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  1. How many of your 340 posts Conh... are "Bumps" ? I guess I just bumped our post :)
  2. SilbannacusII

    Whats goin on WG Disconnection problem!!??

    Lost connection about 5-6 times and twice in the same game.
  3. SilbannacusII

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Kul med en svensk klan. Hade jag inte varit nöjd med min nuvarande klan hade jag ansökt direkt :O Förlåt om jag halvt kidnappar er tråd, men vill någon av er köra division... hör av er :)
  4. SilbannacusII

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I too experience drop in FPS. I get spikes from my normal around 70 down to 30-15. Never had any issues with this Before.
  5. SilbannacusII

    Bug Reports

    I don't know if its related to the latest update but I noticed it now. The bug is related to emblems. I reinstalled my world of warship-client yesterday, and haven't been able to make my choosen emblem stick after that. I choose an emblem i have earned, but it still displays a patch. Sometimes it does change, but then after a game it changes back to a patch.
  6. SilbannacusII

    Looking for a team

    I would like to join a team that play to win. A team where people are active, practice and participate in Clan wars. I would after some 7000 games play more as a team and division instead of solo. I'm mainly a cruiser player. I usually play Zao, Hindenburg and Moskva, but I do have all tier 10 ships at this moment available in the game. I'm new to playing as a team as I played mostly solo. I speak swedish and english. Send me a pm if you think I could possibly have a home in your team.
  7. SilbannacusII

    Looking for a team

    Am I supposed to feel bad when you no longer want me after me rejecting you? Talking of skill, open your stats for people to see...
  8. SilbannacusII

    Looking for a team

    You made me an offer even if I'm not as good as I say I am? You thought I am good enough for your clan, but I'm not confident your clan is right to me. That I base on stats of your clan members, and the fact I saw members of your clan in game. As an example as it was more recent last night 3 of your members played in a division, and they were first to die... and yes, they were on my team and we struggled a win 3 bb's short. My stats have gone down a little the last days mainly because I find myself surrounded by people who die way too easy!
  9. SilbannacusII

    Looking for a team

    Is that why you hide your stats?
  10. SilbannacusII

    Suggestions thread

    Does it have to be like you think? I do not fully understand your quention, but my point is exactly opposite yours that recruitment can be done in game. That without spamming the chat, but where people can talk after a game, and it makes it easier if people know someone are looking for a clan!
  11. SilbannacusII

    Suggestions thread

    I'm also aware of the possibilty using the forum, however it has nothing to do with my suggestion.
  12. SilbannacusII

    Suggestions thread

    Yes, I am fully aware you can search for a clan in game. You miss the point, totally. Perhaps you should read my suggestion again.
  13. SilbannacusII

    Suggestions thread

    My suggestion is about recruitment to a clan. As of today its impossible unless you write every game you play that you are looking for a clan. Therefor I suggest you make a tag everyone can use to show they are looking for a clan to join. This would make it easier to join a clan even outside the forums, for recruiters to approach willing people they find playing good in games they played together.
  14. SilbannacusII

    Looking for a team

    I am still looking for a clan/team to join for division/practice/clan wars. Unfortunately, none of the received invites have been what I'm loooking for.
  15. SilbannacusII

    Looking for a team

    Hello. I'm looking for a team with people speaking english or swedish. I have a win rate around 51%, and below average over 6000 games with about 42,000 in average damage. My recent stats are higher. Last 7 days my average damage is 85,000 with a win rate of 56%. As of lately I played lots of games with ships I like playing. I like playing cruisers such as Zao, Hindenburg, Moskva but I also like playing destroyers where my favourite is Khabarovsk but also the Shimakaze. I have every Tier 10 ship currently available where I sometime play battleships, but have some problems adjusting my aim going from cruisers/destroyers to battleships. I'm looking for a team with people who play regularly, who play to win, who wants to improve their performance individually and as a team. I'm not looking for teams where a majority of players are under my recent stats.