities and a dev that doesnt want to fix its bugs or impact on the ither classes...
  9. IJN Yamato Armour

    How about this: Instead of making the Yamato harder to citadel, we make all the other BBs easier to citadel? You said it yourself, sunken citadel no brain should be removed, so lets remove it and make all BBs citadel larger and easier to hit... maybe even.. cruiser like :-O
  10. 127mm HE vs. high-tier armor

    No, most ships have HE that has a 1/6 caliber pen rule, so 127/6 = 21,16mm which is sufficient to damage most DDs and most superstructures
  11. About the radar...?

    I was once like you OP, wheb I had around 1200 battles I started playing DDs as my main class... I hated radar, still do, and radar made me lose my cool when playing DDs... Now, around 1800 battles later I’ve come to terms with radar, I still dont like how easy it is to use and I especially hate it in the late game. What did I do to be effective with radar cruisers on the enemy team? Pretty much what has been said already: - Pay close attention to the team composition when the game starts. How many radars does the enemy have and what type (US CA/CL or RU CA/CL), what DDs does the enemy team have and whats their concealment? - Where did you spawn and how much of your team is with you. - What caps are most likely going to be the focus of your team? - Are there open water caps that you can contest with your concealment with good escape routes? - If the cap closest to you has islands around it and the enemy team has radar ships murphy’s law should be your first thought, so dont contest the cap, go around it and spot the enemy team, especially in IJN DDs. - When making a play, always have 2-3 escape routes planned if you happen to get radared - Never sit in smoke, use it as a tool to disengange or help your team, if you can use TRB instead of smoke. - Your team is your friend, if they start falling behind don’t keep pushing, just keep lighting up what you can and area deny with your torps. - Communicate with your team, tell them what you intend to do, help them focus their fire they are most likely zoomed in where as you in a DD are more often than not zoomed out, ask them what they want you to do ( important to give them options to chose from so they dont just ask you to go suicide ). You’ll be surprised how much communication can do, sometimes teamwork actually happens and you start mad plays with BBs and Cruisers supporting you.. - and most importantly NEVER accept your team telling you to go cap an exposed cap and thus suiciding, you are afterall playing to have fun, and to win.
  12. Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Well I’ve managed to get all 4, bought 5 prem containers which got me the icarus, acasta and jervis, lightning came from a directive container. only played the jervis and lightning... Jervis was decent but that tier 7 no concealment module thing hurts... lightning on the other hand... I’m NEVER getting rid of that ship! Gods its amazing, decently fast, very manouverable, good rof, workable torps, amazing concealment and most of all... Fun factor. I have so much fun in that ship trolling cruisers, bbs and dds alike... i just love that ship! Got 280k xp on it already so think im ready for the jutland when the whole line is released :D
  13. Too many dd

    Dunno I’ve seen more 2-3 DD games at tier 10 the past week than 5 DD games... Dont care how many DDs there are, after 5 minutes I’ll be able to impact the game alot more since I’ll usually be one of the DDs remaining because I dont suicide on caps and radar cruisers ;)
  14. quality of play and time of the day

    For me the best time is between 5 and 7, mostly because its the only time of the day I can play WoWs :D
  15. British destroyer line: Do they all get good ap?

    What about the 21mm parts of the gearing? Forget about that? :)