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  1. No open tab in Mediafire
  2. Tirpitz camouflages links not work
  3. Yamato 460 mm guns and just 35 % fire chance. Bismarck have much smaller calibre and have 34 % fire chance. Then?
  4. I interesting where from HE shells fire chance % value? Wargagming calculate fire chance or just fictional values? I see British T10 BB HE shells fire chance 63% , where from this very high value? This is valu is nonsense.
  5. Yesterday night . Our Montana dev striked Iowa.
  6. Hmm. Low HP and 2 x heal, interesting. To many smoke ship, need for a balance.. I remember G Kurfüst was low HP before release, and last moment receive Hp buff.
  7. Since yesterday Matcmaking monitor is not work. What is the problem?
  8. Today 23 and Aegis not available. I waited today to try Aegis.. Why not available other modes?
  9. I shooted Pensacola , and gets 1 hit, ribbon show overpenetration, and show 4988 dmg. This is 2 hits, 1 x 3828 + 1160, or 1 overpen possible to cause more damage? I all days see that shot.
  10. In game Tirpitz has 315 mm armor belt. I now read the WOWS Wiki Tirpitz Historical info and see write 320 mm armor belt. This is real info or fault? I see another site and also have 320 mm. And Tirpitz was more weight than Bismarck, if with thinner armor how is possible have more weight? . If realy 320 mm, need correct Tirpitz armor in game
  11. This is very good news Many thanks Wargaming Tirpitz is my favorite BB.
  12. Ok have torps, and torpedos not so much useful as secondaries, because of short range. Secondaries is more effective because of high range. And torp launchers possible to destroy HE spammers..
  13. Need to buff Tirpitz secondaries, this is not fair, Scharnhorst and Gneisenau sister ships and have same range secondaries, then why not have same secondaries Tirpitz and Bismarck??
  14. Catapult fighter 60 sec? LOL. CV wait 60 sec and send planes.. Bismarck Hydro nerf is joke... 4.4 km is very short...
  15. No. 2 hits no 3.