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  1. rvfharrier

    Soviet DD's- BFT vs AR

    I have AR on practically every single ship, but I'm not planning to get it on my eventual Khaba captain. The logic being that, given the usefulness of the 3 SP skills and how many I want to take, it indeed comes down to the choice in the thread title between AR and BFT and that BFT will give more more benefit for more of the match. AR won't become more useful until once you're below half health, but given the nature of the ship and how often you're going to be visible and firing you ideally want to avoid being on low health as much as possible. I feel I'd rather have the flat bonus for the whole match.
  2. rvfharrier

    How short is your attention span?

    I didn't read the whole post, can someone do a tl;dr? Games played: 3049 Games in most played ship: 166 Ships played: 133 Average games per ship: 23
  3. rvfharrier


    Are you stockpiling all of your duplicates or spending them as soon as you get five to convert? Because doing the latter will make it take longer to complete the collection.
  4. rvfharrier

    More content for tier 2-4

    Ah, there were several weekend tests? I only remember being in one before closed beta started. Hmmm, oh well!
  5. rvfharrier

    More content for tier 2-4

    How do you have one? Is your forum tag wrong or were weekend testers supposed to get them?
  6. As I understand it, the reticules in the replay simply follow wherever the screen is pointing irrespective of where the guns were pointing in the actual game. So an instance where someone in a game used RMB or Ctrl + X to hold his guns in place while looking around will result in the reticules being decoupled from the guns as you often see in replays, like the one you linked in the video.
  7. rvfharrier

    ARA Nueve de Julio - a ship famous as a political prison

    I think this is actually quite a valid criticism. The history of this ship is very distinct from the history of other potentially controversial ships we have in game which suffered losses in the line of duty such as Hood, Arizona, Indianapolis etc. The inclusion of those ships is absolutely justifiable in the context of the game, I don't think the same can necessarily be said here.
  8. rvfharrier

    Khabarovsk - Skills and upgrades

    It is useful, it allows you to penetrate 27mm armour which quite a lot of high tier cruisers have on their bows and/or decks. It's not going to open up much else, however, since all T8-10 BBs pretty much have 19mm superstructure and 32mm+ bow and deck armour, so you gain nothing on them that you didn't have without IFHE. As such, it's generally not as useful as a lot of other skills that it would prevent you from being able to get like DE, SE, BFT, AFT, SI etc. So not recommended, no.
  9. rvfharrier

    Realistic Radar

    Depending on the setup, the best you could get would be a bearing accurate to within a few degrees. You can get direction, yes, but not distance since that would require knowing how long the pulse took to reach you, which is impossible if you don't know when it was sent. So to get actual positioning you'd need two listeners offset from one another to be able to do some triangulation, but a single set could get an RPF-like direction. Should mention this is what modern ESM is capable of, I have no idea if this was done or even possible in WW2. Distance from radar to listener is half that of the distance from radar to listener and back to the radar again, so yes you can passively pick up a radar from a longer range than it might be able to detect you.
  10. rvfharrier

    Massachusetts & Monaghan in the premium shop

    I'm experiencing the same as tenacious_torps, don't see it anywhere in the store. When linked to it directly from a clanmate who can see it it says 'Item unavailable'.
  11. rvfharrier

    RN, all the ships, WOW!

    More impressive than the actual Royal Navy!
  12. rvfharrier

    Some random questions

    Will also recommend the 155s with IFHE. As wasteful as it is to train up a captain specifically for the Mogami or to spend gold/elite captain XP to respec him it's worth it if you're able to. The Mogami with the 203s is basically a worse Atago and not even that much (if any at all) of an improvement over the Myoko! Stealthier but with the same firepower, a longer reload and less health. The 155s offer something completely different and they can output a great amount of DPM if you let them, plus it was immense fun! You might decide to simply keep that captain in the Mogami and start training a new captain for the Ibuki!
  13. rvfharrier

    USS Seattle Gun Range wtf

    Guns aren't able to elevate as much under the weight of all the added AA?
  14. rvfharrier

    chapayev, How is it?

    If you liked the Buddy and the Shchors then you'll like the Chappy, yes. I loved it, second favourite ship in the line after the Buddy for me (haven't played the Moskva yet). Exact same guns as you had on the Buddy so you should be well acquainted with them and they pair brilliantly with the 11.7km radar because within that range your shell velocity gives you rail guns which can easily hit any DDs you detect. The radar is both a blessing and a curse, though. You absolutely should use it to support your DDs in the caps, but there will be times when doing that will get you into some serious trouble that you might not be able to escape from. Choose your battles wisely! Much as with the Buddy, Shchors and Donskoi IFHE will be mandatory if you want to use the ship to its full effectiveness, but unlike the two ships that follow it its stealth is still very workable. Its stealth makes it one of the few ships in the game which is able to radar outside of its detection range, which is something that shouldn't be a thing, and that can be a great offensive and defensive tool. Its stealth is still good enough that it can disengage at will, and if you have a DD spotting you preventing you from being able to disengage then he's already well inside of your radar range. And yes, it can burn and melt BBs just as well as its predecessors!
  15. rvfharrier

    A serious message to WG from a veteran / Divisions abuse

    Overhaul the division mechanics for the huge numbers of people who play this game casually with friends because of an extreme minority of tryhards? Does their existence at the top of a website really affect your life that much?