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  1. rvfharrier

    Directive 7 done.

    Great, now you've let WG know they made the directives too easy. Good job!
  2. rvfharrier

    Ibuki, any tips?

    It's not great, it's not terrible. Its buff gave it Zao dispersion but it doesn't have Zao guns. It retains the HE spam flavour of the line that's lead to this point, its AP is fairly weak against even broadside cruisers of its own tier at anything beyond close range, but it does at least perform very well in that regard. It's very good at starting fires and racking up DoT, less so at impacting and carrying games. If you are a sane human being and used the 155s on the Mogami, it'll be quite the shift in gameplay and might seem more of a sidegrade than an upgrade but it serves well as a conversion ship for the Zao. I wouldn't describe it as a 'stinker' of the line, but it's no highlight for sure.
  3. This has been my experience as well, I've not faced a single salty or ragey person. This game mode seems to have brought out the best in the community. Some remained silent all game, but most of my opponents returned a friendly greeting and some I even conversed with for the entirety of the match. Has been a big breath of fresh air.
  4. rvfharrier

    Low Tier Ships - Whats your favourite ?

    St. Louis, Duguay-Trouin, Kuma and Izyaslav. While T5 probably doesn't count as 'low tier' I also want to mention the Murmansk because it's the first ship I truly fell in love with. Pre-AFT/BFT nerf Murmansk was quite an experience.
  5. Massa is a better pick than the Tirpitz for me. If the Massa kites and avoids getting torped it'll win a lot more often than not. The tirpitz eats a lot more main battery damage than the Massa does and if the tirp can't get a torpedo salvo off then it generally won't win a damage race on main guns and secondaries alone. The Massa is also a lot more versatile against other opponents than the Tirpitz is, the ability to overmatch 27mm of armour is a pretty big deal and it'll fare a lot better against CVs.
  6. rvfharrier

    I need help with picking battleship line

    Most powercrept ship in the game? That's difficult to say, it's certainly a strong contender though. The two original T7 BBs are relics of a bygone era, haven't played the Colorado in quite some time to give a firsthand account but having reset the IJN BB line I can say replaying the Nagato is one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in the game.
  7. rvfharrier

    Crate ship refund

    Not Pan-Asian!
  8. rvfharrier

    Crate ship refund

    I do hope WG offer OP a one-time-only refund as a gesture of good will, only for the OP to use the gold to buy another container and get an Anshan.
  9. rvfharrier

    Smolensk vs Thunderer which one to get

    It's incredibly fun to play, but it comes directly at the cost of your soul and moral integrity. As for IFHE changes, the Smolensk is perfectly viable without even running IFHE at all. I don't use it on my build, I put my Tashkent captain in it, so while it might affect some builds (if it even goes through, as mentioned above) there are always others that will continue to work just fine.
  10. rvfharrier

    CAPTURE or assisted to capture

    Because if it only contributed 2/3 of the points required for the capture of the point then it wasn't a solo cap was it? As has been pointed out above, if ship A accumulates the overwhelming majority of the points but ship B joins in right at the last second ship A does still get a solo cap for its efforts, as is fair. If, however, it wasn't actually a purely solo effort then why shouldn't all ships involved get an assist ribbon? Remember the ribbons themselves are meaningless (except for arbitrary mission requirements), ships are awarded XP based on how many actual capture points they accumulated. Both ships may be awarded an assist ribbon, but if one contributed more than the other then the XP will be shared proportionally rather than split evenly.
  11. rvfharrier

    Santa's crates

    The odds of getting a rare ship are pretty slim. You'll hear tales, including one in this thread already, of people dropping rare ships from santa crates hand over fist. However, in almost all of these cases those people will have already owned the vast majority of premium ships and dropped the rare ones because those were the only ones left for them to get. People on the forums and reddit have been compiling drop rates and it seems they're pretty heavily weighted towards the lower tier premiums. If you drop a ship you already own, that container will become a super container which is guaranteed to drop a ship you don't have but those too seem to be weighted towards the lower tiers. So if you take a look at that list of 86 premium ships that can drop from the containers and see vast tracts of ships you don't already have, I would warn you that buying the containers specifically with the intent to get rare ships is, in all likelihood, either going to cost you a lot of money or you're going to end up disappointed. Of course you could get super lucky and get a Missouri on your first container, but that's gambling for you. If you do still want to get some ships, then I think the big gift containers are probably the best value for money. You should ignore the standard ones like the plague and while the mega ones do have a higher chance of dropping ships, they're also quite a bit more expensive. Big seems to be the best bang for your buck.
  12. rvfharrier

    Have you won Missouri, Musashi, Benham or Belfast in any crate??

    Unless it's a bug (I've seen it appear once since collecting them, couldn't collect them again though), you know you still have a couple of regular santa containers to claim right? Click the 'collect free containers' button from the container ship. You can see the button on the left hand side of your screenshot. Enjoy your signals and/or camos!
  13. rvfharrier

    Cursed ships: Which is yours?

    There are a few contenders, but it has to be the Algerie for me.
  14. rvfharrier

    Drop rates are RIGGED -

    Were they definitely big boxes, the blue ones? If they were the regular Santa's Gift Containers (the brown ones) then those have such an appalling drop rate for ships that no drops from 60 is pretty standard. If your clan mate got 180 days of premium, that means it dropped from a mega crate as the big ones only drop 90 days (unless there were two drops of course). People on the forums and reddit have been compiling drop rates from the different containers. Seems to be about a 10% drop rate for ships from the big containers. If you buy 60 then there's a 99.8% (1 - 0.9^60) chance you'll drop at least one ship, however due to the way chance works there's no such thing as a guarantee. If you did buy 60 of the big ones, then you just got the 0.02% and were incredibly unlucky. Such are the risks of gambling. I'm sure someone will correct my maths if I'm wrong!
  15. rvfharrier

    IJN BBs state

    It is, don't worry. Fuso is definitely one of the ships of the IJN BB line to have remained strong throughout the years. I have to agree with a lot of the sentiment surrounding the Kongo and Nagato, however. Kongo used to be one of my favourite ships back in the day but she certainly isn't what she used to be. Nagato, meanwhile, has been an absolute roadblock in my regrind of the line, the poor ship has been very much left behind by newer additions to the game. At the end of the day there's no such thing as an accurate BB, there can't be for balance purposes. All of them are subject to a lot of RNG in their shell dispersion in order to offset the sheer destructive potential of their firepower. That RNG is far more influential on any particular volley than the gun and accuracy stats and so experiences and results will vary massively from game to game. They're not meaningless of course, but don't read too much into them. As a prime example the Fuso is a great ship that I thoroughly enjoyed on my regrind, it just has so many guns that the accuracy of any one of them doesn't matter much, yet my second run on the Nagato is perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in the game! Her accuracy stats on paper look quite good, but my experiences with her lead me to believe she has some horrible hidden stats. Would be particularly interested to see what her vertical dispersion is.