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  1. All-time probably the Cleveland before the AFT and BFT changes, Mogami was ludicrously strong in that era as well. Right now probably the Budyonny.
  2. I don't think the complaint was one of too many tactical choices, it's that in Two Brothers the two halves of the map are too physically separated from one another and it's far too cumbersome a map to relocate across if it becomes obvious you'd be better placed on the other flank instead. Having excessive terrain largely blocking off parts of the map from one another is bad design in my book and Estuary, since it's the subject of the thread, is an example of a better designed map in that regard.
  3. Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the game! Not sure how similar/different WoWS is to Blitz and so how much of a learning curve there'll be for you. At any rate, any questions or struggles you have don't be afraid to ask them here. There's a lot to take in for a new player and many here are more than happy to help you out.
  4. Bismark Last 4 points

    I used to run a secondary build on my Tirpitz, Scharnhorst and what little I played of my Bismarck. I absolutely loved it but now I'm wondering if it's still really worth it. Fire Prevention is a must-have I'd say now, which simply eats too much into the maximum potential of any secondary build. If you aren't eeking out every single bit of performance out of your secondaries that you can then I'm not sure it's worth doing it at all. If I started playing those ships again I think I might respec for a survival build, as much as it would break my heart.
  5. Bug Reports

    1. Description Most, but not all, of my UI froze entirely while the game continued in the background. Couldn't zoom out, shells froze in midair but ships carried on moving, I was able to turn and fire my guns but not move my camera at all. Had run aground an embarrassingly large amount that battle, hopefully I didn't concuss any of my crew causing this. Opening/closing the menu and alt tabbing did nothing to fix it. 2. Reproduction steps None identifiable. Simply playing the game. 3. Result Game rendered unplayable. UI, with exceptions such as the kill feed and ribbon counter, remains frozen while the game continues with no ability to see it. Port UI seemed normal after exiting the battle but was unable to close the client normally, requiring usage of the task manager. 4. Expected result Not sure what to put here! For that not to happen I suppose. :p
  6. Riding the map border BS

    It's nowhere near as big of an issue as it once was, it's not perfect but it's really not something worth putting effort into. As long as it's possible for someone whose DCP is on cooldown to lose their steering gear and unintentionally ride the border, ticking damage while in contact is a terrible idea. What we have now is good enough.
  7. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    Draws were at one time far more common than today, if the timer ran down before all ships on one team were destroyed or a base was capped then the game would be a draw regardless of the state of the game. IIRC draws made up around 5-6% (or perhaps more, might even have been as high as 7-8%) of all games in the early days. All-time stats will still include these games but they will have been diluted over time to the point that, since draws now are incredibly rare, the average WR for CVs as a class at any tier should be very nearly 50%. The numbers displayed here are simply wrong.
  8. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    There's no way those can be right though, can they? Due to the way CV MM is mirrored then the average WR for T10 CVs as a whole should be 50% before the effect of any draws. Draws simply haven't been common enough for long enough to cause the combined numbers to be so low. To make it even more confusing warships today gives something completely different with the Hakuryu having a WR of 53.28% and the Midway 47.76%.
  9. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    Where do you get these numbers from? The draw epidemic has been gone for a long time now, the numbers should have averaged much closer to 50% since then surely.
  10. A class marginalized in-game over time due to multiple issues is very different to a class deliberately culled through sledgehammer balancing by WG of individual ships intended to be overly effective against them. I'm firmly of the opinion that no one class is overpowered. CVs are broken but not overpowered and the rest are, generally, balanced fine as they are. BBs, however, are too numerous in individual battles and it gives them undue influence over cruisers which find themselves outnumbered in almost every battle. For me a tweaking of the MM to ensure that cruisers are the most numerous class in the game is and will always be a far better solution than attempting to lower BB numbers by releasing ships with gimmicky all-or-nothing balance to try and force a meta shift by driving people away from BBs.
  11. You don't fix your car's broken clutch by cutting the brakes. I'm all for the acknowledgement of and attempted solutions for battleship overpopulation, but the logic behind this ship is the same that gave us the biggest disaster ever released in the history of the game in the form of the Graf Zeppelin. A one trick pony intended to be so utterly devastating against a single class that it significantly lowers their population and to be next to useless against the rest. It won't work and it will do more damage to the balance and health of the game than it will do good. Makes me wonder also if anyone at WG thought of the consequences of attempting to lower a class' numbers by frustrating and forcibly driving players away from it.
  12. AP Bombs Are OP

    More fun more of the time. Less frustrating for CV players who have less no-fly zones to avoid and less frustrating for players who may through no fault of their own find themselves without significant AA protection. I'm not a carrier player, the thought of being struck by carriers more often isn't something that particularly entices me but such an inconsistent and imbalanced relationship between CVs and AA is simply bad for the game. Part of the problem lies in CVs, part of it in AA. You can't change one and not the other.
  13. AP Bombs Are OP

    The specifics of how much each area is tweaked is obviously something that would take time, endless forum bickering and a healthy dose of trial and error to get right but frankly it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be better than what we have now! I'm not advocating completely gutting AA, but I think it's unhealthy for gameplay for carriers to have to navigate a minefield of impenetrable AA bubbles and then be able to farm a devastating strike on a ship that happened to find themselves outside of one. For carriers to have less outright strike potential but to be able to more reliably pierce all but the strongest AA shields would be more fun for everyone involved. A middle ground which is sorely lacking right now. I'd say to still keep the panic effect of DFAA so that AA ships still have a function, but for them to be able to slaughter entire waves of equal-tiered CV planes is simply ridiculous. Hell, you often don't need to be a specialist AA ship to decimate entire waves if the CV is two tiers lower. Less alpha and more consistency wouldn't in my mind make them overpowered, it would merely make them consistently strong. An improvement over the lottery we have now, offset by the fact there's just one per team at high tiers and also something for which there's historical precedent. Right now they're overpowered, they just happen to be underpowered at the same time and the two states do not at all balance one another.
  14. AP Bombs Are OP

    I'd much prefer to see a more consistent approach to CV game play than the all-or-nothing approach we have now, yes. Right now there's such a high AA potential for some ships that it forces carriers to be given a frankly absurd strike potential to compensate, the problem being that it's the majority of ships that suffer for the capabilities of a few that can only do so much to actually protect them if they're even so inclined. The fact that I can shoot down every last plane of an entire Midway strike package without taking any damage whatsoever in my AA spec Hindie, then watch helplessly as that same Midway goes on to annihilate my team on the other side of the map is just a joke. I'm not at all a fan of all-or-nothing game balance as it's simply frustrating for all parties involved. I'd like to see WG significantly lower the strike potential of carriers, lower AA across the board (significantly on some ships), increase the survivability of planes and perhaps slightly lower the total air complement to account for less planes being shot down. Ideally for me carriers would get less alpha but could get damage in more consistently rather than the broken mess we have now. Would also hopefully make CVs less at the mercy of the MM and a bottom tier CV would have something to play for.
  15. AP Bombs Are OP

    AP bombs are a terrible mechanic and a pretty good representation of the brokenness of CVs as a whole really; utterly OP under certain conditions and borderline useless under others.