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  1. Free cookies to compensate ? It would be nice if you were a tad quicker to announce it though, deployment rarely goes as smooth as we'd wish it would and delay is a common thing that's how it is and smart people knows and understand it, the not so smart don't. Would have appreciate if a 10 O'Clock we got a message "Delay in patch deployment, we'll update you with a new Estimated time ASAP" just so we're not kept in the dark.
  2. Clan Battles Season 2

    Nothing on a news about the Hurricane league tag colour ? I dare hope that we're not getting the same as the Typhoon clans, we're not in the same league.
  3. Where is the holiday excitement?

    As covered in the December event calendar, "christmas" stuff will happen second half of december , I guess starting from either the 18th or 21st. Just wait..
  4. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    What a surprised to see a notification, wasn't expecting that thanks mate
  5. Ribbons are kinda messed up since 6.12, the one loaded is not the one selected in the installer. I've installed the v8 and the one in-game is actually the v2 (and yes, I doubled checked I didn't miss click). Thought you might want to know and thanks again for your work
  6. Fun with missions: Design your own!

    I would, for weekly missions, cut in two parts. One part with a 5 Missions Chain A second part with a single mission with two requirements being First : Complete the mission chain Second : Specific Type/Nation skill requiring mission. So, Chain mission (Tier IV to X): First : Kill 5 Ships (In any number of battles) Reward : Credit Container*2 Second : Deal 50000 Damage (In any number of battles) Reward : Consumable container*2 Third : Be the first to spot 2 ships & Get 20000 spotting damage (In any number of battles) Reward :Flag Container*2 Fourth : Hit 100 Main Battery shells & 15 Torpedoes Aerial or Ship (In any number of battles) Reward : One of each container Last : In a single battle earn an heroic achievement and join the top 6 of your team. Reward : 5 Random containers and a "special upgrade" The parrarel "hard" mission (T VIII to X) : - Finish all 5 stage of the chain - In a single battle Win with a Britsh Light Cruiser, dealing over 125k damage and being first of your team. Reward : 24h Premium, 10 Containers (From which you can chose the type, thus having a SuperContainer chance), A special upgrade (different from the chain). The idea with this, is to have a chain that everybody will be able finish, easy to get with not so bad rewards but not great either, that's a total of 14 Containers and a "special upgrade". In parrarel a much more difficult mission, requiring the player to have the necessary ship type but giving much more important reward. This would allow everybody to get most of the rewards, players able to only do the chain would not feel spoiled by not being able to do that extra hard mission because it is tagged has a hard mission made for long time players with lots of ships and because the rewards are close to what they got already in the chain. At the same time the long time player with all ship line grinded can get a weekly 24h premium and goodies to reward him for being a long time player with many ships in his port. Of couse rewards can be tweaked and changed weekly, I used containers cause I feel it's a good way to balance things without giving it too much thoughts, but the most important is the idea of it, having an easy chain for everyone and a parrarel hard mission for the hardcore players.
  7. Hey Aslain, I don't know if you're aware of it already but Window Defender is flagging the last version of your pack as a potential threat for some reason.
  8. Is this a record?

    First part ended well, the second one, involving thousands of torpedoes heading my way in every angles possible didn't sadly
  9. Is this a record?

    No it's not a record
  10. PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - General Feedback

    Pay-To-(re)Play, no thank you this has to go.
  11. matchmaking

    No offense intended (like really, just a bit of advice and opinion), just learn to play your ship while being downtier. Tier is just a number next to your ship's name, too many people believe it matters like "bouhou I'm downtier I can't do crap" it's not true. Just quit believing that and practice/learn how to play in an uncomfortable situation, surely being downtier allows for less mistakes but in the end it really doesn't change anything, you punish ennemy mistakes just as much as they punish you. Also, when you're playing a certain way and it's not quite working just stop trying the same thing over & over again, change your approach, maybe less aggresive (doesn't mean camping 20km away !!), maybe more teamplay ? Maybe the opposite stop following your team too much, I don't know, but try different things if you see one way of playing doesn't quite work well.
  12. Event Calendar - May

    No it's just a captain, not a Legendary one.