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  1. You could call her a lot but OP probably not. The AP only works against BB - mostly the Germans. All US ships shoot down the planes super fast so the are mostly safe. And DDs and CL/CA only get overpens at 840 each. So AP is a one trick pony against Bismarck, Tirpitz, FdG and GK and HE is just sub-par / meh.
  2. GZ is already an anti-Bismarck CV. Balancing a ship to counter a single other ship (or three if you include FDG and GK) is a stupid idea to begin with. A ship should have pronounced strength and weaknesses but shouldn't be a one-trick pony.
  3. I would prefer the dev time to be spent on making Tone work or fix the retarded fantasy low tier BBs rather than creating yet another clone/clown ship.
  4. TBH that is only guessing. But somehow she would need to differ an the pic looks like a post war ship. Maybe some special for NA?
  5. Hat deine Bama Nebel, Radar und Defensive AA...? Never too dark to gimmick
  6. If she would be a line ship she'd probably be named SoDak. So yea - yet another premium T8 battleship. One COULD argue there are already enough. However I guess this lady will have Radar once more.
  7. Noch ne Bama...? Wohl nochmal Premium - sonst hieße sie ja SoDak.... Na mal sehen... Bama hat kein Radar. Also kriege Matscha Radar und Torps and voila!
  8. Thanks for this statement! The best suggestion I have seen was the ability to direct her planes individually via the mini-map so you avoid the top down view. Are the players ideas considered and can you give a feedback on how these look actually in testing in case you consider some of them? As you can see, interest in Tone is still high :-)
  9. Das schöne an dem Schiff ist, dass verschiedenste Builds funktionieren. Ich benutze das Nachlademodul und Secondary-Build (inkl Manual Secondaries beim Captain). Der Build ist nicht unbedingt immer effizient aber macht riesig Spaß. Gegen Nebelcamper und Hardcore Camping Matches nehme ich dann den Flieger mit. Rein vom Spielspass her mag ich die Roon in der DE CL/CA Linie sogar am liebsten.
  10. Ich fahre sie mit den 20cm Gurken - der Optik wegen. Aber er was mich stört ist, dass die kleinen Luftpumpen trotz IFHE-Wahnsinn die gleiche Reichweite wie die richtigen Kanonen haben. Daher folgende Wunschliste: 1) Spotterplane (Nebelshooting + Range) für die 20cm Variante ODER einen kleinen Rangebuff auf die 20cm 2) Gyro Torpedos, die folglich ganz normal nach vorn feuern können Danke :-)
  11. Did anyone spot any feedback on the improved version of the KII? Any new reviews around?
  12. Yes me too! However WG isn't overly keen on this era which is a shame
  13. Radar on DDs is NOT a good idea
  14. Ganz genau EDIT: allein deswegen finde ich die erste Version Grütze. Bin gespannt, ob auch noch eine gemischte Variante kommt (HE+AP) und eine mit Torps?
  15. Ok two more observations: - having an all-AP loadout is not preferable as you are pretty much lost in case you ever have to fight DD/CA which managed to sneak through - so you should be able to switch between AP and HE in battle. In that case I would be perfectly happy with an all-DB loadout - the fighters do relatively low damage still. I got about 25 plane kills against a Shokaku - strafing is the only option to do any meaningful damage even against IJN fighters. Not sure how you other guys feel about it but the DE fighters could be a little more efficient for my liking?