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  1. Potential damage and damage by spotting

    He really cant, he’s the allknowing keyboardwarrior godlike entity of these forums, did you not know this?
  2. Ping spikes due to graphic settings

    Two things, make sure your run fullscreen. Then make sure that Wows uses your 840m and not the onboard graphics card by going into your nvidia controlpanel, I had this issue with my laptop and it fixed my low frames ☺️
  3. Battleship change/rebalance

    Heavy cruisers is a designation given to a cruiser based in the caliber of its guns (8”), not the armor :)
  4. Matchmaker Improvements

    Are you in any way the judge of that? No? Oh I see your not a WG employee, then please, stop playing the all knowing moderator that you always do and go hassle someone else. I’m giving feedback on the “go back to the olden ways” when CVs are in the queue for too long, the feedback is that you punish not only the CVs but also the victims that get an incomplete game when there are plenty of elligible ships in queue for them to play with and against. It's not up to you to decide if this is related or not, this is not a debate or a discussion, its feedback plain and simple, so please, use your time to do something constructive like answering questions in the newcomers section, you’re quite good at that. Have a nice day @MrConway can you please erase the discussion between me and Wilkatis here as it is in no way related to MM changes feedback?
  5. Matchmaker Improvements

    And what is this topic about? Feedback, my post is feedback, seriously, go pick some lint from your navel instead of arguing with people posting feedback.
  6. Matchmaker Improvements

    No need for being harsh, I know what changed, but the MM failed at that too, it could’ve given each team the same tier weight, but it didnt, it could’ve balanced DDs as it was supposed to but didnt, so the new and improved MM failed, no matter how much you throw around the f word!
  7. Matchmaker Improvements

    Much improved MM, so wow! Not only do the CVs get us punished for playing this hour, but seriously, the enemy team has 3 tier 9s to our 1.... Now I'm quite sure that the CVs are the cause of the 5v5 here, and I don't mind CVs in games, but I do mind that because they have to have a game, we get a worse game so you can make 2 guys happy and piss off 8. Had a good chat with the enemy team after I died, and noone had fun, except for the two 43% WR CVs I guess.. Please WG, let CVs wait for a full game, its not like there's not enough tier 8-10 playing in the mornings that they will never get a game...just stop punishing the rest of us because they chose to play that class...
  8. Firechance doesn’t work that way mate. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fkET1GlgH7JdrJkIpMDeTa5Uju9IXkW2zkqEmC5Nijw/htmlview here’s a spreadsheet that Submarine_wahoo on the US server made, basically its like this, if you in a zao with 24% firechance shoots at a tier 1 you have 24% chance of setting a fire per shell hit in that location. As you go up the tiers the fire resistance increases, up to around 50% at tier 10 meaning your zao has 12% fire chance at this point. This can be further decreased with fireprevention and modules. As much as I hate fires myself, I recognise that some ships relies on fires to do damage, and as such a system like what you propose would nerf them to the point of being useless. It would be far better to nerf the firechance on certain overperforming ships *cough* Conqueror *cough*. the other system... I dunno, I liked notsers idea better, the closer you are to the caps the better an xp coefficient you get, this rewarding playing the objective. This still allows for BBs to camp in the back and sniping, but it reduces their xp gains. Of course, something would have to be done for CVs though, as they need to stay in the back in the start of a game ☺️
  9. Battleship play in Ranked??

    I agree, I didn’t mean for it to sound negative, I was just explaining rather objectively why BBs score so low in ranked ☺️ Their primary function is to be a big scary lump of metal, and if they position themselves right, it makes the cruisers and DDs job that much easier as enemy movements become much more predictable when they cant give broadside to a friendly BB in an advantageous position (ie. Not 20+ km away) :)
  10. Battleship play in Ranked??

    They dont cap, cruisers hide for the most part so they’re resigned to shooting BBs, most often at long range because they’re scared of the enemy DD... basically BBs rarely contribute to anything other than being there as an imoveable object that the enemy has to take into consideration..
  11. BULL crap

    Doubt he ever spent anything, no premium ships, poor progression even though he has enough games under his belt to have drygrinded his way to tier 10 so no premium account....
  12. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    I’m sorry if I insulted anyone, truly. I’m just rather sick of listening to the constant complaints about scenarios, they were WAY too easy before they buffed the bots, and I can understand that WG decided to do something about scenarios as it was too easy to farm free xp and grind through lines. now the bots still sail in straight lines along the same waypoints as they do every single game, but they’re better at ammo choice and got module upgrades instead of being stock.. accuracy wise its much the same, miss first salvo then proceed to hit with every volley, nothing has changed on that front really. Yet people still cry aimbot and what not... so sorry if I’m tired of seeing a new thread on scenarios every single day when people decide they don’t want to learn, they don’t division up ( I play solo btw), and they want others to win it for them... and its especially the last bit that irks me
  13. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Then play coop with the rest of the plebs instead of infesting scenarios with your vision of what it should be. I like the new difficulty, I can still carry a team to 5-stars, even though I have to work more for it now... but I’m sick and tired of the BB backline campers from randoms following me into scenarios when I want a break from randoms, and doing the exact same crap there and expect me to carry them.
  14. Scenarios to hard for random teams

    Why not just git gud then? It’s rather selfish of you to want to just kick back and relax while someone else carries your sorry behind through a scenario.
  15. Double CV matches... Why?

    Point out to me where I said all ships? I said the ones I play at the tiers... Well done not understanding what you are quoting...