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  1. legspin

    Changing clans

    How does one do that? Not really happy with my current one. Not enough clan activity
  2. legspin

    "waiting for authorization"

    Same issue here. Not only is it stuck there but the close window 'x' in the top right corner doesn't work and the only way to close it is alt ctrl del.
  3. legspin

    Logging in issue

    Greetings. Having real difficulty accessing the game since the update. Can't get passed the waiting for authorisation page in the start-up. Any ideas?
  4. legspin


    Don't have any mods as far as I'm aware, and have tried every reboot I can think of short of reinstalling the game. I even let it alone for 20 mins trying to load the armory and still nowt. It's been going on since 9.3 happened. I wouldn't mind so much but the premium shop still works....
  5. legspin


    Can't get into the Armory, it just won't load. Any suggestions?
  6. legspin

    Armory can't be reached

    Yep, no change.
  7. legspin

    Armory can't be reached

    Happening here as well. Rather frustrating coz I'm running out of flags.
  8. legspin

    Ship id

    Thank you.
  9. legspin

    Ship id

    Sorry to bother ye but how does one turn on the in game ship id? I can tell what class of ships they are (duh) but I don't know how to get the specific type to show.