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  1. Hey Aslain, I don't know if you're aware of it already but Window Defender is flagging the last version of your pack as a potential threat for some reason.
  2. First part ended well, the second one, involving thousands of torpedoes heading my way in every angles possible didn't sadly
  3. No it's not a record
  4. 0.6.6

    Pay-To-(re)Play, no thank you this has to go.
  5. No offense intended (like really, just a bit of advice and opinion), just learn to play your ship while being downtier. Tier is just a number next to your ship's name, too many people believe it matters like "bouhou I'm downtier I can't do crap" it's not true. Just quit believing that and practice/learn how to play in an uncomfortable situation, surely being downtier allows for less mistakes but in the end it really doesn't change anything, you punish ennemy mistakes just as much as they punish you. Also, when you're playing a certain way and it's not quite working just stop trying the same thing over & over again, change your approach, maybe less aggresive (doesn't mean camping 20km away !!), maybe more teamplay ? Maybe the opposite stop following your team too much, I don't know, but try different things if you see one way of playing doesn't quite work well.
  6. No it's just a captain, not a Legendary one.
  7. Feels like you're mad for being poor, get a job mate. Saipan is strong, sure it's not an even matchup if you're facing one in an Hiryu, but it's more than doable, if you're good enough.
  8. I'm pretty sure you've gotta tick the box to auto-ressuply with doubloons
  9. You're part of what's wrong in WoWs mate. This game mode is not great but it's not that bad, well, except for Tears of Desert there is utter garbage, just learn how to play and adapt to the mode.
  10. This idea has been discussed before. I don't remember when & where but the Devs actually said they thought about it aswell and judged not to implement it. It might change in the future but right now, it's not going to happen.
  11. Yamato ... Z-46 Torps, yep, that's perfectly normal mate.
  12. From the homepage announcement ( https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/community/shipbuilding/ ) : You guys should edit it.
  13. Same goes for MajorRenegade's ship contour (MRv6 atleast). File not found;
  14. I don't quite remember people complaining when we got Campbeltown and no other server did eh.
  15. If you're not in the top 100 already, probably too much. But I agree it would've been nice to have numbers aswell.