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  1. unsinkable_sam_

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Stalingrad radar again nerfed?? But Moskva remain 30 sec radar.... With much higher speed gun reload speed + accuracy and faster shells... What is this logic? And nerfed hard earned steel ship..
  2. unsinkable_sam_

    ST 0.9.5, changes to test ships

    Slava is back, very good news. I always knew Slava is not scrapped.
  3. unsinkable_sam_

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    Not.. Al Nevsky coming in 0.9.5 on live server... Petropavlovsk coming in 0.9.6
  4. unsinkable_sam_

    Public Test of Update 0.9.5: Round 2

    Al Nevsky is available to research on public test?
  5. unsinkable_sam_

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Sorry. I not saw that i writed in Hungarian.. Google transled translated my text and i saved Here is question with english language. How show Petropavlovsk in port for early acces?? Maybe bug? Just Tallinn and Riga available for early access. Al Nevsky coming in 0.9.5 and not visible in port, but Petropavlosk is just in 0.9.6 and visible. Possible this meaning Petropavlosk is in final state?
  6. unsinkable_sam_

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Hogyan lehet a Petropavlovszk-show a korai csatlakozás során ?? A T8-T9-ből a korai csatlakozásokban ... Al Nevsky 0.9.5-en érkezik, és nem látható a kikötőben, de Petro a 0.9.6-ban. Lehetséges jelentése, hogy Petro a végső állapotban van?
  7. unsinkable_sam_

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Challanges for new Soviet premiums for every week? That is why I am asking, i have Bagration and earned just 7x30 tokens. And after 7 battle not earned token with win.
  8. unsinkable_sam_

    [ALL] ModStation

    Damage meter is back. Great. Thanks.
  9. unsinkable_sam_

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    Where is pre update? Tomorrow patch, and my client not downloaded yet pre update.
  10. unsinkable_sam_

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    How is this??? Tallin , Riga, Petro available to research in 0.9.6?? 🙁🙁 2 patch duration early acces?
  11. unsinkable_sam_

    Streamlabs OBS can't see World of warships

    Hm. I did not know. I switched to full screen mode when after I read your answer, and not worked. This morning i opened Streamlabs and now works.
  12. I have fresh intstalled Streamlabs OBS. (I reainstalled yesterday program, because of not worked.) I set up the streaming and worked. Today morning turned on PC and, open Streamlabs and again cant see WOWS. I used 2 option in Streamlabs to capture, and none of them work. Game capture with automatic mode and game capture with specific windows capture. I use game in full screen windowed mode. What is the problem?
  13. unsinkable_sam_

    [ALL] ModStation

    What about whit damage meter mod? Not available from 0.9.3 One of my favorite mod. Contain In modpack, just cannot install.
  14. unsinkable_sam_

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Riga overnerfed. AP penetration is 2 nd times nerfed. 20 days ago from devblog Parameters of HE and AP shells were changed: AP shell maximum damage reduced from 6,200 to 5,950; Shell trajectory became more arched; AP shell penetration was reduced
  15. unsinkable_sam_

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hm. Thanks. Why? Why not writes in Modpack this info?