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  1. Islacrusez

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    I would very much like to thank you for coming here and making a statement, at risk of an attempted crucifixion by the forumites. That said, you may want to mention to your superiors that it would be a good idea to send in the diplomats before we get to the end of page three of a thread that has at best two posts in favour of the changes. It's nice to know that our feedback is at least being heard by our local branch of WG, even if WG RU are ignoring it with all their hearts...
  2. Islacrusez

    We want old Patch back

    You may want to read the poll details again...
  3. Islacrusez

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    One of these days we'll figure out that we're second-class citizens in the WG business model and we'll take our money elsewhere.
  4. Islacrusez

    0.5.3 New Commander Skills Feedback

    As I mentioned in another thread before the new stickies were put up: Can we stop nerfing the Yubari? It's already suffered that ninja nerf of the secondary battery, and now this. Note that the nerf specifically includes the 140mm ships, which to my knowledge are the Yubari, Iwaki, Tenryu and Kuma. With the possible exception of the Kuma, not exactly overperforming ships. The nerf of the larger guns is debatable (some needed it, some really didn't), but I really see no reason to include the 140s.
  5. Islacrusez

    Iwaki post 0.5.3 update

    The 139mm limit was clearly chosen with the 140mm ships in mind, so let's round up a list of which ones they are. We've got the Yubari and the Iwaki... Anything else? List also includes: Tenryu and Kuma (Thanks SW)
  6. Islacrusez

    Game crashes to port in the new update !

    Having literally installed the game overnight last night, and then had to patch it with this lot this morning, I'll just wait for the fix. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  7. Islacrusez

    Game crashes to port in the new update !

    I recommend reading the patch notes for anyone confused by changes by the latest patch. The commander skills were reset because several of them have been changed or moved. As a result, the skills were reset entirely, allowing you to choose skills based on what they actually do rather than what they used to do.
  8. Islacrusez

    Can we stop nerfing the Yubari please?

    Seeing as we've already had the ninja secondary battery nerf early on, and now all of the commander skills bump the main guns into "large caliber" weapons, can we stop nerfing her already? She's a premium ship, people paid money, they're probably going to want it back soon. I know I do.
  9. Islacrusez

    Game crashes to port in the new update !

    Interestingly I have not seen a crash while viewing the following ships in port: St Louis Clemson Phoenix Akransas Beta Wyoming New York Derzki Isokaze Yubari Konigsberg Crashes do occur shortly after loading: Orlan Possibly coincidence, but this ship is the only one with a display glitch, with some sort of bumpers appearing at or above deck level. Can anyone else confirm that specific ships are causing their crash? (You can try to switch to a different ship as soon as the port screen appears)
  10. Islacrusez

    Game crashes to port in the new update !

    Probably the anti-mod system.
  11. Islacrusez

    Auto repair with 0 damage?

    Just calling it "servicing costs" would be clear enough...
  12. Islacrusez

    Introduce limited ammo to prevent torpedo spammers.

    And yet NF had a limited ammo system and all it ever did was leave you with a person at the end of the game running around and unable to do anything because they have no ammunition. Clearly your claim is false, because WoWS is nothing like NF, and certainly not in the way you're describing. And it sure as hell didn't stop waves upon waves of torpedoes from causing you pain, but then torpedo damage was hopelessly nerfed. Let's just remember that NF was a Battleship game pure and simple; DDs and Cruisers had no high-tier ships, all lines led to either BBs or CVs (and later, submarines). It took all 15 torpedoes from a S(h)imakaze to sink a Bismarck, and it took one shell from just about anything to cripple the DD. If you want to sail BBs in a straight line down one side of the map while the enemy team does the same, go play NavyField, because every game degenerates into trench warfare until someone makes a rush. Which they use by firing smoke grenades about a battleship-length away and obscure a circle two battleships in diameter.
  13. Islacrusez

    Guns change ammo after shoting 1 round.

    If a shell change is queued, when you press fire it will fire all available guns and immediately reload all guns to the new shell type. If only one gun is loaded (for example if the previous salvo was sequential fire) or if only one gun is on target (due to slow turning guns or poor fire arcs), it will only fire the one available gun and reload all guns, even if they were almost loaded or almost ready to fire. For this reason I tend to manually fire all the guns I intend to and then force-switch ammo immediately after.
  14. Islacrusez

    UI/Gameplay issue with Omaha in A and C configuration

    Easy way to check, click on the gun listing and it'll take you to the graphic it corresponds to. If it's a machinegun, mystery solved; if not, WG is fudging things for balance again (hello Yubari).
  15. Probably because neither aircraft or AA guns actually "exist", and AA defence is just a DoT AoE effect.