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    thank you!
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    'The hunt for Graf Spee' bug?

    thank you, guys!
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    'The hunt for Graf Spee' bug?

    additional question, does one need to complete the all final tasks in order to unlock the ultimate final task, or is it sufficient to just unlock 2 tasks of each mission and then unlock the final task in the 4th mission to get Graf Spee?
  4. Video comparing the Shokaku class carrier Zuikaku and the Yorktown class carrier Enterprise. Disclaimer: I made it. Notes on Accuracy & “Methodology”----------------(1) To put it simply, when it comes to data about WW2 ships everything seems to be a bit off. Many sources differ. I have like 3 different crew values for the USS Enterprise, basically every book, website and Wikipedia article has one or several different values.(2) Furthermore, thanks to various commenters on reddit and the paradox forums I know that this is very common. Just to give an example, take a look at this very well illustrated and sourced forum post: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/...(3) The same goes for articles (see sources: Wildenberg and the link).(4) So, I tried to use only one source for each value in order to keep the data as clean as possible, also I did some cross-referencing, but take everything with a grain of salt.(5) Mid 1942 is also the general “cut-off date”, thus proximity fuses, Japanese deck parks, etc. are not taken into account.(6) Values and equipment is from Mid 1942 or before. Zuikakus plane loadout is from the attack on Pearl Harbor, because she and the Shokaku were not present at the Battle of Miday.(7) Note that especially the AA loadout changed considerable several times, in the end the Zuikaku had 96 25mm AA barrels and the Enterprise was equipped with 40mm bofors.
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    Profile info - no number of battles?

    Am I blind or why isn't the number of battles shown next to the forum posts? In the WoT Forum it is.
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    Where to post historical stuff?

    I am new to the forum, is there a historical section? Or should it be put in "Off-Topic" or "Community Area - Other"?