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  1. Es ist aber auch die massive Feuerkraft der High Tier BBs die jede Bewegung sofort hart bestraft. WG hat sich mit der Power Progression komplett verrannt und könnte das nur durch ein massives Rework in den Griff bekommen. Das werden sie sich aber nicht trauen solange die Zahlen nicht WOWP Level erreichen.
  2. Even the forum getting boring - no interesting topics?
  3. You are entitled to your opinion but wanting to put Graf Spee into a BB Slot - well... couldn’t be worse in my opinion. And that Graf spee doesn’t perform well against other cruisers is a stretch (it does). Alaska could work in a low/mid tier BB slot but I don’t like these anachronism. Basically you end up with a T6 ship with very good AA facing 1930s ships. So yea, I am actually not against putting a Kronstadt or Alaska into T9/10 CA spots. Not that I particularly care anymore but not against it either.
  4. +1 even if I used the term „monster-cruiser“ in my past proposal (which included an O-Class in a T10 spot). Btw @Exocet6951 in this case there is some middle ground even if it is close to BB accuracy. You can’t give it cruiser accuracy but you can give it BB accuracy and play with eg. sigma. Look at Graf Spee for example in game
  5. Graf Zeppelin Release

    Weisst du was was wir nicht wissen...? (2018 - year of the CV)
  6. Yes I remember the angry feedback RE: put O-Class bad Alaska as cruisers @T10. Now we see how that plays out on a Russian ships. I am curious - however I am not hyped about either Kronstadt nor Stalingrad
  7. From Reddit: Statistics on the EU server population

    This. Some ppl here just discuss details totally irrelevant. It is not a single reason the game struggles to retain players. Some of the reasons have been mentioned (MM, RN BBs, inter class balance, lack of interesting game modes / repetitive, etc) But it’s a combination of factors
  8. From Reddit: Statistics on the EU server population

    Yes sure but this line made the game meta worse to a point I didn’t enjoy it anymore. It’s not clever - not even the most efficient. But toxic
  9. From Reddit: Statistics on the EU server population

    Or if it comes from implementing shitty HE firing Battleships for brain dead monkeys...? If so I am guilty as well
  10. Für ein paar SMS Schlachtkreuzer (ohne Kacksteven) würde ich glatt das Spiel wieder anwerfen und auf einen zweiten Frühling hoffen :-)
  11. Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Welcome to the fleet sir!
  12. Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    A WW1 Mod would be awesome! I would play it a lot. Wouldn’t even need a tier separation - just everything WW1 into one big battle and add some really dark extra smoke to this mode and let the slugfest begin ... and call it Jutland-Mode for example ? Thanks for the like - yes you are indeed already signed up! Hot Northern Sweden - now I am jealous ;-)
  13. Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Thank you mate! Yes these ships are great - sadly underrepresented in the game though :-( However here are still some similar minded / interested enthusiasts Shall I sign you up ?
  14. HMCS Haida leak, coming to ST soon

    Sadly I haven’t - but West, up North and East (any Newfies here...?)
  15. HMCS Haida leak, coming to ST soon

    OH CAAAANAADAAA Home sweet home - a must-buy for me ey?