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  1. Have we finally hit gimmick bedrock that even WG decided the initial implementation of the Duke of York was too silly?
  2. Very nice idea, very festive. Would like to join as well. Problem seems to be that people so far are being too generous, by the time the 30th comes around you might have 50+ prizes to draw! 1. In order of preference: Roma, Ashitaka or Duca degli Abruzzi, subject to availability of them. If none are available at the time then De Grasse. 2. De Grasse. 3. Doubloons. 4. De Grasse. 5. Doubloons 6. Doubloons 7. Doubloons 8. Tachibana Thanks to everyone organizing and donating to this, I'd donate something as well if Christmas hadn't already ravaged my finances. :(
  3. I have no problem with two ships weighing thousands to tens of thousands of tonnes causing massive damage to each other when they collide.
  4. HE and fire is essential to the viability of ships with ~8" and lower calibres. Sure, those times you get HE spammed/burned to death while your return volleys simply miss/overpen are annoying as all hell, but positioning and RNG are likely to blame rather than the mechanics and balance itself. If you're finding it happening a lot at the tiers you're playing with ~400 battles, you'll only find it gets worse later on so you should learn to live with it now. Perhaps you can manage your DCP more effectively, don't use it on single fires or sometimes even double if you're actively being shot at. Deal with the threat or disengage before using it or else you risk being set on double fire, or worse, again but this time without a DCP. BBs have the health and repair to be able to absorb a lot of fire damage, keeping your DCP for when you really need it is far more valuable than the health you risk losing by letting fires burn. Cruisers are a bit different, DCP usage is more difficult because at lower tiers you don't have the health or the healing ability to be so frugal with your DCP, but disengaging is easier and it does come off cooldown quicker. Might also be that you're putting yourself in positions where the only outcome is that you end up dead no matter what shoots you, stick with the team and don't pick fights you don't have a chance of winning. At the end of the day you're a relatively new player and this is largely an experience thing, there's nothing broken* and in time you should find yourself learning to be better able to deal with it. * Except for HE on Royal Navy BBs!
  5. Experienced player complaining he couldn't adequately stat-pad in his T5 CV. I think this is a case of 'working as intended'!
  6. balance

    As someone who's been burned to death by a Fiji in my Yorck, I can attest to the power of the HE on the RN cruiser's secondaries! Strong but not quite in need of a nerf, unlike the RN BB's HE.
  7. Splitting the playerbase is an issue, yes, but only if implemented improperly and without flexibility. WG have better access to the stats than any of us, so they would be better placed to decide on the size, quantity and rigidity of any leagues and the ability for overlap in times of low player numbers. As for people who deliberately gimp themselves in order to fall into lower leagues win, so be it. Let them be them, I seriously doubt enough people would bother for it to become a problem. What would be the point? Deliberately losing because you want to win? To farm damage and statpad? That's already an issue. The snowball effect is also greatly exaggerated in your post, disparity in skill between the two teams contributes far more to landslide victories than simply whoever gets the first kill. More closely matched teams would result in more closely matched games. Any introduction of a skill-based MM wouldn't be perfect overnight and it might take time to get it right, but it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be better than what we have now! Any movement towards a pattern of closer, more evenly contested games where each team has an equal chance to win would be a great improvement over the completely random system we have now in my books.
  8. No one is saying that the intent was there to team kill, but it's obvious that the awareness and restraint to hold your fire wasn't. It's not your team's responsibility to avoid your torpedoes and play in a way that suits you, it's yours to make sure you have no chance of hitting them when you fire. You have 33 battles, people shouldn't be crucified for making mistakes at something they're inexperienced at. However, refusing to acknowledge your responsibility and a seeming reluctance to learn from it will see you turn pink again, with each one bringing harsher punishments. Do yourself and the rest of us a favour and be much more careful in the future please!
  9. I'm in the same boat. Bismarck/Tirpitz/Scharnhorst captain has a secondary build without CE but all three are ships I haven't played for half a year. I get the feeling that if I played them again the Scharnhorst is the only one of the three I would feel comfortable without CE and even then only the sheer brilliance of the secondary build on it would stop me from doing the same. With the misery of T8 MM these days I think CE might be the way to go on the Bismarck/Tirpitz, as much as I loved the secondary builds on them.
  10. This argument comes up every time and it gets refuted every time, only for it to come up again. It could be solved by WG simply creating a certain number of bands of players, for games to be composed of players within those bands and for players' performances to be monitored relative to their band, with movement between them depending on performance, rather than overall. No need to shove awful team mates on good players and no concern over everyone's WR tending towards 50% and ruining the whole system. I'm not a game designer, but nothing about the above seems prohibitively difficult to implement and anything that would result in closer, funner games would be a massive improvement over what we have now.
  11. If you mean having the balls and the conviction to see a fight through rather than bailing when it's not absolutely certain you'll win, then yes I agree. However, there have been many times I've been 'confident' a torpedo would run out before it hit me. My confidence didn't help much!
  12. Concealment Expert is, quite simply, an ability to be closer to the action than you would otherwise be able to get all other things being equal. In that sense there are few skills more useful in the game. Concealment Expert is just one of two, the other being Adrenaline Rush, commander skills that go on every single one of my ships.
  13. With respect, it's this sort of attitude that encourages WG to introduce more and more gimmicks to try to artificially vary gameplay between lines. If the question was more as to why a nation with little to no indigenous ship designs, forcing recycling of ships already in the game, was introduced then the answer is simply to pander to the different national player bases. The notion of not wanting to play a new line if there's nothing 'special' about it is dangerous for the health of the game though, we're already at (probably already beyond at this point) a tipping point with gimmicks that almost resulted in radar on the RN BBs, let's not give WG any more encouragement to carry on with it!
  14. If your DDs got wiped out in minutes by radar, then you had a bigger and more fundamental problem with your team than just the radar imbalance! With that said; radar is something that should be capped and balanced across the two teams, there's no reason for it not to be. It can be influential in cases of huge imbalance across the teams or in games where both sides have a lot of it, but it's generally an exaggerated issue that doesn't have too great of an effect in most games. It does have the potential, however, to become a bigger issue if cruisers ever became as numerous in the MM as they should be, or if more ships with radar keep being added. It would be nice if WG were to implement some MM restrictions on it but as things stand right now there are much bigger things to worry about.