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  1. Hawker96

    Armada: Indomitable

    Its really disappointing that again the Sea Fury, one of the most famous British carrier borne fighter aircraft is left out again. I was really holding out hope we would finally see them with this ship if we were not going to see them in the main tree. Its also even more disappointing that not only is the Sea Fury absent from HMS Indomitable, but you also show it on all 3 promotional pictures on the website and premium store: All the way back when British carriers were first introduced, I left feedback on the Sea Fury's absence and pointed out then that is was really sad to see it overlooked and most of the carriers using the same aircraft duplicated, whilst much more effort has been put into US and Japanese aircraft. The Sea Fury was in the in-game collection for British carriers and even featured heavily in the Naval Legends Aviation episode:
  2. Hawker96

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    One of the first and most striking things I noticed with the arrival of British CVs, is the spesific lack of a very important aircraft that I think many people had come to expect to be present at least on the tier X carrier. I understand that HMS Audacious is under a "coming soon" warning and likely/may change before here arrival, however she is very much notably missing the Hawker Sea Fury Naval Fighter? Even the World of Warships: Naval Legends - British Fleet Air Arms Warplanes video highlights this aircraft, which gave some heavy indication that it would be part of the game. Is there any main reason why HMS Audacious's upgrades are just flat Wyverns across the board for strike, torpedo and bomber? This seems like a huge waste and rather boring option considering the Sea Fury does indeed exist and is far more successful and historically significant. Not to mention, we have the F8F Bearcat in game as an attack aircraft, so why not the Sea Fury? I really do hope this is changed for the better as Audacious looks really, really lackluster with just Wyverns across the board and the clear gap of a very significant aircraft in British Naval aviation. Both Midway and Hakuryu both have a clear representative of a pinnacle piston engined fighter, so why is the British carrier fielding the same aircraft 3 times in all 3 slots when there is a rather obvious candidate right here? I really hope this is just an early / placeholder / WIP stage for Audacious and that the Sea Fury is indeed considered.
  3. Hello I seemed to have missed the recent premium shop offers for the Jean Bart (IX premium) and HMS Dreadnought. Is there any chance they will go on sale again in the store or were they once only? Thanks
  4. Hawker96

    Premium Japanese Carrier: Kaga

    The 7 aircraft at the front are Mitsibushi A6M2s, followed by Nakajima B5N2s and Aichi D3A1 in that order from front to back. Bare in mind that its just artwork and the camo/schemes may not be entirely historical or look the same by the time it makes it in game. But they are 100% A6M2s at the front.
  5. Hawker96

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    So the reason for the Nachi mission being so frustrating was "it already has 3 sisters in game" ? What about those of us who actually wanted a full set but were denied because the MM would not give us Russian ships most of the time and when they did, they were focused fire by most of the team before you could even get close. That really depends on how you define hard. The mission required no excessive skill yes, but what it did require was immense Luck and a matchmaking lineup that even permitted you to participate in the mission, two things that should never be part of a mission. If the Nachi, a tier VII ship at 30,000 less completions than the top tier VIII ship, does that not tell you guys anything at all? All due respect, what good is that now? Is there any feasible way those of us that were not "good" enough to actually get Russian ships on the enemy team, even when playing Russians and those of us who were not "lucky" enough to even get close to that ship before the rest of our teams steamrolled directly towards them can actually get the Nachi to complete our collection? This topic, which is 36 Pages long and has 717 replies was started on the 3rd November. Right at the start of the event with nearly two months of it to go. The Takao mission was changed, yet 36 Pages and 717 responses later and the Nachi mission was not changed at all: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/65648-arp-takao-nah-prepare-for-the-arp-nachi-pain/#topmost You have already seen that topic however as you posted in there. So to conclude, I have some questions and suggestions if you could please respond to them as it would be appreciated: - Is there any actual way those of us who could not complete the Nachi Mission (and that is a lot going by your figures and the response to that topic) can actually get the Nachi now? - How can we complete our collections from this point on if we are 8/9? - As this was the "last hurrah" of the ARP and supposed to be a celebratory event, do you not feel it is best to give us some way of actually realistically getting that ship like all other servers? - Perhaps in the same way you have done with the flags, why not Credit the Nachi to everyone who had all 8 other ships? - At the very least, why not offer her in the premium shop or in game for doubloons/credits/free xp so those of us who are interested can actually complete our collections? Any response at all would be much appreciated as it rather looks like we are just supposed to "suck it up" and deal with in the hopes we all forget this mission happened when there has clearly been a bug response to this issue.
  6. Hawker96

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    Its now 2nd Jan 2017 and nobody has the commanders or flag yet as they were promised after the event: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/66108-arpeggio-compensation-and-more/#topmost As for the 14 days: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/66108-arpeggio-compensation-and-more/page__st__100__pid__1544363#entry1544363
  7. Hawker96

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    If they can credit the 3 remaining commanders and flag 14 days into January like they are going to do on EU and NA, there is no reason or limitation, they cannot give the ARP Nachi to those who met the following conditions: 1) Completed all other ARP missions or own all other ships except the Nachi 2) Started the ARP Nachi mission and got 20/20 for US, IJN and Germany but were unable to complete the disastrous and poorly thought out RU one. 3) Have played X amount of battles in ARP ships before Jan 1st 2017. Or if WG EU really wanted to actually redeem themselves for this horrific screw up of a mission, credit the ARP Nachi to anyone who started the mission and owns at least 1 other ARP ship. At the end of the day it costs them nothing, they clearly can do it with no legal limitations and would show clear consideration for the community. But instead, nothing will happen and we of course wont even get a response on the Nachi in the hopes that we all just forget about it because WG EU fixing the situation they caused is asking too much.
  8. Hawker96

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    Thats the whole problem though and why people are so frustrated. There wont be a next time. Wargaming said this would be our last chance to get the ARP ships as their "Partnership" with ARP ended on Jan 1st 2017. Thus you would think, as a obvious way of celebrating this and going out on a positive, like the NA server, WG EU would actually create feasible and realistically achievable missions. Instead we get a mission for the Nachi that heavily relied on situation, luck and matchmaking lineups. 3 things that are out of the control of the player and should not ever be apart of a mission. Thats it now. There are so second chances. We cant even purcahse the ARP ships we are missing in the premium shop or in game with Doubloons. We have no way of getting that last ship we needed for our collection, thanks to a clear inability to foresee the poor construction of this mission by WG and the horrific fact that they wont even comment or respond on the matter, let alone actually do anything about it.
  9. Hawker96

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Great, thanks for the heads up. Its a shame those of us who got all the other ARP ships except the Nachi have no other way of completing our collection due to a very poor mission design that required luck rather than anything the player could influence All the topics on the Nachi and WG EU wont even comment.
  10. Hawker96

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Has anyone else got these yet? I have Takao and was cheated out of Nachi but currently dont have any of the above.
  11. Hawker96

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    That would be great, if every 10th game actually had a Russian ship in it. Even when playing Kutuzov, sometimes the other team had 0 Russian ships in their composition. This mission depended heavily on situation, luck and matchmaking lineups. 3 things that are out of the control of the player and should not ever be apart of a mission. I unlocked all of the ARP ships this even except the Nachi and am extreamly disappointed that Wargaming EU failed to even recognize or even comment on their failure of a mission. So many people had the required, US, Japanese and German kills, but were let down buy poor mission design and lack of consideration for the players that seemingly other servers tend to actually think about. NA for example, simply had to earn XP to unlock all the ARP ships, whilst we practically had to co-ordinate a deep space exploration mission, gather reseach from Saturn and make it back to earth just to get one tier VII cruiser because reasons? For what was supposed to be the "last hurrah" of the ARP ships (as they wont ever be available again according to WG, this was a dismal failure that will only leave sore, sour and frustrating memories of this utter failure rather than the send off they were hoping for.
  12. Hawker96

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    The response on the Convoy matter is much appricated, but is there any word on the ongoing Nachi problems that EU has created? http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/65648-arp-takao-nah-prepare-for-the-arp-nachi-pain/page__st__660__pid__1513437#entry1513437 34 pages and 673 responses of feedback, frustration as well as plenty of viable suggestions and changes on how the situation can be rectified, however with less than 5 days left of the event, it seems like nothing has been done at all or will be done to resolve or compensate the issue at hand. The bottom line is, people are being cheated out of the Nachi due to poor mission design, 0 consideration for the current game meta, 0 consideration for the playerbase and not a single word on whats going to be done about it as this is supposedly the last chance we ever get to get the ARP ships.
  13. Hawker96

    We are being spoiled!

    Not to mention that NA can also: - Earn all of the ARP Ships with XP only and dont have to complete Mission Impossible: 20 Soviet Kills edition just to get the ARP Nachi (Which WG EU wont even comment on or do anything about). - Earn all of the new years camos for free, including the Tirpiz one which we are expected to give 3000 Doubloons for. - Earn 5 teir 6 ships for free with camos for free and we cant because reasons? - Earn a 10 skill German captain which we also cant because reasons? Reminds me of the Daily Login in rewards on WoT that gave NA players about a million credits, the SU-100Y and other premium bits just for logging in over one month which EU never got as well as the FV 4202 switch where anyone who owned the FV 4202 on the NA server when it was tier X could get it for free by playing one battle in the Centurion Action X as a premium tier 8, where as EU players had to either Purchase the tier 8 FV 4202 or complete some insane marathon to get it back.
  14. Hawker96

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    So could you perhaps explain why ater much more vocality on the ARP Nachi and 34+ pages of feedback, no change was made to that mission despite all other regions having far fairer conditons to meet in order to earn the ARP Ships? (Which are supposed to be a colaberation and the last time we can ever get them, EU decided to make this ridiculously difficult) http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/65648-arp-takao-nah-prepare-for-the-arp-nachi-pain/#topmost