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  1. Loke56

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Great raffle, good luck everyone.
  2. Loke56

    ifhe getting changed, free skill respec?

    What he said on the stream was that they wanted CLs to generally be able to HE pen lower tier BBs, but shatter on same and higher tier BB. Unless they take IFHE. Allso CLs will HE pen same tier CAs but shatter higer tier ones. The difference to CAs is to be able to HE pen same tier BBs and shatter on higher tier. That section of the stream was to give us info on what they where up to, but nothing even close to realeasing. I give any of the changes they mentioned without dates, at least 3 patches.
  3. Loke56

    New boats British/Norwegian MTBs

    See this topic. Pan-european tree confirmed. A Norwegian ships is probably not too likely in the near future, but we can still have hopes for some low tier DDs. MTB is very unlikely, as they are too small for this game. But they said there would never be any submarines either
  4. Loke56

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    18 battles to rank 1 in the furrytaco. Only 3 games in a div. Not the best ship in a BB heavy ranked meta. I found the HE to shatter mostly and had bad luck with fires. But name me another ship at t5 with 10km torps Had a 6pt captain.
  5. Loke56

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Took 18 battles to get to rank 1 i my mighty Furrytacko! I liked this season a lot. Maybe mostly because I like mid tier. As said before, this season had a little bit of everything. But I really enjoyed those games where both teams were competent and had a plan. My last win for r1 was a real nailbiter. 3BBs, 2CL and a CV, everyone moved as a fleet on both sides. No sniping or yolo rushes. This is whyt I play this game. For the few quality games where the team cooperates.
  6. The question is in the title. I like the new pin-up symbols, but a few of them do not fit at all in any of the backgrounds. this annoys me as I want to use them, but it looks so ugly. I looked through the support site to make a ticket. But the most fitting section to me was the patch/update feedback, and there it said to use the forum, so here we are. This is not really a big issue. But as i said, it annoys me and I do not understand how nobody saw this problem before the release
  7. Loke56

    Thanks to WG for GO NAVY! event!

    Yes, this was a good event. A little confusing before it started on how to get the points and camo only. As for the team score, I was concerned that one side would dominate (and one did). But I guess they learned a bit from the warplanes event "allies vs axis", THAT was a failure of epic proportions! This was a similar event, only done correctly. Glad to see that wg is learning from their mistakes this time.
  8. Loke56

    We need more reports

    Im at 80 something now, and can give 10 compliments/reports. So probably max at 100.
  9. As said earlier, I think it is very subjective. I personally look at the games worth as a whole. A game costs what 40 euros today. (sorry I dont use euros so i dont know the worth)? So i just say the game is worth that amount to play for an entire year. If I spend it on premium time or a ship doesnt matter as long as im within the budget.
  10. Loke56

    Nelson now! or Musashi later!!

    I have the yamato and nelson. I was saving xp to buy missoury but she was replaced with musashi before I could get it. As i dont want just a crappier yamato I bought nelson instead and dont regreat it at all. She is super fun! Citadeling everything at sub 12 km and burning BBs over 12 km. The heal is insane as long as you dont take citadel damage. But the best thing in my opinion is her super accurate guns! Nelson promotes inteligent positioning and active ammo switching, as she can tank all the HE dmg in the world and get both arsonist and dev strike achivement with her op ammo. Ofcourse everyone wants the yamato, but she is a bit boring to play after a while. Dont get me wrong she is a good ship and great guns, but very static. I would recommend getting Nelson now, and playing the ijn line. When you get to izumo just freexp all the modules and learn how to play her. When you are sick of her, freexp the rest to get the yamato.
  11. Loke56

    Ripoff of the year

    You should know that damage alone does not say if you had a good game or not. You can do 70k damage in a match, but that could mean you solo killed one enemy BB, or you could have killed two DDs and a cruiser in the cap. One is just pulling your own weight while in the other you had a big impact on the game. Had a game in the yamato where i did 210k dmg but got low xp and negative credits because it was all damage to enemy BBs.
  12. Loke56


    1) If you want a Stealthy vessel that scout and torps BBs, then play ijn DDs. 2) Necro
  13. Loke56

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    I really want to see a tech tree where the lines branches off a lot more. With an European tree this would be a good idea with dead ends and crossing to other classes, the same way as in WOT. And by for example 5 lines combining into 3 at t6, combining into 2 at t8, you essentially have the same number of ships as a nation with 4 lines going all the way to t10.
  14. Loke56

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    Yes, I do agree that the major naval powers should get their ship lines first. This is also why I do not think such a tech tree should go to t10. Because who would seriously think Norway, Sweeden or any other minor contries could have the resources to build a ship to challenge Bismark, Hood or Yamato.
  15. Happy constitution day Norway! what a lovely, although windy day to celebrate Norways independence But to make this post relevant, I wonder how many here on the forum actually want, or see a need for a Pan-European tech tree? The topic of possible ships have been discussed before, and everyone of course want to see their country repressented in game. Personally I would like to see Norwegian DDs represented at low tiers (t2-t3?), as we had a few ships in duty during the war. I dont know how many contries had some form of navy/coastguard ships in service, or what plans and drawings are out there. But i would imagine there is a lot with suitable low tier ships. The way I imagine a tech tree would be to have 2-3 cruiser and destoyer lines up to t6 maybe. As there should not be any BB or CVs, multple cruiser and DD lines should take their place at low-mid tier. Multiple lines should also make it easier to implement similar ships of differen nationalities in a coherent line. There should also be possible for multiple line splits and class switches like in WOT and WOWP. However I dont think a Pan-European tech tree will not be suitable for high tiers, which may be the best argument not to implement it. Maybe a line up to t8 if there are suitable post war ships. What are your opinions? would it be to little gain to implement? Or is it something you beleve WG have plans for in the future (2028 maybe)? Happy 17th May! And drink responsibly!