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  1. PapVogele


    Im starting to worry about you fonfalks, if the game pisses you off so much that you have to make threads every day maybe you should stop? To quote Einstein and Far Cry 3. Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? Its doing the same thing over and over again expecting crap to change
  2. PapVogele

    Thank you, Wargaming

    At least wargamings lootboxes contain stuff thats “valued” at whatever price you paid for them, and if you’re lucky you get something special. Other games has lootboxes that contain absolutely nothing... its your choice whether you want to buy a box with a chance to get something expensive....
  3. PapVogele

    Game Mechanics

    And I maintain that no ship should be able to blap another ship as easily as BBs do, I maintain that BBs should actually have a counter rather than dominate every single thing in the game. If you enable a BB to consistently blap DDs closer than 10km (which is the range that most DDs would operate) NOTHING can keep that BB from just rushing down a smoke or a suspected DD location and blapping the DD, most high tier DDs cant even blap a BB at full health even if they hit with all their torpedoes.... yet you want to give that power to a BB that can hit much more consistently....
  4. PapVogele

    Game Mechanics

    So a shima ambushes a montana out of place and has to get punished because the Montana is a BB? What you’re suggesting is actually making BBs idiotproof, which they already are. I ambushed an NC today in my cossack, he hit me with AP, for a total of 10k damage, thats more than 50% of my healthpool, is that not punishing? But I guess you want for BBs to be able to blap everything left and right...
  5. PapVogele

    Game Mechanics

    Really? Because making a stupid move in a DD = death. Making a stupid move in a BB = oh well, better turn around and heal up.
  6. PapVogele

    Game Mechanics

    Wouldnt the ability to full pen DDs below 10km result in stupid yolo moves from BBs then? The effective fighting range of a DD is around 10km with firing range, torp ranges and radars at least at higher tiers, at low tiers its much shorter so your suggestion would render the mechanic change useless...
  7. PapVogele

    Steel for money, steel from campaign, steel everywhere

    I for one would be happy if I coyld actually get some steel. I could easily be in a good clan and farm it if I had the time, same with Ranked. But with 2 kids where the oldest is 2 years I simply dont have the time, I have the ability yes but no time.
  8. PapVogele

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    I know mate, they got their sigma buffed on top of a massive reduction of their turning circle and rudder shift times, I do believe this was in closed Beta but I can't quite remember as the patchnotes from back then are inaccessible for some odd reason.
  9. PapVogele

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Why does the game have to be dumbed down for you? Why is that a DD that gets within point blank range HAS to be deleted by BBs? So you can rush down DDs without worrying? Why do DDs that ambush BBs because they outplayed that BB have to be deleted because just so your feelings dont get hurt?
  10. PapVogele


    So Fonfalks, what is this? A daily trend where you complain about teams, players, rng and of course your daily Yamato complaint? Have you ever tried looking at what you do instead of pointing fingers at others or blaming WG/The ship/RNG/Meta/(insert bbaby bingo card?
  11. PapVogele

    WOWS in year 2100

    There’s a reason my kids are going to learn farming and survival skills. I agree with you, the majority of humans wont change, so the earth will change us instead. The poles will melt, we’ll lose landmass and thus lose our foodsupply, humans will starve and when we’re at a sustainable level again, we’ll change.. and life can continue. I dont believe we will kill earth, but I’m pretty sure mother earth will kill us to save the rest of her children.
  12. PapVogele

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Wait what?
  13. My comprehension skills are in fact so good that I know that its spelled cannot or can’t. My comprehension skills are also so good that I know that I’m only hearing your side of the story, if the cruisers and DDs were to tell theirs it would probably be a story of a Yamato sitting bow on behind the spawn thinking he’s doing great...
  14. Its more along the line of him saying that he was tanking, when he in fact was most likely bow on in a position so far away from the DDs and cruisers spotting for him that he couldnt support them. They then die because the enemy team either played better or because they lckes his support, and he then goes on a rant because he can’t see outside his own little BB bubble
  15. You cant have tanked much if you let your cruisers and DDs die now can you?