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  1. BjornMoxica

    40GBs of a Hotfix

    Must been a full download, a complete reinstall, for whatever reason. Corrupt files or failed first download so it did the full package? And who ask about 40 gig, here's the non-steam folder without any replays, screenshots or torrentfiles left in it.
  2. BjornMoxica

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    Tried this once, it was garbage, i sent commanders to the reserve, hid the ships so i don't have to look at them, and switched port. Event over.
  3. Mid battle, the game crashed and i was back on the login screen. Tryng to login, the indicator just kept spinning and spinning, nothing happened. Restarted the client a couple times, tried again. Checked internet connectivity by opening a few websites while waiting, no problems at all there. After maybe 5 minutes the first message appeared; "Unable to log in. Server busy. Try again later." Next try, login worked and i came back into the battle with maybe 10% hp left on the ship. Not sure how many players in that particular battle was affected, maybe 1-3 other players, the battle kept going. I wonder why the server disconnect only certain players, and why does it take 5 minutes to log back in? Happened only once so far, but even once is one time too many.
  4. BjornMoxica

    Pointless launcher

    I guess it's there to download updates and apply them, as the main game client (or any other program) can't update/overwrite itself while running.
  5. BjornMoxica

    Stuttering sound?

    Start with the local computer, check temperatures, cpu load, memory usage, switch off any background programs, streaming, torrents, any extras not needed for the game to function, and close web browser if it's open while gaming. Try reduce game settings.
  6. BjornMoxica

    Unlisted combat missions

    I can't find these under "combat missions" in port UI, they only appear in battle results.
  7. Top left corner in port ui, a red (1) for unread news, will not clear. No matter how many times i open the news, or how many times i set "mark as read" or what else i click on, tried relogging too, the (1) stays in port UI, This never happened before this update. It will probably go away tomorrow, but then a new "news" is added and the (1) returns again, impossible to clear. Not a big bug, but annoying enough..
  8. BjornMoxica

    Crash Tester Achievement

    Got this today with a carrier. Combined it all into one image with the 4 damage types shown; flooding, fire, bomb, torpedo. I never ran into anything, no one rammed me, nothing even came close, didn't take any damage, so it appears to be them 4 damage types doing it.