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  1. Valinrista

    [SHEN] Clan compétitif

    Continue de progresser t'aura peut etre ta chance :) Un autre pré-requis pour rejoindre le clan, est pas des moindre, c'est la capacité à herbergé des images en ligne pour avoir des signatures fonctionnel sur les forums, une qualité indispensable pour toute personne souhaitant s'investir. Cordialement, Valinrista.
  2. Every other camos were better looking, and more importantly every other camo had more worked done on it. I open the model in paint, plain black add 2 PNGs on the funnel, work done. I'm gutted for the artists that actually put work, skill and thought in their great looking creation for this thing to be voted first.
  3. And this is why you shouldn't let the people vote, they have poor taste :c
  4. I overall like the rework, but geez let us control our carrier, it's pure cat piss without it
  5. Please don't, it might not be the most useful information but it still is information, just make it a minimap option to tick, unticked by default, you already coded the thing anyway it's not like making it optionnal requires any work.
  6. Valinrista

    [SHEN] Clan compétitif

    D'ailleurs ce retour de vacances hivernal, après les bières et le champagne nous à permis de remonter largement dans le Typhon 1, prochaine étape le violet.
  7. Valinrista

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

  8. Valinrista

    [SHEN] Clan compétitif

    C'est vrai qu'on est beau, surtout mon bateau, hein @Ghost945
  9. Valinrista

    Collector's Club Launch

    When teh collector's club was announced they talked about a hidden part of the Arsenal as well as the premium shop with exclusive offers (they hinted at ships for doubloons that are not in the tech tree and possibly sales of premium ships for €€€ before their release). But it seems the idea have been scratched since we have no news about this.
  10. Valinrista

    Collector's Club Launch

    No news on the Arsenal/Premium shop collector exclusive thingy though ?
  11. Valinrista

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Let us convert Warships PA into Wargaming PA, thanks.
  12. Valinrista

    [SHEN] Clan compétitif

    Toujours pas Violet mais Vert c'est déjà bien :)
  13. No live leaderboard ? That would've been nice, anyway, that's a great (really) event, do that more often pretty please, even with just cosmetic rewards (patch, emblem, flag, w/e)
  14. Valinrista

    [SHEN] Clan compétitif

    Ces mini Clan Battles de test nous réussi bien :