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  1. unsinkable_sam_

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    Need redesign heal mechanic on battleships... Most useless class is BB now... HE spam meta currently very strong, and CV popularity. BB s have largest healtpool in game, best armor, but always visible, everyone shots with HE, because game mechanic it rewards, and heal abilities have not been adjusted to withstand increased load.
  2. unsinkable_sam_

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    Nice ships. Particularly the 2x T10 , and T9. I look forward to them.
  3. unsinkable_sam_

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Interesting. My clan mate is received this message
  4. unsinkable_sam_

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    Someone use matchmaking monitor? Stopped work from 0.9.0 update. "Found battle, but no stats." Possible changed something in game?
  5. unsinkable_sam_


    I completed Puerto Rico with 2x boosters and 5x directive finished today. Yet 6 day to get ship. I have yet 187 unused tokens left. What about with unused tokens?
  6. unsinkable_sam_

    SLAVA when will be available?

    "HE spammers are not fun to play against at times " Why? Based on the this Reddit post, Slava will be premium ship.
  7. unsinkable_sam_

    WOWS Wiki armor penetration data

    I found this Google table in WOWS Wiki. AP armor penetration data for all ships and etc... The following is a useful link to a Google spreadsheet page that shows overmatch amrour by ships, penetrations of HE shells and more These data is official?
  8. unsinkable_sam_

    SLAVA when will be available?

    I dont have problem with Slava. I'm really looking forward to this ship. Need counter play against OP HE spammer cruisers ( Smolesk, Colbert, Henry), Slava will be good role for this. I think OP HE spammer cruisers more harmful to game, than one very good BB.
  9. unsinkable_sam_

    Clan Battles Season: Crash Zone Alpha

    Not. 18 UTC means 19 local time in winter time. From October 27, winter time coming. And UTC is +1 in winter time, not +2 as currently. It would be better for me 18-22 local time, because of when i working morning better.
  10. unsinkable_sam_

    Bug 8.9

    I have the same bug. And cause one mod. Session statistic mod cause the problem
  11. unsinkable_sam_

    Full screen mode less load GPU than windowed

    I play game in windowed mode, a few days changed settings to full screen mode, and discovered that in full screen less load GPU than windowed mode. In fullscreen mode around 1200 mhz in port, and battle, in windowed mode high load , 1935-1960 mhz. And is normal that GTX 1660 run on full clock in windowed mode? What is the reason for this?
  12. unsinkable_sam_


    Some peoples dont read clan chat window. I know from my clan.
  13. unsinkable_sam_

    Increased hardver requierements for game?

    I bought new VGA last week, MSI GTX 1660. New card solved the problem "not answer ". Geforce Experience game optimisation is good for WOWS? I use this settings now.
  14. unsinkable_sam_

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    Good patch. And Smolensk is very fun ship. Smolensk no torp proteciton? Or this is bug?
  15. unsinkable_sam_

    Increased hardver requierements for game?

    This means need to buy new VGA? I want to buy next weeak GTX 1660. I hope new VGA fix the problem.