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  1. 4_Sierra

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionSims isn't marked as in Battle when used 2. Reproduction steps Tried another ship and that one is marked In Battle. Selcted Sims and again I can play it over and over so it aint locked as in Battle 3. ResultCan play it over and over With no problems 4. Expected resultBoat Locked 5. Technical details Sunday 29.jan 15.15
  2. 4_Sierra

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    Same problem here afiter a strange thing happend in game , no one of the people in the divison can now create or join a division. Looks like the trigger was that someone left another division ingame and our divison got broken up.
  3. 4_Sierra

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    Can't find it the ARP comtent in filter, but that is only in port view if it works? In batlle they appear with the funky colors and torpedo hit effects
  4. 4_Sierra

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - General

    How to remove ARP effects and ARP ships cammo to "normal" ? It should be optional.
  5. 4_Sierra

    Bug Reports

    Never mind, my mistake
  6. 4_Sierra

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Very wrong thread
  7. I second that. I really miss green lemon
  8. 4_Sierra


    After the patch i got really problems With FPS. I use to have 70 + With no problems at all. Now when i met a ship it drops to 16 fps and when im dead it goes bakc to 70+ fps. Any suggestion on how to fix the problem ? I must take notes on what map and ships. Now it's back to normal again.
  9. 4_Sierra

    New sounds of are horrible !

    If you are going to keep this sound couldt it be optional ? I really liked the hearbeat with high Pitch also to be optional
  10. 4_Sierra

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Premiumcammo vs Type 1 cammo. Both have -3% detectability but information tells you +1 on concealment if you do a mouse over. Testet Type 1 cammo to see if i gained +1 concealment but it didn't If you have ships specs open - concealment it gives you a value of -0.2 km in ships surface detectability when you click on the cammo. Premium or Type1 doesn't matter if it is from premiumcammo to Type1 or vice versa
  11. 4_Sierra

    [bug] Superintendent is broken in 0.5.1

    I guess this is a cosmetic bug since you get correct charges ingame.
  12. Hello First thing when i typed my e-mail in the field all of a sudden it was clreared. Had to copy and paste my email to get it complete in the field password ok logged in. Game starts in windowed mode and my anti virus ask me all the usual msg about giving access to the game to internett etc etc Between each Level info the game hangs and it tells me it doesnt respond (Windows waiting cursor). Wait and the Level information shows up. I chose Close or was it ok anyhow it moves to the NeXT cycle of waiting After Level 4 the game hangs completly and I force it to shut down. ( had 5000 doubloons) Restart the game and every level from 5 and upwards shows with now wait and in rappid success ,but to my suprise i now got 2 060 000 doubloons DxDiag.txt