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  1. _Ape_

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    Is the server down again?
  2. _Ape_

    UK Oldies clan

    Hi I'm _Ape_, I’m looking to join a WoWs clan , I’m 50 yo.. I run a clan in WOT 29AR I have clan wars commanding exp, I play warships 2 or 3 times a week but can play more if needed , I have 31 ships , 2 tier 10, I played in Beta testing, and enjoy the game. TS-3.. I-7 pc with twin monitors (full gaming set up) with capture .. It would be nice to have some friends to sink ships with.
  3. _Ape_


    I believe that the clan system for WoWs will follow the same as it is in WOT and WoWp , i,e they are linked.. If your looking to join a clan, look up my clan 29AR on the WOT server. I am looking to recruit a few more members, we have 96 at the moment so only 3 or 4 more and I will close the books again .. We are a fun clan We play clan wars and skirmish on WOT, some guys also play the odd game of WoWp, and there's plenty of members that play warships. As soon as the clan system is introduced in to WoWs you will have a large bunch of great guys n girls (yes we have girls in 29AR) to join in games with .. Look me up on the WOT server and send me a PM, Im Ape the clan commander.
  4. _Ape_

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Re :- As part of testing the pre-order invoicing mechanics, we will invoice all players who purchased at least one pre-order package during the closed beta test with 10,000 Doubloons on the Public Test. Players who did not purchase the pre-order packages will receive 5.000 Doubloons for testing. If you have joined the Public Test and received the wrong amount or no doubloons, please inform us by clicking on the report button above. I did not get any Doubloons
  5. _Ape_

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    A great ship I love playing.. Hated it at first but she grows on you, Very manoeuvrable, Eats torps you don't dodge, Great AA, Secondary Guns eat anything that gets close, Main Guns are a little short on range and the turrets are slow BUT if thay were faster and the guns had more range this would make her OP. Play it in Co-Op mode for a few games to get used to the main guns, Turn the ship to turn the guns, Hunt Cruisers and DD, Attack head on with 4 main and 8 secondary guns firing then cross there T ... HAVE FUN .... I love It