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  1. 1MajorKoenig

    Die Trägerflugzeug Diskussion

    Alles unrealistischer Blödsinn! Die einzig bewährten und bildlich belegten Jäger auf den Deutschen Trägern im Einsatz waren diese hier:
  2. 1MajorKoenig

    Loewenhardt - Tier VI

    Dann kommt sie wohl morgen? Stark! Da schaue ich mir sogar die Pakete an.
  3. 1MajorKoenig

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    Yep and she’s hilarious. I did only one fun-test-drive and derped hard because I couldn’t see anything from laughing so hard. Who in bloody hell thinks that that ship is equal to - say - Hindenburgler...? WeeGeee you are such a joker But yea I will probably pick up AIDApommern with the next coupon (first I need Kutuzov to help my poor underpowered STALINgrad to stay alive even longer. She is close to unplayable without that...)
  4. 1MajorKoenig

    Pommern, 228000 Coal, Next Patch

    Expensive, eh? Just spent my coupon on a ship with a name that guarantees a certain performance Maybe on the next coupon
  5. 1MajorKoenig

    Was wäre wenn...? Wilson's Warplan

    So attraktiv die Vorstellung ist — warum sollten sich eure Politiker schlauer / besser verhalten?
  6. Hat WG irgendwas in diese Richtung angekündigt?
  7. 1MajorKoenig

    Loewenhardt - Tier VI

    Jaaa !! Auf die Loewenhardt freue ich mich richtig
  8. Yes it was intended to confuse recognition. If you read more about the fight between Bismarck + Eugen vs Hood and her KGV escort you will find that it even worked to a degree
  9. 1MajorKoenig

    Make CV Work within normal Gameplay Mechanics.

    Plane reserves / regeneration would indeed be the best tool to adjust the CV power level to the desired point
  10. 1MajorKoenig

    CW Boykott durch Clans wegen CV´s

    Haben bereits mehrere Leute sehr gut erklärt. Ließ einfach nochmal die letzten paar (hundert) Seiten. Müssen ja nicht alles immer wieder durchkauen.
  11. 1MajorKoenig


    I find the difference between “No!” and “No way!” Remarkable. Splitting up “no” answers in two to make each one look smaller is quite a [edit]-move
  12. 1MajorKoenig

    Make CV Work within normal Gameplay Mechanics.

    Doesn’t do anything really (for the guys hiding as far back as possible) other than removing some interesting aspects for the CV (moving up with the fleet). So thanks but no thanks
  13. 1MajorKoenig

    Oklahoma (Tier 5)

    That one looks nice! I have an Arizona but yea - that one I’d pick up