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  1. This is instead of Republique? Or? What is this new French T10 BB?
  2. I dev striked Hindenburg few times with 2-3 cits, now first time with Alabama, in close range. How its possible this? Plung fire?
  3. The CV Captains Cabin

    Why not compensation for Midway?? Credit and XP, price T10 fighters..
  4. Citadel Roma with Mahan. Not my image. Game mechanic fail.
  5. 8 x battle with Roma, and first "normal" dmg. I think accuracy is ok, not that bad. Why received Roma raised citadel? Why not let down citadel like an Alabama? Balance? Next battle, broadside Baltimore on 4 km , and 4 x overpen, and next salvo again overpens..
  6. "Tirpitz: Wir haben einen Entfernungsmesser auf dem Schiff für die Halloween-Tarnung Magnushinzugefügt" Wo is est neu Entfernungsmesser auf Tirpitz? Nur auf Magnus tarnung?
  7. Citadel high tier British battleships

    Ok. Sorry
  8. Citadel high tier British battleships

    British Battleships. Edited first comment.
  9. How to citadel high tier British BB s? Harder shot citadel than unique turtleback German BB s. British BB s no turtleback, but harder to hit citadel!? I never shoted citadel to tech tree British BB s, few days ago i shooted citadel with Missouri to Duke of York, this is first citadel on British BB s. Interesting angle.
  10. [] [RU][EN] WG MultiPack

    70 mb this version?? Previous versions 16 mb
  11. Tirpitz or Alabama

    I played with NC 2 year ago, when im noob, and i think before buff.
  12. Tirpitz or Alabama

    North Carolina have 2 sigma, Alabama 1.9, but same dispersion, this is minimal difference.