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  1. Whistlersmom

    Yorck - German VII tier ultimate floating disaster

    You really cant judge the ship in coop battles. Those bots are about 5 times better than the average potato you will face in randoms :)
  2. Whistlersmom

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    Dont think Moskva is that bad tbh. Thoo the fact that the russian t10 BB with 457 mm guns outspots her, is dumb
  3. Whistlersmom


    I mean .. Practice makes perfect, went and checked your profile , 20 games in Haku as compared to over 200 in shokaku . ofc you are gonna struggle if you don't play the ship and practice it. The AA is alot stronger @t10 in comparison to t8. Make sure to use the 2x torpedo bombers over the 4x ones . as the 2x will fly under flakclouds when your run has been initiated. The 4x ones does not. I did not like Haku at the start either, but kept practicing and got decent at it , its alot more fun to play in comparison to midway for me now at least.
  4. Whistlersmom

    Abuse of the reporting system

    Yup, came to the conclusion that playing CV is like being a nanny , as soon as you go over to the other side the first one starts crying and vice versa.
  5. Whistlersmom

    Skipper+ link not working???

    Works fine for me , tho I still seem to be losing...
  6. Whistlersmom

    Space Warships Intergalactic Games: Space Assault

    wow 8k dubloons to get rid of the new ugly Haku planes
  7. I mean , sure carriers struggle alot when uptiered , other than that they are fine , at least the US is.
  8. Whistlersmom

    New Code 31aug2018 (Wot owners)

  9. Thank you good sir! This worked :D Merry Xmas !
  10. Hello ! Im getting the following error messages when pressing the login button. Mods used in spoiler section
  11. Whistlersmom

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Out of 40 giant containers I got; 1 Perth 1 Gallant 1 Duca D Aosta 1 Hood 1 Indianapolis 2x 2k dubloons total of: 150x Frosty Fir cammos total of: 75x Type 59 The rest was a mix of flags. Tho I probably got my monies worth on the containers, I have to say Im a bit dissapointed in not getting any tier 8 prems nor any 180x days prem time.
  12. Whistlersmom

    Queen Elizabeth

    Yeh QE doesnt work for me at all sadly :(