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    Bug Reports

    Game Crashed / froze mid battle. First gum aiming recticle vanished, then mini map froze, then remaining team list ship status etc items vanished, finally screen froze. Application D:/Games/World_of_Warships/worldofwarships.exe crashed 10.23.2016 at 18:38:33 Message:The game is not responding System info: OS Name: Windows 8 or later OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 2449360Kb/4194176Kb (59%) Working set (process physical memory): 1945008Kb/4194176Kb (46%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 2145652Kb/4194176Kb (51%) Global physical memory: 5522708Kb/16737220Kb (32%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 6799304Kb/19227588Kb (36%) System info:COMPUTERNAME = DESKTOP-HOMEAPPLICATION = "D:\Games\World_of_Warships\worldofwarships.exe" wows_wait_for_mutex8 PROCESSOR(S) = 0 - 6 3a09DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \\.\DISPLAY1, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FC0&SUBSYS_093D10DE&REV_A1DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \\.\DISPLAY2, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FC0&SUBSYS_093D10DE&REV_A1DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \\.\DISPLAY3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FC0&SUBSYS_093D10DE&REV_A1DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \\.\DISPLAY4, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0FC0&SUBSYS_093D10DE&REV_A1
  2. andygadget

    Bug Reports

    Bug report template 1. DescriptionOn the team screen prior to the battle starting it is no longer possible to compare ships 2. Reproduction steps Start any battle, and during the start up phase where you can look at the mission and teams there is no compare or context menu, just the player name dipslayed 3. Result You cannot see how well matched the teams are or who may be your greatest threat. 4. Expected result I expect to be able to compare the stats for all ships on both my and the opposing team prior to the "5 second" count out 5. Technical details This has been in place since the last update Ok - this is a usability issue. You have to click/hover over the ship outline itself. not just select the player bar. It works as I need but its not that obvious.