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  1. robijn17

    Tier V now what

    40k still sound a lot to me and i normally play 1,5 h in a weekend. But yeah flags/camo do help i try to use them according the wiki. Just need a little more experience boating this boat. I'm still making the hey-guys-omaha-broadside/free-citadel-right-here error.
  2. robijn17

    Tier V now what

    Well lets hit the test server then. If they are using this tier, might as well try there.
  3. robijn17

    Tier V now what

    Ok i got here, tier V (yay?). Man did i get my [edited]slapped around in my omaha. I started to watch some youtube movies and started to play a whole lot better. But now i got a fully upgraded omaha and starting to slap other boats to the depths below. But now i'm faced with my next problem... I can now choose between the pensacola or the dallas. I would like to here the experience other people have with these boats before i sink 40k xp and find out i got the wrong one. Tell me about the ships and how they play, i have been on the wiki of both of them so i got that covered. TL;DR tell me you experience with the pensacola or the dallas.