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  1. Well ok Buff-time then. But don’t touch her looks she is awesome! @Haleos Tosa at T7...? Hell no, or maybe in her actual dreadnought config which Indount WG will do. Look, with these idiotic fantasy refits you can make any ship work at any tier. You simply change the shells, the armor, the speed, the range, the AA, the Secondaries and the looks of a ship and it works. Clever (clever as in retarded stupid)
  2. In wouldn't say Mutsu is weaker than Fuso. Certainly a bit harder to play (which isn't hard as Fuso is probably one of the easiest to play) - but equally strong yet different enough to make both viable at the tier. KII is pretty much similar to Amagi, a little weaker here a little stronger there but both are able to perform on a very high level. Kaga is arguably a little OP and Ishizuchi is straight better than Myogi. Same for Atago vs Mogami. How Musashi will perform remains to be seen but I rather expect a terribly OP steamroller - straight up stronger than this awkward thingy called Izumo. So no, I don't see this scandalous mistreatment of the poor IJN that some Weeboos try to make out. That said I would be keen on having WG buff Ashitaka a little as I am very much looking forward to the ship and would appreciate some comfort of living changes to make her more enjoyable. Especially considering that Nagato is still one of the strongest T7s around as a direct competitor
  3. I wouldn't say WG dislikes IJN. It is coincidence that they have this great looking unused hull. I see why Flamu dislikes her but think the style pretty much portrays what the Amagi was. WG could make a case for her being actually more of a T6 though or give her a little comfort of life buff line un-overmatcheable citadel roof to limit the ugly hits to the sides. @_DeathWing_ what's wrong with KII? Having a blast in her tbh....
  4. Well she seems to be a glass cannon. I wouldn't say no to a buff (citadel roof comes to mind) but we shouldn't forget that the real Amagi was exactly like that. One could make a case or her being T6 though.
  5. So, will Courbet be T4 then?
  6. I think you spoiled WG's surprise.... by revealing the Russian T3 bottlesheep before release....
  7. Well yes this is bad data for sure. I haven't seen it and can't say how often it happens but I am challenging if this kind of behaviour is really invalidating the over data base which is exceptionally large for a test ship.
  8. Well as I said - WG knows the stats associated with the test results and feedbacks so understands how average players experience the ship and CVs in general. And then they can decide if they balance the ship for a small top player group or more towards the average player or something totally different. The tester base is uniquely diverse and large and allows intriguing insights. Like it or not.
  9. While I understand the point I don't agree. WG has the stats of the "testers" so is easily able to measure the uptake/perception within different groups (unicorns, goods, average joes, bad players. Absolute bad players). This gives a very interesting picture that goes well beyond testing some plane loadout ideas. This pseudo-elitism in the community isn't the way to bring CVs into a somewhat bearable state but rather an expression of some few individuals trying to conserve their edge of others. The current CV implementation is just bad and centuries behind what Battlestations could muster a decade ago. WG has the opportunity to collect some unique data right now and I hope they draw some reasonable conclusions out of it. With regards to "a bad CV player ruined my game" - guys take a chill pill! I don't know how many hundred of my game got ruined by absolute idiots in battleships hugging the border and ending up alone and full health toward the end of the match. Yes in an online (team?) game there can be frustrating moments but the GZ test phase is at least something valuable.
  10. I hope it's not the man-flu!!! The most terrible illness of all mankind...
  11. No just no! Orion is the natural T4, Colossus is a 3.5 like Helgoland. The reason Orion is retarded OP is none of her historical traits (she was a bad ship actually) it the idiotic WG balancing giving her super range and super shells. Plain vanilla without gimmicks she'd be good!
  12. As said, the initial release was a mistake but how it was handled afterwards was pretty good imo. Ppl will still be able to return the ship after testing but I doubt many will do. Same as for MK.
  13. Don't agree. CVs are in a horrible state - tiny elite almost nobody interested. Using the release disaster as a way to get a much larger audience into testing is smart - even if these will be a lot of average Joes. And the ppl involved will like the ship - they have been part of it's development. So while the rushed release was a mistake I don't get the bashing afterwards. I think WG did well in managing this PR nightmare and got some very wide variety of test results this way. +1
  14. I am not sure if WG is aware what an emotional topic a flag is...