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    free xp conversion discount?

    Who converts XP to FXP anyway at such horrible rates? You need 40000 dubloons to get 1 mil FXP and buy a T10. I would've paid for it if it was 10x cheaper, but not at these rates.
  2. 1 hour ago, StanleyHTweedle said:

    "elitistic nobodies"

    i like to use the term super eunuchs. seems fitting due to both rhyme and implication.

  3. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    There's another aspect of the topic, which hasn't been discussed yet, although it's just as important as other ones. Whenever I'm playing PvP, I'm hitting the wall of unfriendliness. People are smug, nasty, unfriendly, hostile or even rude, vulgar and racist to each other. I can't say that this is the first time I'm seeing this in PvP, while in PvE this kind of thing happens much, much, much less often. I'd even say that my experience as a player in PvE is 99% friendly, fun and encouraging, while in PvE it's ~90% unfriendly, unfun and discouraging. I particularily despise the "smug" attitude which is the staple behaviour of "elitistic nobodies" as one famous pro player once called those who can't achieve anything apart from learning a few tricks in a game and bullying other people every time they can best them. So yea... I prefer playing friendly PvE over unfriendly PvP. I could ask anyone to change my mind or prove me wrong here, but I think everyone knows it's next to impossible. Btw sea mines -- if they are introduced, lower tier European DDs should be the ones to have them...
  4. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    Numbers you haven't presented. Please do, and please include players who dropped out. I dare you. I don't care if you're devastated or exhilarated, and this wasn't me trying to prove anything, just pointing out that your opinions can't pass as facts no matter how much you'd like. Now either talk like a grown-up respecting your interlocutor or leave this pseudo-intellectual babble to yourself, ok? Because if I start pointing out logical errors in your argumentation, deconstruct your every argument, and discard illogical theses & opinions, there'll be nothing left but pronouns which seem to be the most important part of your every post.
  5. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    Sorry but you're wrong. The majority of players (including those who drop out relatively fast, discouraged by Wall of Skill) wants PvE - you're just too much used to your own perspective and trying to prove it's the universal point of view. It isn't.
  6. Do you plan on rewarding people for linking their Democratic Party ID with their WG account as well? Do you know what "morally bankrupt" means? Is your company putting dealings with moral bankrupts in their annual reports? So many questions, so little answers...
  7. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    You've just proven my point, that players want PvE, because it's a less random environment... thank you :)
  8. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    Co-op isn't fun, it's just hard grind. PvP isn't fun (at least for me) in 2/3 games - mainly because of horrible MM, skill gap and exploitable map points. Spreadsheet warriors using custom HUDs and denial tactics make me want to close the game... every time. Btw denial tactics is only possible when you don't have enough RNG. In my opinion some things really need to change, like: - wind changes (moving and sometimes blowing off smoke screens) and random "holes" in smoke screens making ships briefly visible - waves (randomly influencing shell accuracy) - random dud torpedoes and dud shells - at least small/medium/large fire types on ships, and more locations for fires - spreading and burning-out fire types - uncontrollable fire and flooding levels at some point - pumps as equipment which damaged prevent the ability to counter fire / flooding And so on... and so on...
  9. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/ORP_Bałtyk_(1896) This one, a T3 probably. I would've bought it and played it. Especially if you made an operation where players would for example be tasked with escorting a T3 ship with T5s.
  10. StanleyHTweedle

    [Poll] What will you be spending your "American Tokens" on?

    I don't think I'll even be able to reach Kansas, but I'm "happy" with the signal bundles.
  11. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    I gave your post some serious consideration. What you're saying is correct but only in one dimension, and there is another, which is the holy grail of F2P gaming -- getting new players to stay, and hook them up so bad that they stay for years. This is where good operations come in -- not PvP... I said it at some point, that new players need to be prepared for PvP. I know this from multiple examples of people I recruited straight from operations or co-op games -- new players to be trained and brought up to play PvP at some point. Most of them said that PvP is too scary, that PvP players are too experienced to them, and the gap is too great for them to even consider closing it... Most of them unfortunately quit shortly thereafter. PvP is increasingly too discouraging and that's another topic, but the only way new players will stay in the game is not co-op games, but operations. Every successful MMO is focused on PvE as the entry point. The way I see it... of course it strains the servers. Every AI does. I could recommend a good company that does game AI only - they specialize in it ;-) Irony aside, the strain of the servers is simply a price WG has to pay for hooking up new players. Period. And arguments that it'll compromise MM.... well... that's another business model to think through: > encouraging players to start playing PvP > If they can't be encouraged, then there's something wrong with current PvP model or MM > if you fix it to be encouraging enough, then you don't have to ignore operations, and you have both: the way to hook up new players AND your core business model right P.S.: I forgot to mention one important thing. Whereas PvE is the entry point for players, there is a considerable number of players who simply prefer PvE and it's repetitive pattern. Those players become specialized in PvE... and they're the "teachers" that new players need to become better, in order to become good enough to enter PvP and stand a chance.
  12. StanleyHTweedle

    Dear WG - Please show PvE some love.

    Operations are controlled environment and could be very, very useful as a point of reference for analysing balance changes and testing some new tech like... if WG wanted to introduce Play Of The Game mechanics, they could easily test it in Operations. Of course +1 from me for more PvE content. PvP is getting more and more ridiculous with players getting so much practice that they no longer play WoWs - but rather WoWs mechanics/statistics... They could as well play the game in Excel spreadsheets, especially in T10. So basically what PvP is nowadays is 10% fun, 30% spreadsheet, 30% exploiting mechanics, 30% wallet warriorism. Time for more PvE content has definitely come.
  13. There is a very crafty way to counter FDR, but... I don't want to spoil the fun to any of you lovely guys ;-) Old AA CA players will get my point.
  14. StanleyHTweedle

    Bismark Gothic Camo mission

    Thanks for the heads-up, raz. Now I know that I don't want to waste my bandwidth on 45 minutes of a twitch stream in the background.
  15. StanleyHTweedle

    Derivative missions - are they meant to irritate people?

    @Jethro_Grey I really appreciate the your sarcasm. Although I wouldn't be myself without a "but": we lived to see the times when sarcasm is perceived as a virtue. O tempora, o mores...