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  1. K_A

    Suggestions thread

    Here's a suggestion to WG: How about don't sell tier 9 premiums in the premium shop?
  2. K_A

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    Game will only give the option once you have enough combined coal+steel to buy whatever it is you want to buy. Before that it will just tell you how much coal you need.
  3. K_A

    Terror of the Deep: A brief guide

    Tried hard mode twice now, both tiumes we failed to scout the lair so 4-star attempts.. Gonna try Gerfalcon now and scout it myself. EDIT And I did it! Had to scout both the lair and all of the catapults around and behind it myself, but luckily I had two people on my team who had some common sense to not die and keep Rasputin afloat while completing the 20-ship total while I was busy scouting.
  4. K_A

    BB AP changes on DD

    You wrote it down better than I probably could. I'd also like to add that the torpedo bulge changes affect some ships while leaving others completely unchanged, which is just.. Wrong. If a ship is overperforming, nerf the ship. If a mechanic is broken, nerf the mechanic. Torpedo bulges have never been accused of being broken or overpowered, neither has any ship been accused of being overpowered simply because it has a good torpedo protection so these changes are completely unwanted and unnecessary at best. Bulges are supposed to be EXTRA armouring and protection, and after this change they will simply be a hindrance and a clear downside to any ship, and that's just wrong.
  5. K_A

    the "carry harder!" thread

    No screenshots but I'll give you a run-through. Hard fought battle, caps are 2-2 for most of it so points are similar. I went down at a little under 3 minutes left but my last torp salvo killed the last remaining enemy DD meaning they only had BBs left, and just before that we cap a third point and gain the upper hand. A minute or so pass, we're up by 100 points, have 3 caps and ships are 4v4 so all we need to do is not sink and it's an easy win, enemy BBs are all 15km away from our ships (except our DD but it's a DD and it should be able to easily stay hidden) and only in position to contest at most one cap. So what does our team do? Hipper and Krohnstadt turn into the enemies and open fire on the closest enemy Iowa 15km away, Kitakaze smokes himself to aid. But the Iowa still has like 40k health and our cruisers have a lot less. What happens? Well Iowa of course isn't the only enemy left with the range to shoot at them so Krohnstadt goes down in 10 seconds, saying in chat "I was spotted no matter what" (no you weren't if you hadn't turned into them!) so Hipper is left without backup and goes down too. At the same time one of the enemy BBs snipe the Kitakaze by shooting at the muzzle flashes in the smoke screen so suddenly enemy has 100 points over us and 15 seconds left in the battle. I think one of the enemy players summed it up pretty well in chat just before it ended; "wow.. nice throw" EDIT oh yeah and I was in a Tirpitz and sunk 3 enemies and did 155k damage and easily top of my team but yeah.. Apparently not enough.
  6. The last game I had a cyclone in I killed two enemies outside of the cyclone's range by aiming with the minimap. It's no problem when you know what to do.
  7. K_A

    Directive bug?

    It does quite clearly say both teams, nothing ambiguous about that.
  8. K_A

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    What makes you think like you somehow should reach rank 1? I get a feeling from your posts like you feel entitled to the rank and you're being robbed of it. No. If free time is such a commodity to you, then ranked simply isn't the game mode for you. You're clearly not good enough to power through to rank 1 with ease, so for you it's going to take time. If you'd be always getting as bad teams as you're saying, you should have no trouble topping your team in XP every game and always saving your stars, clearly that is not the case, ergo there is something you're not telling us. You make mistakes too, enemy team makes mistakes too, both teams get those bad players who have simply ranked up by playing hundreds of battles hoping for the best.
  9. K_A

    Dont understand how guiness work

    Eh, at least it's better than WoT. Torps and fires don't discriminate ships of different tiers.
  10. K_A

    Dont understand how guiness work

    Buying the 10 guineas for 0,89€ already gives you 2 weeks of total break during these 3 months, but more likely what I'll do is not always worry about getting all 4 guineas per week. If I only get 2 because I didn't play as much, so be it. And if I need to shell out another fiver at the end for a couple more guineas that's still a tier 8 prem for less than 6€.
  11. K_A

    Clan Base 2.0: WG favoring BIG clans again

    I have a small clan started by me and two of my friends. We've been inviting people we feel like and kicking the ones who are most inactive whenever we remember to get to it, we still have only 30 clan capacity, and none of us are very hardcore players (our members average around 2-3,000 total battles played, us founders are at around 2,000 +/- a couple hundred). Despite this we had enough oil to get all the buildings to have the bonuses up to tier 10, and the first upgrade to coal port, and a couple buildings to have the first all tiers upgrade. The first upgrades are the ones that give the best benefit and are really quite cheap, and the oil spend will hit a severe wall of diminishing returns as you get more and more of it. I mean, for your first 15,300 oil you can get -5% post battle service, -10% cost of new ships, +2% XP, +10% free XP and +2% commander XP for all tiers! Yet when you're in a big clan and you want that last +1% XP bonus you need to fork up 30,000 for just that one percent. Diminishing returns. This system actually makes sure that even small clans get some really substantial gains from being in the clan, and the big ones just get that tiny bit of extra but they have to seriously grind to get it.
  12. K_A

    Is Karma bugged?

    I got reported today for gunning down a Minekaze in my brand spanking new Acasta. I saw his torps come from behind an island so I went in and spotted him not 3.5km away. Apparently I was using banned mods. I wouldn't have known I was reported, but the Minekaze captain felt it was necessary to pm me and inform that my mods are banned and he reported me for them. I've never used a single mod... Karma is and will always be a useless metric when the average player base has the IQ of a dead squirrel.
  13. When trying to look at your stats it seems like you haven't played a single battle with this account. Are you sure you haven't been playing WoWS on an NA account and NA client? An EU WoT account wouldn't work on a NA WoWS client, that's the only explanation I can think of.
  14. K_A

    Stuck on a 54% winrate

    I seem to have about 56% winrate.. No idea why, I don't really even see myself as being any good at the game.. Sure, I've played from weekend beta, but still, I don't even have a tier 10 ship yet. Part of it might be I've played tanks for a long time before this and my strong suit was always battlefield knowledge and situational awareness, not so much the pure aiming and driving part, and in ships awareness of what's going to happen in the next 2, 3, even 5 minutes is a lot more important than in tanks..
  15. K_A

    Why no replays?

    Why don't we still have a replay system in place built into the game? Replay recording and playback have been possible right from the start so there's no reason not to simply add a checkbox in the game settings to enable them. Just today I had the game of my life but since I was forced to do a fresh install a couple weeks ago I of course forgot to config replays back on and now the battle is forever lost and will only live on in my memories.. :(