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  1. Hmm, I kind of like the idea . Cruisers and DDs can stay in the back and lob missiles with the same game mechanics as artillery in WOT, and BBs can be the one in front spotting
  2. Well. Imo the maps are too big. Its too easy to run or play safe. For more exitement, I say to remove the outer square around all maps. Effekively making maps 2-9 x B-I in size.
  3. Post replay please
  4. Loke56

    Whats the Good Builds/Playstyles for Jean Bart ?

    Johan Bertil is one of my absolute favorite ships in this game Every game i play in her I just have fun, no matter if we win or lose. And imo her main battery reload booster makes her a bit op. She is no frontline tank. Any HE spam will melt you, and Yamato are the fun police to end your rampage. Use your speed to run for your life I love agressive play, and imo that is what this ship excel in. Start the game in second line to find an opening to push or flank mid game. Or use the speed to take a strategic position early to zone out the enemy team (just watch out for the HE spammers ). I think only superintendent and fire prevention are mandatory skills. Her great streangth is flanking speed and punishing volume of fire. And there are no skills to enhance that, so you are free to pick watever. For anyone interested, I will link some games I played yesterday. To show my play style. When the push works, and the cannons shoot straight 20190714_150316_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay 20190714_152135_PFSB518-Jean-Bart_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  5. Loke56

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    Imho I think ntc is a great idea. For people to have a sink too throw all ther resources at. Players have been asking for something like this for years. But only this is not good enough for WG. They want a prize big enough in the end to also get players who dont have a lot of resources laying around to start the grind. This time the greed is too strong. Imo this is not worse than Belfast and graf zeppelin. But this is a lot more expesive. And the greed is too much here. They only needed to give a camo, or flags or someting token. But they couldnt do just that. They wanted to get whailes and competetive players on it too.
  6. Loke56

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    WG: We are giving players who has unlocked everything, the opportunity to grind lines again for a buff. Allso WG: We will sell you boosters to remove the grind!
  7. Loke56

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Hi all, Me and my mate MLK_LightningJACK are interested in joining the ranks of your fine clan Our current clan has sort of slowed down, and so we are looking for a more active one. Also, we want to try our hands in a bit more competetive and coordinated games in future clan battles. No disrespect to our current clan of course Lets see if I can shout at some peoples here for attention... @Loran_Battle @Reaper_JackGBR Thank you for your attention and consideration Loke56
  8. Loke56

    Arkansas Beta AA

    Was there other ships around you when you shot down the plane? The only possibility I can think of is that Arkansas actually has an AA aura, but with a damage value of 0. And as the game has a mechanic for overlapping AA, maybe the game gave a little bit of the other ships AA value to you. Only possibility i can think of.
  9. Loke56

    Montana buff when?

    1. Complains about a ship and demands buffs. 2. Boasting about good stats in said ship.