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  1. As the title suggested how do you get the next ship in rogue wave. I have 15k base xp but i can't find the option/button to buy/upgrade to a new ship.
  2. robijn17

    Commanders and tiers.

    oh wow 4 tiers have gone to waste. i replaced them all. I only started transferring my last CO from Omaha to Dallas. I feel stupid now.
  3. robijn17

    Commanders and tiers.

    I have been busy honing my skills in my ships, learning to play the various rolls and i'm definitely improving. Many thanks to all vets who have posted replies on questions by others. I learned a lot! Now i'm i bit stuck. Each ship has a commander/captain with its share of skills... Now here's what puzzles me.... If i start from the start, let's say tier 1, and i take the commander forward to each new tier ship and accept the retraining cost of 200k and grind the rest. Would if make any difference at the when I reach for example tier 6. Or is there any sense in taking up a new commander per ship?
  4. robijn17

    Tier V now what

    40k still sound a lot to me and i normally play 1,5 h in a weekend. But yeah flags/camo do help i try to use them according the wiki. Just need a little more experience boating this boat. I'm still making the hey-guys-omaha-broadside/free-citadel-right-here error.
  5. robijn17

    Tier V now what

    Well lets hit the test server then. If they are using this tier, might as well try there.
  6. robijn17

    Tier V now what

    Ok i got here, tier V (yay?). Man did i get my [edited]slapped around in my omaha. I started to watch some youtube movies and started to play a whole lot better. But now i got a fully upgraded omaha and starting to slap other boats to the depths below. But now i'm faced with my next problem... I can now choose between the pensacola or the dallas. I would like to here the experience other people have with these boats before i sink 40k xp and find out i got the wrong one. Tell me about the ships and how they play, i have been on the wiki of both of them so i got that covered. TL;DR tell me you experience with the pensacola or the dallas.