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  1. vortenus

    Two radical CV changes that could help greatly

    BB bias in its finest. Thats why any discussion is pointless. Dont remember DD's dominating everything. What i remember is constat whine of BBabies that cant play.
  2. vortenus

    Brit CA producing one ball of smoke only

    Yes, you're right. In 1vs 1 situation RN CL will loose practically to anything that has even a little bit of brain (its not thet common in this game unfortunately). But. It's not 1 vs 1 game. Its 12 vs 12. You're not suppose to charge head on with them. Planning, positioning, knowing what to do and what to avoid. You can really minimize the effect of RNG by playing right. At this moment RN CL's are the only crusiers that can actually contribute to a win significantly. In any other cruisers its a dice roll. Will RNG send you out to port in this salvo or in another. You charge in, you're dead. You stay back, you're not doing much for the win. Passive BB's dont help that situation. In RN CL you can actually carry a game. Its quite difficult if not impossible in other nations. And if I caught in bad position, I'm not hoping that this salvo that's coming my way wont hit citadel. I'm preparing that it will Any other outcom is just a nice bonus. I stand by my words. By using spotter you're purposely hurting your game. Why using something that is subpar? You could do much better and be more useful to your team if you play them the right way. And yes, before someone write this, there is only one way to play RN effectively. Like i said, if you dont like smoke shooting, there are other lines.
  3. vortenus

    Brit CA producing one ball of smoke only

    And how many times you find yourself in this situations? We're getting nowhere here i see. Like i said. Show your stats, prove that spotting plane is viable thing. Or better yet, post some replay. I ąm very, very curious how your playstyle looks. If not, EOT from my side. Hope we never end up in same team
  4. vortenus

    Brit CA producing one ball of smoke only

    I'm not trying to bully you and i am not trolling, far from it. And its not about opinion, its about facts. Like I said by stripping yourself from one thing that makes RN CL's amasing you're making the game 11 vs 12. Because lets be honest all you can do to others with your spotting plane is scratch them a little. And i said, you can go full HE with BB or full AP on IJN CA's Hell you can even build your IJN DD like a gunboat. But all of it is stupid, useless and its hurting 11 other ppl in your team by wasting their time. Just because your "fu*k it, i'm playing how i like" attitude. You're not doin anything so someone else has to try twice as hard. That kind of player is what i hate in any online game. Purposely doing something wrong by crippling your team and refusing to acknowledge that. If you dont like shooting from smoke why playing line that has to do it to perform? Go play IJN, or USN CA. No smoke there.
  5. vortenus

    Elimination thread number Two: Tier V

    Bogue (1/1/0): 16 Texas: 14 Omaha: 14 Nicholas: 16 Zuiho (1/1/2): 8 Zuiho (1/2/1): 21 Kongo: 32 - 3 = 29 Completely not my typ of BB. Can't play her, can't hit anything in her. Just yuck.. Furutaka: 18 + 1 =19 Why no love for Furrytaco? After buffs its absolute beast on her tier and perfectly viable even on 7. Minekaze/Kamikaze/Fujin: 35 Gremy: 25 Kirov: 2 Murmansk: 25 König: 27 Königsberg: 23
  6. vortenus

    Brit CA producing one ball of smoke only

    I'd say they are most thrilling ships in game at the moment Its simple "high risk high reward" situation. If you're unlucky or you fu*k something up its bye, bye. But if you know what to do and you didnt offend RNGesus with anything lately they're absolute beasts. But maybe, i'm playing them wrong and with spotting plane they're even better
  7. vortenus

    Brit CA producing one ball of smoke only

    So, you're saying you're stripping the ship of its best asset and expect it to perform better? And "spotter plane and play aggresively". Say what? How exactly is this work? Are you aggresively shooting from max distance? Violently campig BB style? Because you'd be dead in a second if you try smthing else. I can offer also alternate tactics on other ships. Like demo expert on BB's, exper loader on CV. I'll bet they're as good as youre "spotter plane on RN CL's tactic" On the second tought. Keep them hidden. I think I already know what they are on RN CL's Because apart from you there are 11 other ppl who are on the disadvantage due to your "tactic". Something tells me its as viable as BB's sniping from max distance or DD's spaming torps from 15 km. But please, prove me wrong. I'll happily take back everything i wrote here as soon as you show me that spotting plane lets you perform better then smoke on RN CL's.
  8. vortenus

    Brit CA producing one ball of smoke only

    I've noticed that optimal speed for popping a smoke while slowing down is around 20 kts. It'll give you 2 circles and you'll stop in smoke. Interesting. How about making your stats public so we can judge this tactic?
  9. vortenus

    Eh i znów weekend...

    Ale jednak porażka, czyli coś nie pykło. W sumie fakt, z tabelki niewiele wynika. Mogłem zrobić screena z końcówki bitwy. W skrócie: 5 min do końca. Przegrywamy w capach 2:1. Zostało 5 vs 5. Atago i Ibuki dzielnie prą do A1 ostrzeliwując się. Tirpitz twardo przyczajony za górką. Mahan siedzi w dymie i strzela bo po co płynąć capować. Jedynie Izumo coś próbował pushnąć.
  10. vortenus

    Eh i znów weekend...

    "Z kamerą wśród zwierząt" A niby mamy środek tygodnia.
  11. vortenus

    Your Greatest RN Game Today

    Fiji is a beast Nuff said
  12. vortenus

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Fiji <3 Coś mi mówi, że zostanie w porcie.
  13. vortenus

    Rest in peace Cruisers, may you be remembered.

    Saw some valid points about cruiser here, thought about writing few things, but then i read this: So I checked Your stats. You don't know much about cruisers (it's not a attack, just statement of facts). You're playing KM CA which is not ideal for 1st line to say the least. They're rather fragile AP spammers with pretty bad HE. IJN's no-brainers-burn-everything-in-site cruisers would be much better choice for the start. About cruisers in general I see two major problems. 1st its the current meta. Lots and lots of BB's. Its understandable, cause lets be honest, BB's require least skill to play and can forgive a lot. In CA and DD's you can go back to port after one mistake. So majority of players choose something easy to play thus said ""BB infestation". Introducing KM BB's (which are incredibly easy to play) and RN CL's - OP (yes, OP as fu*k in the right hands but super hard to play), in short time didn't helped it. 2nd RNG. Even if You do everything perfect You can still be sunk in a seceond. Why? Becouse fuc*k You, thats why! BB shoots a salvo from 20+ km, RNGsus throws the dice and one shell separates from others and You got Yourself a citadel. Despite being angled and manouvering and that mean 20-50% of Your HP is gone just like that. Again, doesnt happen in BB's. While we cant do much about 1st (at least not until KM DD's are introduced-btw WG, nice game-braking line, really gg), I wrote an idea about 2nd problem some time ago. Increse prob. of CA being citadel while broadside to BB (I sailed in straight line, made a mistake, good for You, have a free citadel) but severly decrease chance of citadel on angled/manouvering CA. Some things to increase CA population would also be nice. Missions only for cruisers with nice rewards, bonus xp for plaing CA, bonus gold. Something like that.
  14. vortenus

    Tyranny of the mods

  15. vortenus

    Eh i znów weekend...

    Obiecujący początek weekendu...