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  1. gamester12564

    Is Azur Lane Collection Impossible?

    I too have been wondering about the Azur Lane Collection and collecting said pieces from Daily (EXP target) Reward Crates. My luck hasn't been too good at the moment either and I'm caught up in a lot of work >___< , so finding the time to grind for daily crates is a bit rough atm, so far I am getting 1 piece out of the 2 - 3 daily crates I obtain. I sometimes wonder if choosing a specific Crate type can effect the Drop Rate of the Azur Lane Collection pieces? I always go with "Try My Luck" and wonder if that isn't helping lol. May be I'm being superstitious. How has the drop rates been effecting you guys depending which option you select on the crate type screen?
  2. gamester12564

    Azur Lane Collab

    I bought the full commander pack. Sadly because of how I play and not as much as I would like, I mostly have just Japanese ships lol. So I can't use some of the Commanders atm when I thought they were able to jump between any ship nation and type >__<. Oh well it gives me a reason to start playing other nation ships more seriously, I've been meaning to crack on with the British BB line for a while now. Anyway Hipper works on HSF Graf Spee and I had no penalty on retraining or anything. Other than that I don't have any other German ships to test any retraining options sorry :/ However I just managed Stage 1 of the Nelson mission as I'm hoping to try and get a 2nd Nelson ship girl to play around with skills wise someday. Haven't had time to check out if Stage 2 is do 200K HP Dmg in one battle or over a series of battles? Sometimes I find the wording of missions weird when it comes to WoWS, as it's not always clear for everyone. ^^ Also you can Opt-in to the Nelson mission in game as well, under your Username > News > June Missions (scroll down and click Opt-In). Works straight away without having to log out, go to webpage and log back in again (if you're already in game). Sorry, I don't post much but thought I would share my exp on things so far. I think I would of preferred if all the commanders could have been obtained like they were ARP style. Complete mission grind = Get ship girl. That had me playing the game tons more back then.
  3. I just wanted to ask if WG has any plans to bring the second High School Fleet Girls collaboration from Japan over to us EU chaps and if we would be able to obtain anything through missions or something? To my knowledge so far, from what was mentioned at the venue this second collaboration event was announced at. The following content is planned and/or possible. - 4 Character Silhouettes for Captains were shown at the announcement event. (Potential for new captains?) Noted in the article of the above picture; - Some voices were also released at the venue. - Isoroku (The cat from the anime) has a Camo/skin for the Harekaze ship. Noted in the article, it stated these images were sent from the Russian Development team. - Although it did no appear in the anime, A Yu Ocean School Yamato Camo/Skin. Sources: News from Japanese gaming news site Famitsu [Link 1] and [Link 2] (Apologies for I am not sure what other tags I could add to the post)
  4. gamester12564

    HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee in the premium shop

    Hmm. I wasn't sure where else to put this so I thought I would pop it here since patch/update 0.6.8 (iirc) that has brought in the new pre-listed set of Commands from F1 - F12. Which can now be conveniently accessed through holding the key B, similar to holding Z in World of Tanks to bring up quick messages. So has anyone noticed (when I brought the HSF ships on day one of going up before the patch iirc), when you press command buttons/messages we used to get the character voices say whatever they had to say but now, since these new pre-listed commands have replaced the older ones. We only get the standard voice talk instead. Has anyone else noticed this? It has also happened on the ARP ships. (I have also tried looking into the in game settings for Audio/Voice options but no luck). (I'm not a very active forum member so I haven't been keeping up to date with things as much. So I thought to ask here instead of making a new thread). WG must have the voice files somewhere and they aren't being used or working properly (for both for HSF and ARP ships). I'm not very good at explaining things but ARP Takao is my best example of the anime voices not working for everything since the patch, when I used the command Thank you, I got her saying Arigatou but now I'm just getting the standard voice saying Many thanks or something along those lines. I'm interested to see what others think about this as well, if you noticed the voices used in commands or if it slightly nags at you or not? :) On another note the Graf Spee is so much fun though, just needing that bit of missing anime instead of a male voice for a female captain lol :) (I'm so tired, apologies in advance for any grammatical errors and my long winded explanations).
  5. gamester12564

    HSF Harekaze and Graf Spee in the premium shop

    Just jumping in here. So do the Gold Bundles come with the XOs? Need my Wilhelmina lol. Hope there will be some special missions with some throw ins :)
  6. gamester12564

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Not sure where to put this but thought I would mention it here. I just completed the mission to obtain the ARP Kongo. Well I got her but when I tried to click on the ship. It kept selecting IGOR for Scenarios and I couldn't view Kongo herself. Now I've got my screenshots and thought I would do a game quit and restart. I open the game up again and the ARP Kongo mission is no where to be seen and the Ship isn't even in my Port. So now I have wasted all my time for nothing. I will send a ticket but this seriously isn't fun for me. Thought I would mention it here. EDIT: Shoutout to the chaps during an in game battle for explaining it to me. I needed to have the Yokosuka Port as my background. Now I can see why that's cool but it had my worrying, thinking something was wrong lol. I think it should just be view-able on whatever Port you have to prevent future confusion and/or a ticket less being sent. I cancelled my ticket now.
  7. gamester12564

    Ship names on the Tactical Map

    Using WoT as an example again, I see pressing ALT on there clutters the minimap with tank names, having them show up on the playing field itself would be welcome though as identifying ships aren't always that easy I find.
  8. gamester12564

    Proposed CL/CA split

    Question is with a proposed split, ship class/mini map icons. Would people like to see those modified to clarify the difference? have stripes going across the other way for example? Anyway, it sounds nice and gives me hope for Takao class to pop in somewhere on the JP Tech Tree lol
  9. gamester12564

    XP Difference

    iirc Co-Op is supposed to be a mode that is designed for newer players in mind to get a feel of the game and generally get used to it (thus you need to grind out the XP to get up to Admiral Rank 2 for Random Mode). I guess it could be useful as well if (say when the game goes live) you have been off the game for a few months and forgot some basics, you can mess around in that Co-Op mode and get used to things again. I quite like the mode as it allows people to get up to scratch
  10. gamester12564

    Bad language/Bad behavior

    I like the idea of a Mute certain Player/s system/function. Bring up the team lists, right click player name/s and Mute in game. I wouldn't want to spend every match with Chat off as it can sometimes come in use for info gathering. Anyway something along those lines are probably for the best than getting a stream of slanting and letting it continue, it's an odd area to cover this topic :/
  11. gamester12564

    Too much crit with HE ammo

    I think dealing with HE damage is down to partially how you handle your "Repair Teams". If I take HE damage at long range I can use a RT and if the situation is suitable/favourable I can hang back a bit more waiting for it's cooldown to finish and have it ready for when I need it most. I save my Repair Team for when I'm closer taking HE damage which may take out a gun or two, cause a fire or whatnot. Use that RT and resume firing back my own HE for module damage or AP to tear your HP apart for quicker sinking. Sure you can use HE all the time but the damage it deals over a period of time can be somewhat controlled or interrupted whereas AP you more or less know roughly where you stand with damage dealing. Even if a BB has the HP Recover Consumable, that takes time to regain the HP to a certain point which in turn can be negated if someone keeps firing at you. I guess it's down to judging when to use what, in which situation and simply trying to think about Damage Limitation as the game progresses. There are many variables to consider lol. Sorry, I'm half asleep and my explanations are all over the place. Ultimately I think HE and AP shells do the job they need and are generally fine by me : )
  12. gamester12564

    AA defense on ships

    I also noticed someone today tried to drop their Torpedoes close to my Kongo, I think the bombers got too close and the Torps didn't take affect. I had my AAs active/on but couldn't take anything down lol. Got lucky, not sure there. Perhaps. Were there other units/ships near by that could have offered great AA protection for the BB?
  13. gamester12564

    More ship slots

    I agree, the buttons need to stand out more to prevent confusion/unawareness occurring on this part regarding module selling/demounting. 6 Slots atm are nice to work with only having two Tech Trees but iirc didn't we all start of with 6-7 slots on WoT and there are 6-7 Nations Tech Trees on that game now. It's bound to become the norm for new players starting so we'll need to adapt like they would and see how the cope with the resources we currently have available to us. We'll get more in time as Beta Testers I'm sure
  14. gamester12564

    [request]skill category names in commander screen

    You can report it through the Support Ticket Page, after all the sticked thread about using the Support Page suggests sending in other issues we encounter during the testing stages. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7439-noticed-a-bug-report-it-through-the-support-page/ I agree with you though, it's not very clear. I also find when you're looking at a Ships "Modules" page they don't stand out well from the background still. Wonder if they can put in a tinted background around the Module branches so you can see the icons/info clearer
  15. gamester12564

    The islands in WoWs

    Just chipping in, we already have a darker map (not night) with a storm present mostly in the background with lightning effects and you can see where everything around and about is located. It's called "North" iirc. Open water maps do sound appealing but I feel they would grow dull in time quite quickly. Ocean currents and weather effects would be interesting, along with reduced visibility being an option. I just feel it still wouldn't work out well for all Ship types. This is just a feeling though, if WG can find a solution to possibly (test/implement/try-out) keep things from growing stale in an open water map. Apart from how players will react differently anyway, you will need to throw in some other variables to keep things fresh. Sorry, my explanations are all over the place lol.